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Some Justice Finally?

Posted by Terrible on February 25, 2010 – 6:01 am

Former New Orleans Detective Pleads Guilty in Katrina Shooting Cover-up

More info at the link.

(wet heavy snow took out my internet connection at 11:30AM and my power at 4:30PM but I’m back now)

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  1. 1. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    FUCKIN' A!!!!!!

    About motherfuckin' TIME, iddn't it?!?!?!

    I wonder if anyone will mention how those men on the Danziger Bridge were SHOT IN THE FUCKING ***BACK***?!?!!???

    And is anybody investigating the rapes, looting, murders & assaults committed by those PIECES OF BIPEDAL SHIT KNOWN AS BLACKWATER "SUBCONTRACTORS"?!?!??!

    If the National Guard from Jackson Barracks hadn't already been on the scene, one can only IMAGINE the anarchy that THOSE scumbags would've gotten away with — but they STILL managed to pull a whooooole lotta illegal shit and haven't paid for it WHATSOFUCKINGEVER, seeing as how Dumbya and dumbassed MeeMaw Blanco gave those motherfuckers BADGES and CARTE BLANCHE ACCESS TO THE CITY.

    NOPD has needed a good douching-out for the past 35 years, so now would be a good time, MITCH LANDRIEU, but those slimebag illiterate THUG motherfuckers from Blackwater need to be brought to justice, TOO.

  2. 2. Terrible Said:

    Blackwater/Xe is most definitely a nasty cancer that needs to be eradicated!

  3. 3. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Cancer, hell, they're like cancer times genital warts multiplied by HIV and leprosy!!!

    I like the Maddow clip on RawStory, where the subtitle is, "Oh No {'she'} Xe Didn't!" — that woman has a wicked sense of humor, and I'd love for her to delve into Blackwater's looting of Orleans Parish, not to mention the scum of St. Bernard Parish slaughtering innocent animals JUST FOR SHITS & GIGGLES, AND THEY DIDN'T EVEN GET ***FIRED*** FOR IT! But then, we saw where they moved the St. Rita's mass-murder trial to, right (up here in Hillbilly Hellhole), and THOSE motherfuckers got away with it, too, since they got an ALL-WHITE JURY!!! That's WHY they moved 'em up here, to get a pseudo-uber-catholic DA (SLUT) and an uber-caucasian jury. I'm surprised that the whore Anna Pou didn't ask to have HER joke of a "trial" moved up here, but it's not like it matters, she got off anyway, and GUESS WHERE SHE GOT A NICE NEW JOB?!?!?!


    I shit y'all not. She's set-up practice in the "medical offices" of Our Lady Of The Lake Medical Center, the same bigoted-republicunt hellhole where I endured THREE surgeries and "recoveries" from Dante's wet dreams.

    But of course.

    Who else WOULD hire that hypocritical murdering racist whore? Fucking ring-kissing, statue-worshiping hypocrite motherfuckers, breaking federal laws every day of the motherfucking week, in discriminating against non-cathlicks in the dissemination of FEDERALLY-FUNDED HEALTHCARE. But nobody gives enough of a fuck to actually ENFORCE those laws, either.

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