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Meanwhile, here in FUCKTARDIA…

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on May 30, 2010 – 10:22 pm

The Fallen Uterus’s precious son, THE CREATURE who raped me as a 22-month-old, JUST threatened to cut my throat (cheap convenience-store knife at the ready; still smaller & cheaper than MINE!) in front of his junkie-skank “daughter,” and two of my now-FORMER nieces. Not trying to alarm anybody, but if I turn up dead or missing or the brakes “go out” on my truck like they did on my 1979 Monza on April 3, 1986, know full well that the F.U. will do EVERYTHING in her power TO COVER IT UP FOR HIM.

Just like they did then, when they destroyed my car & all evidence therein, BEFORE I WAS EVEN OUT OF INTENSIVE CARE.

She pats that dog-fucking (LITERALLY!!!) coke-freak illiterate junkie crack-whore-paying LOSER on the fucking head and calls him “BABY,” immediately thereafter HE JUST PULLED A FUCKING KNIFE ON ME, WHEN NOBODY IN THE FUCKING ROOM WAS ***TALKING*** TO HIM. Maybe it was the lull in all of the self-deluded little ungrateful bitches who are usually kissing his lying PEDOPHILE ass non-stop that upset the troll freak, I dunno.

But if anything happens to me, Y’ALL KNOW WHO DID IT. The creature’s name is Richard Jewell Beattie, Jr., 42.5 y.o., LIAR TO THE SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION & PUBLIC LEECH, and he lives not 100 feet away from where I am temporarily (unless she threatens to evict ME again) lay my wary head. Kinda hard to get a restraining order until I get an apartment.

And let me also take this opportunity to publicly renounce, once and for all, the girl heretofore known as “Best Niece” &/or “Oldest Niece,” the redheaded ingrate treasonous liar SKANK. It’ll cost me $35 to re-do my living will with the state, but as soon as I can, SHE’S OUT OF IT. She gets NOTHING, and ***NO*** say over ANYTHING about me or my things, Ms. Rana Dianne Hobgood. Hope that her employers find out what a duplicitous little piece of shit she is, ’cause she’s in charge of their WAREHOUSE. She, also, blamed ME for HIS behavior, HIS fucking slanderous lies, and HIS attempted murder a few minutes ago. Well, little over an hour ago. Of course, anything that *I* say to DEFEND MYSELF AGAINST A PEDOPHILE JUNKIE ***LIAR*** is immediately the same thing as “BRINGING IT UPON MYSELF” by the Fallen Uterus & her flying monkeys.

And our beloved “District Attorney,” he who failed to prosecute ANYBODY for Tater’s murder, let alone the fucking PIGS who DESTROYED EVIDENCE ALL THE WAY THROUGH — sends THE crookedest piece of shit on the planet “deputy” out here when I called HIM (the D.A.) to let him know what was going on — and of COURSE the official record will display THE FALLEN UTERUS’S VERSION OF EVENTS. ***SHE*** is the only one that said piglet talked to, about ANYTHING.

Need I say more?

Yup, lotta people get “disappeared” in Louisiana, don’t even take a woodchipper in most cases, just cops who don’t give a fuck.

If I had a current picture of my assailant (don’t wanna break my camera on that no-neck fucking troll), I’d post it, but I’m sure that the state police have mug shots from his previous DUI & other arrests. Pussy locks himself inside his truck & “HIDES” when the cops pull him over, and they have to use an ASP to break the fucking window to drag his cowering pussy mama’s boy ass out into the light. Too bad that the crooked, sexist-pig SWINE who work for Willie Graves in Livingston Parish (and his daddy before him, see a pattern here?) ***REFUSED*** TO PRESS CHARGES ON THAT MOTHERFUCKER FOR RAPING & MOLESTING ME & ATTEMPTING TO “RECRUIT” THE NEIGHBOR GIRL WHEN I DROVE OVER A HUNDRED MILES OUT TO LIVINGSTON, LA TO FINALLY ***PRESS*** THOSE FUCKING CHARGES, THANKS TO A NEWLY-EXTENDED STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS. Any other state, they might have listened. NOT THIS ONE.

Cocksucker’s already tried ONE chickenshit way to kill me, by cutting my brakes ALREADY… what’s he going to GET AWAY WITH ***NEXT***?!?!!?

