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Life Without Dick

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on May 23, 2010 – 7:00 am

Yeah, I know, I’m way the fuck behind… Eviscerating the pompous, arrogant, foolish & fucktarded (and no doubt TORY) motherfuckers of BP, sooooooo many fucked-up things going on, not only in this state & the gulf, but all over the fucking world, and more e-mails than I can count. I am far, far behind on my homework. Tho fucking THORRY.

For the 1 or 2 people who might not know, Teh Dick dropped dead, almost a month ago. Right before I was evicted. Now SOME cocksucking weasel fake-“cripple” motherfucker (y’all know whom I mean) is having the Social Security Administration call “my” dead dad’s cell phone (a short-lived gift, to keep me on the short leash, I have no doubt; BTW, fuck AT&T SIDEWAYS WITH A RUSTY DULL MOTHERFUCKING CHAINSAW, for cutting my phone & ISP off ELEVEN DAYS EARLIER THAN I’D TOLD THEM TO, the very fucking DAY AFTER teh Dick drops dead!!!!!! Y’know, ’cause I wasn’t BUSY or anything then… CUNTS. Rancid, cockroach-fostering, rotted & fetid dead donkeys’ cunts, with a side order of GANGRENE & cottage cheese.) ANNYYYYWAYYYYY, the SSA is now calling me, from a CLOSED Baton Rouge office, ON A SATURDAY MORNING, when I am DEAD TO THE FUCKING WORLD, to DO TEH LI’L OL’ SPANISH FUCKING INQUISITION ON ME about whether or not I’m “actually” HOMELESS. Not to debate my qualifications for receiving my hard-earned benefits, not to worry if I might, y’know, fucking DIE in this inhuman fucking EXXON-MOBIL/BP-CREATED FUCKING ***HEAT***, nope, some shifty little broad on N. Foster has the FREE TIME ON A SATURDAY to call me up and VERIFY THAT I’M FUCKING “HOMELESS.”

Cute, huh?

Yeah, if I get lucky, I might get to enjoy the a/c & electricity of the F.U. on the nights when my very existence isn’t PISSING HER OFF, but do I have a place to LIVE??!?!?! Fuck no, thank yew very fucking much, little miss whomever the fuck you were (I’m really bad at names when I’m unconscious). Gee, WHO might have a vested interest in making sure that I am “evicted” from this 10’X12′ CELL that I am LOANED on occasion? Who might try to fuck me out of the benefits that I PAID IN FROM WHEN I STARTED WORKING AT AGE FUCKING TWELVE?!!??!

Think that it might be the pedophile next door, just maybe?

And no, I’m not soliciting anybody for anything, even to come crash on your couches, ’cause NOBODY SMOKES INSIDE THEIR OWN FUCKING HOMES ANYMORE, ANYFUCKINGWAY. THE most illogical brain-washed “trend” that I’ve ever seen; yup, worse than the Macarena. And I’ve already imposed more than enough on my truest friends as it is, WAY more than enough.
Just trying to keep y’all abreast of the Hee-Haw-quality “soap opera” that is Ranty Annti’s life. (I took out the “Aunty,” as even Oldest Niece has migrated to the rapist’s camp, whose motto is, “(ANNTI) REALLY *IS* THE ANTICHRIST! SHE MAKES OUR PRECIOUS UNCLE *FEEL BAD,* AND SHE DESERVES TO DIE!”)

Truuuuust me, there’s more than enough BP fodder for me to rant for fucking WEEKS, YEARS, even, and we will get there. I highly recommend following up on everything that has been and will be posted here, by Terrible, Mentis & others in the days to come, ’cause they always do better homework than I do, anyway; ALSO, never forget Your Right-Hand Thief & American Zombie (both in our sidebar) for all of the latest, dirtiest, MOST ACCURATE reporting on all things New Orleanian & Louisianian.

I’ll be offline again tomorrow, and no, no idea when I’ll be back home here. Hate to drop a shit-bomb and run, but them’s the breaks, kids.

And for all of you who have always been here beside me, no matter what, no matter how it makes you look to the rest of the blogosphere or your next-door neighbors to be associated with the likes of me — and y’all know who you are — a million more thanks. Without y’all & two very ornery, very old & very gross cats, I am nothing.

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  1. 1. Terrible Said:

    Sorry Annti that I haven't posted anything on BP recently. You're sure right that there is PLENTY of material there. Just saw this morning that corporate whore Obama has finally figured out that there are criminal issues involved. Not that I'll hold my breath for this law ignoring DOJ to do anything about it.

    SSA….. OK I admit I don't know that much about collecting disability SS but what has being homeless to do with it? Do they give you extra under that circumstance? And if not then what does it have to do with them? Just sounds 'odd' to me. And what can we do to get them to treat the shitbird rapist the same way he got them to treat you?

