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Moved The Awards Clusterfuck To The Storage Unit

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on March 8, 2010 – 5:02 am

I’ve relocated last night’s bitch-fest about bullshit Hollywood orgies to The Storage Unit, but left the comments here, in case anybody’s wondering.

It wasn’t enough when the hypocritical, two-faced cunts of ICHC (no linky for liars, look it up) GOT THIS BLOG CENSORED, because I had the temerity to think that my First Amendment Rights applied EVERYWHERE.


It wasn’t enough that I’ve been robbed, had my truck maimed/vandalized/nearly destroyed by the so-fucking-illiterate-they-can’t-find-their-INBRED-ASSES-WITH-BOTH-HANDS fucking FUCKTARDS around here, ’cause I dare to NOT BELONG TO THEIR FUCKING HERD, THEIR FUCKING CULTS, OR TO LICK THE NASTY-SKANK-WHORE ASS OF A PSEUDO-“RELIGIOUS” STATUE-KISSER FUCKING MORON WHO PASSES FOR A FUCKING “LAND-LADY” HERE AT L’HOTEL DES FOUQUETARDS.

It wasn’t enough that the pieces of shit who pimped me out BEFORE I WAS EVEN TWO YEARS OLD forced me into incarceration here at L’Hotel des Fouquetards, giving me only a fucking WEEK to find SUBSIDIZED/DISABLED HOUSING, which is a MONTHS-LONG PROGRESS IN THE *BEST* CIRCUMSTANCES, and which hasn’t even BEGUN to work for me THIS TIME. THEN, of course, they had to give FREE HOUSING to their precious Son-King, so that they’d all be together to BACK-UP ONE ANOTHER’S ALIBIS, even though nothing even resembling “law enforcement” will even let me PRESS THE FUCKING CHARGES. Not a fucking day goes by that they don’t try to SHOVE HIS DICK BACK DOWN MY THROAT, in every possible passive-aggressive permutation of perversion. And they wonder why I dragged my babies over here to live in this HELLHOLE. Well, um, DUH, motherfuckers.

It wasn’t enough that I’ve been through FOUR FAILED SPINE SURGERIES, because not one single “doctor” in this bass-ackwards fucking state can DO IT RIGHT or use THE RIGHT HARDWARE, let ALONE do something as foreign as TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR OWN ACTIONS OR THOSE OF THE ILLITERATE WHORES IN THEIR EMPLOY. Oh, no, I had to keep trusting THE ALLEGEDLY “GOOD” DOCTOR and let him FUCK UP MY FUCKING ***NECK***, TOO. And my lumbar’s STILL fucked, I’m still on the fucking drugs, and I’m still being treated like LESS THAN HUMAN, ’cause I’m not a fucking ass-licking cathlick sheepul. If you think that I exaggerate the cult bigotry in the Greater Baton Redneck Republicunt Rouge Area, come down here and trade places with me. I fucking DARE YOU.

It wasn’t even ENOUGH that the scum who work for the scum who own this shit-stain of a building have MURDERED SIX FERAL CATS IN MY CARE, although I’ll never know what happened to my beautiful baby Craig, he just “got disappeared,” the same day as the former “handy-man” (about as handy as a quadruple amputee) quit, a two-faced rednecked piece of shit who HATED the cats — it’s not enough that they have JOYOUSLY murdered Smudge, Tommie Two-Toes, Papi, Sissy (Fuzzy-Wuzzy), Craig AND *NOW* the gloriously-beautiful Callie (the last little girl that Lex Luthor had left; now all she has is her sister Paranoid Polly and her son Ginger Baker {Papi’s doppelganger}, bless her beautiful little heart) — nope, that sickening sociopathic animal-torturing shit wasn’t ENOUGH for this perverted, rapist-aiding, animal-hating, knuckle-walking, cat-killing piece of shit to get her sadistic BEAST rocks off.

All of that shit, along with four rotting teeth/stumps that I can’t get extracted, all of that wasn’t ENOUGH pain, injustice, inhumanity, suffering, stress, etc., for me to take in ONE FUCKING LIFE, RIGHT. Yes, I am fully aware of the millions of people dying of AIDS, malaria, and other preventable (if never curable, right) diseases, as well as hunger, homelessness, slavery, etc., all over the world and right here in Murka, as I sit here and type this. I know that there are bigger issues to discuss, people with worse problems, and injustices that make me look like small fucking potatoes. I’ve got the perspective on that, have no doubt.

BUT, this is my blog, so I get to bitch. Granted, EVERYBODY gets to bitch, that’s kinda the idea of a group blog, for you few rare & brave souls who’ve stuck it out thus far, as we generally tend to be our own audience, since the motherfucking CENSORSHIP via BloggerGoogleBigBrother. And yes, we are gonna move this fucker, as soon as I can find a place to park my fat ASS and my two fat cats’ asses.

Y’all have heard me speak of The LandSkanky, and all of the ways in which she proudly breaks MULTITUDES of federal housing & discrimination laws, EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY THAT SHE ACTUALLY SHOWS UP TO “WORK.” And how the white-trash-with-money from CROWLEY, LA (Jodi something-or-other — if I still had her cell-phone number, I’d be posting it on here!) who owns this hellhole COVERS FOR HER ASS, NO MATTER HOW MANY LAWS SHE BREAKS IN ORDER TO TRY AND FORCE ME INTO SUBSERVIENCE.

Wellllllll, this time, the short, fat, BALD whore has topped herself. All I needed was a signed form showing how much rent I pay every month, that came with its own pre-addressed, pre-posted envelope, to be mailed to the food-stamp office by a certain date. And of course, the LandSkanky in question, who also co-owns THE nastiest, most unsanitary, drug-drenched HELLHOLE of a fucking TRAILER PARK ON THE FUCKING PLANET (lemme know if anybody wants directions… if ever there was a place that deserved a fucking TORNADO, ***THIS*** IS THE ONE!!!) — waited EIGHT FUCKING DAYS AFTER THE DUE DATE TO MAIL IT.

So I was SUPPOSED to only lose HALF of my food stamps for JUST THIS MONTH because of her little passive-aggressive stunt, but when I went to the grocery today, to get cokes and milk? Yeah, NOT ONE FUCKING ***CENT*** IN THE FUCKING ACCOUNT. No food stamps what-so-fucking-ever. I get eighty-three whole dollars a month (less than a third of what a breeder would get for JUST ONE INFANT, and that’s BEFORE the WIC, WELFARE, and other encouragements that the breeders get to keep grinding-out them servant-class babies!), USUALLY. This month, it was supposed to be FORTY bucks, BECAUSE OF A CHALMATIAN TRAILER-TRASH WHORE.

But somewhere between the lovely conversation with my nice new foodstamp case-worker and the checkout line, I DIDN’T EVEN GET THE FORTY BUCKS.

And no, I’m not asking anybody for a single fucking dime, because I know that y’all are all as fucked as I am right now, and prolly will be for the next year and a half, if not two. No “incentive”/make-good payments for us Social Security cases under 65, for damned sure, and Barry says that there was “NO cost-of-living increase” during 2009. Riiiiight.

I just hope that somewhere, out there, some avenging angel will find a way to hurry karma way the fuck up. And no, I don’t mean Mentis’ beautiful kitteh-cat “Karma,” she’s plenty energetic on her own. I mean PAYBACK. I mean I want to stand over that whore’s slow, painful, DESERVED deathbed, and WATCH HER SUFFER AND WHEEZE AND BEG FOR HELP AND MERCY AND I JUST GET TO STAND THERE AND ***WATCH*** THAT WHORE DIE OF ***THE*** MOST PAINFUL DISEASE OR WHATEVER *ON* THE FUCKING ***PLANET.***

I have earned that much, at the VERY least. Actually, I’ve earned Piyush “Bobby Brady” Jindal’s fucking JOB by now, not to mention TWO winning Powerball tickets, but I ain’t holding my breath for GOOD luck. So instead, I wanna shorten the time I’ll have to bide, waiting for this petty, illiterate, disgustingly-hideous, crookeder-than-her-own-nose, thieving, lying, bigoted, inbred, mouth-breathing, dog-fucking, child-pimping (yup, she turned her youngest girl out AND made her drop outta high school, to bring that money home to Mama!), DUMBEST WASTE OF OXYGEN nasty little BEAST to get what she deserves. Not threatening anybody, just expressing a fervent and hard-earned desire to WATCH THAT WHORE DIE. And to stand by and laugh.

Oh, and then I wanna piss on her grave so much that no blade of grass will ever grow over her rotting corpse. Let the raccoons have ‘er.

But, at least SOMEBODY finally got some justice this week: the father of a U.S. Marine finally GOT THAT CRAVEN CORPSE FRED PHELPS TO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM FUTURE FUNERALS OF OTHER PEOPLE’S CHILDREN. Ooh motherfucking RAH to you, Sir. And may the USMC and the rolling honor guard of motorcycle vets (who do their damnedest to protect military funerals FROM those fucking VULTURES) all share in this long-awaited victory of TRUE justice. I can’t say, “Semper Fi,” because I have never served, but I know that every lost service-member’s family thanks you, and feels some respite from the domestic terrorism known as so-called “christian” BIGOTS.