  2. 2. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Welllll, honey, if I could lay hands on his Social #, then somebody could call-in an anonymous narc-report on HIS pseudo-"cripple" ass that can still drive to New Orleans & farther, can still WELD, can still PUSH A LAWN-MOWER, can still do half-assed excuses for "carpentry," can still do EVERYTHING THAT THIS NASTY COCKAROACH HAS EVER HALF-ASSEDLY DONE TO PAY FOR HIS BOOZE & COCAINE (but NEVER the fucking CHILD-SUPPORT for Tater or his 2 sociopathic sisters!), even though he has NEVER honored of paid-off a SINGLE FUCKING DEBT, and up to the day that MY motherfucking phone was cut-off 11 days early, ***I*** was getting DEBT-COLLECTION CALLS FOR ***HIS*** USELESS/LYING/RAPIST/CLOSET-CASE/TITTY-SUCKIN' MAMA'S-BOY ASS!!!!!!

    Geeee, if he's "worked" SOOOO "hard" alllll of "HIS" life (if you can call it that), WHERE DID ALL OF THE MONEY GOOOO??!?!?!?

    (I know, I'm not supposed to be online right now, but the F.U. is asleep and I ain't doin' nothin' ILLEGAL!)

    Address is easy, name is pretty damned obvious, allll we neeeed is that sooociallll… Will update you when & if I'm allowed back onto the property and might find access…

    Hey, if these brainwashed assholes, the "nieces" & "nephew" for whom I have busted my fat ass, burnt-up a FUCKLOAD of radio favors, and gone FLAT-ASS-FUCKING-*BROKE* TO HELP over the past 26 years — can call ME a fucking "NEVER-WORKED WELFARE QUEEN," then why shouldn't the Workman's Comp investigators take a look at the 'guy' who was "supposed" to have been a "QUADRIPLEGIC"?

    I loooove the way that you think, Terrible… truly I do… Anybody else got any bright ideas? 39 years of this shit is far more than enough for ANYBODY, by damn!

    My living status shouldn't mean anything to anybody but Medicare and the Food Stamps people, but SOMEbody in that Baton Rouge SSA office DID take a very PARTICULAR "interest" in my case… Definitely going to have to make some quiet inquiries @ that office tomorrow… If somebody's trying to fuck me over EVEN MORESO, then I have the right to CONFRONT MY CHICKENSHIT RAT-BASTID ACCUSER, don't I?

  3. 3. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Welllllllll, sheeeyutt.

    Spoke to a very nice young lady & complimented her to her supervisor @ the SSA office, and found out BUPKIS, except that MY case is "okay," and that they do, indeed, call to check-up on people when drastic "living circumstances" pop-up.

    Creepy as hell to me, especially considering that one of their employees is friends with one of those "technically" cousins, who is THE nosiest, most gossipy bitch on the planet. And of COURSE she hadda make TWO WHOLE TRIPS up here, which she hadn't done since Nannie died and she made off with Nannie's family bible (and no fucking telling WHAT ELSE, knowing her…) none of which I was privilege to, seeing as how I had to overpay a greenhorn baby LAWYER because my alleged 'parents' were trying to invalidate my grandmother's will and fuck me like raw lumber — hard, rough, and no finish.

    Sorry to bore y'all titless with the flashbacks, but that's the shit that comes up along with your lunch, when you're wandering this desert, bereft of humanity (overpopulated with animalistic bipeds, but no real HUMANS), damned near all alone.

    As I said in my post, I know who my REAL family are, and I'm damned grateful for every single one of y'all.

    Enough mushy shit, on to the vivisections!

  4. 4. Terrible Said:

    Well glad to hear that your SS case is OK at least!

  5. 5. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Well, that's the shitty thing about being "a gubmint employee," so to speak — when you're out-of-doors and not where they can find you, they start getting suspicious & checking-up on ya pretty regular.

    Damned shame that they don't do it for all of the poor people who get put into state hospitals by their "parents" and "children," who don't tell the gubmint ('cause then the checks STOP), and keep on cashin' dem checks. It'd break your fucking heart to see a grown-assed woman on a payphone, begging her own OFFSPRING for FIVE FUCKING DOLLARS A MONTH to buy ONE PACK OF GENERIC SMOKES FROM THE FUCKING COMMISSARY.

    Humans, as a species, SUCK.

  6. 6. Terrible Said:

    "Humans, as a species, SUCK."

    Sad to say but that is something I have known and been saying for decades. In one of my creative writing classes back in the 80's I did a short thing about 'W.H.I.'. Wizards against Human Injustice.

    Well I just spent some time trying to find it. No luck but it is here somewhere and has some good late 80's Terrible snark. So I will look more tomorrow and see if I can't find it to share something in it that kind of expresses that "Humans, as a species, SUCK." philosophy. I did find lots of other writings that express that but not quite with the same playful snark I put into W.H.I.

  7. 7. Terrible Said:

    Od course it isn't tomorrow quite yet but just wanted to say that W.H.I. is somewhat a tribute to Uriah Heap and of course Merlin . I'll finfd that shit this weekend and I think most readers here will like it alright. I'll never be a famous author but I do occasionally write something that people can relate to.

  8. 8. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Sounds groovy, dood. Share whatever you want with us, we'll surely enjoy it. Just make sure that, if it's longer than yer standard blog post, to put the real MEAT of the story over to the Storage Unit and do a tease & linky over here, k? Thankee dearie.

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