UPDATE: Apparently, I am THAT fucktarded, that I didn’t know that this shit happened in 2007?!??! CBS sucketh and bloweth at the sameth timeth. They had this link in there like it was NEW. Cockbites. I’m goin’ to bed. Somebody go kick CBS’s ass for me, especially since I haven’t been able to pick-up the signals for my few shows there in OVER A MONTH. There’s a certain Welshman on “The Mentalist” of whom I am quite fond, dammit. PLUS my geeks on “Big Bang Theory.” So fuck CBS ***TWICE***.

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  1. 1. RenB Said:

    agree with you on it, it was terrible, but already posted on it.


    And yes, am glad Christoph Waltz got an Oscar, but not because he is Austrian. It wasn't the Olympics, after all..

    I thought it was a good turn, and have seen him in many roles on tee-vee here. Very talented.

    And hate that anyone from here only gets a role if they can play a nazi. And it makes me barf.

    If he thinks he can get any turther with a career there, he is so disillusioned, he should just come back and do what he was doing.

    Just sayin' We saw that before with the exquisite Romy Schneider. Hollywood wasted her in every sense of the word, and she was fucking fantastic.

  2. 2. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Remember that the mediocre are who excel in Hollywood, especially the management/executives/hacks who control the whole game. They're not looking for talent, they're looking for lumps of clay, to mold into what their focus groups (bored hausfraus from Tarzana who need attention) "WANT" or what they think that we, the illiterate sheepul of Murka and everywhere else, will buy.

    If he is as smart and talented as you say he is, he'll use this to his advantage, and get at least some supporting roles that allow him to build a career as a character actor. As a shorter "European" man, that's all that he can expect from the bottle-blondes of Beautiful Downtown Burbank. But if he plays it right, and has the patience and the will, he'll get the same control over his life & career as Clooney has. He's cute, yes, but he's no dumb bunny. He learned a lot from watching his father's career, and he made damned sure to never be anybody's bitch. Not that Nick hasn't had a very respectable career, and made a name in his own right, but local media is merciless and SO fucking unfair, especially if you're trying to do the right thing.

    Y'know that parable about crabs that have been caught, and they're waiting in a bucket before they go to the boil? And any time that another crab almost makes it up the wall of the bucket, almost makes it OUT, the other crabs grab his legs and drag him back down into the pile?

    That's local media, that's a lot of people's life stories besides mine.

    And yes, I will always be pissed that the republicunts still own the bullshit awards shows, because the only woman to get "best director" HAD to be a pro-war, yah-SUH! kinda bitch. Where's Callie Kouri? Where's Debra Winger? Where are all of the great woman writers and directors who tell the TRUTH? Oh, right.

    That doesn't sell.

    At least not in Tarzana.

  3. 3. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    And no, I have no idea why the font size for the revised post is so fucking tiny in most places and normal in others. I've done the best I can to make it at least legible, but the fucker does NOT want to co-operate tonight.

    Frankly, I think that MicroShit is downloading "updates" designed to handicap Firefox & Thunderbird, because THOSE overpaid pricks CAN'T WRITE CODE AS WELL AS THE PEOPLE WHO GIVE IT AWAY, so rather than raise their own game, they PLAY DIRTY. Oh, yeah, THAT'S gonna send me RUNNING to the "safety" of MORE FUCKOVERS FROM BILL GATES, oh, you BETCHA!

    I know, I know, it brings back horrid flashbacks of the poaching poontang from Alaska to say "you betcha," but when I'm THIS pissed-off & sarcastic, some things just INSIST on being said.

  4. 4. Terrible Said:

    "downloading "updates" designed to handicap Firefox"
    Could be! I've notice Firefox acting funny too lately.

  5. 5. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    No such thing as coincidences, son. Yes, it "could" just be an "error" with Mozilla, but somehow, that just doesn't seem right…

  6. 6. Terrible Said:

    There's a new Firefox update now. Probably to work around the microshit attack.

  7. 7. RenB Said:

    Thanks, Terrible… Firefox updated for me automatically. And Annti, that browser, which I really love, crashed on me two times in the past two weeks. Was back only after I re-started the notebook, and yup, I was more than surprised, because there was never any trouble before, and nope, I was in the middle of my normal browsing when it happened.

  8. 8. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    I'm still waiting for the little pop-up reminder to update Firefox to come back, 'cause whenever I go to the site, they don't always read my current browser and commence with the update properly. Cross yer fingers that it comes back soon…

  9. 9. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Well, I forgot to mention it at the time, but I finally updated Firefox, and it's still got the same problems it was having before. I'm tellin' y'all, that was the whole concept BEHIND Vista, to destroy every competing software on the market. Cunts.

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