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  1. 1. Terrible Said:

    I CAN legally ship direct to your post office box my antique Belgium double barrel shotgun(or one of my antique single barrel ones). AND legally ship by Fedex or UPS a couple of boxes of 000 or 00 Buck black powder shot shells. And don't let that black powder part fool you! This are every bit as powerful as modern loads just with a lot less pressure and a lot more smoke. Same devastating close range effect though.

    If you really do need them they can be on their way to you as soon as I get enough time off from work. Which probably wouldn't be until Sat. morning but maybe Fri. afternoon and even possibly Wed. afternoon.

  2. 2. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:


    Terrible, I had a very thankful, LONG answer to your offer, and fucking blogger motherfucking ATE IT. CUNTS.

    Will try again tomorrow, gotta get up early & to bed at this Mormon fucking hour.

  3. 3. gappy Said:

    Butch used to fish with quarter sticks of dynamite…..perhaps he'll still know where to obtain more! We could shove it up the pedophiles ass.

  4. 4. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Gappy, y'know, I dunno how I got lucky enough to have friends like you & Terrible, but I'm damned grateful to have y'all, 'cause I fuckin' ***love*** the way that your MINDS WORK!!!!!!

    And tell Butch to go dig around in the shed and see what he finds for me, k? Or if you have a woodchipper you could loan, that'll work, too, as long as it's got a trailer hitch… Although I gotta say, even as stoopy as fish are, that ain't exactly SPORTING of ol' boy to fish with DYNAMITE… hardly a fair fight, is it?

    Fuck, for that, you could just buy FISH STICKS! Or is that what Butch called his blasting caps?

    And Terrible, you wunnerful, generous, gloriously-vengeful human being! I can't recall everything I wrote last night, but I do have ONE little question… You got anything a little more-easily handled than a blunderbuss? Not that I don't appreciate the value of firepower, obviously, and especially appreciate the genuine offer, but I'm a much better aim with a handgun, say a .357 magnum loaded with hollowpoints… PURELY FOR SELF-DEFENSE, of course. Gotta watch my own ass around here, don't I. If you don't have anything in that range, I'd be thrilled with even a Saturday-night special, if ya got one laying around and can legally ship it… and hollowpoints… Just wonderin'…

    DID get the opportunity to subtly show the aforementioned dog-fucker that MY li'l ol' pig-sticker is BIGGER and BETTER than his (and American Made by Gerber Knives of Portland, Oregon!), as well as a LOVELY Leatherman via Realist's generosity, which is also of a perfectly-fitted size for my hands.

    Nope, no more drama, not yet, just a simple pause to clean my fingernails as I was returning from a batshit TRIP THROUGH HELL with the Fallen Uterus today (more on that forced death-march later…). Stoopid was approaching her under the carport, figured that he still had free-range to come near ME in the process.

    Tsk, tsk, tsk, stoopy, stoopy, stoopy.

    Didn't have to say a word, didn't have to attempt "eye" contact with his beady little piggy peepers, alllll I hadda do was clean my fingernails, and that pussy stopped dead in his knuckle-dragging TRACKS when he saw the gleam of afternoon sunlight off of fine American steel, at least forty feet away…

    Like I said, MINE'S BIGGER.

    And I'll never outrun or surprise anybody, I'll prolly never win another fistfight in the shape I'm in, but as I always say, Mean & Crazy makes up for a WHOOOOLE helluva lot of "Stronger" and/or "younger" and/or "healthier," none of which apply to THAT wussy-assed Mama's boy.

    Can't WAIT to be away from here so that I can finally press charges on that little cocksucker and he can be Big Bubba's Bitch, at least until Mommy bails him out… Unless the crooked, thieving alcoholic LOSER excuse for a "sheriff" does his usual sexist-pig, covering-up-for-the-right-price shtick, in which case I'll call DOJ. He mighta fucked my late nephew outta justice, but he ain't gonna pull that shit on ME.

    Thanks again, y'all, you don't even know how much good you do for my battered, shriveled old soul! Love y'all.

  5. 5. RenB Said:

    Christ, Annti, you HAVE to get away from there, come hook or by crook, as we used to say.

    Pschosociopath. And I can't do it.


    Now I got something else to worry about.

  6. 6. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Donnnnn't you worry, pet, as soon as I *am* off of this property, that chickenshit little mama's-boy cocksucker is going to get his, have no doubt. In the form of JAIL TIME.

  7. 7. Terrible Said:

    Well Annti I DO have a snub nosed 38 Special that I don't have a lot of use for. It's not as powerful as a .357 but it will still get the job done. Remember it was a .38 S&W cartridge, which is even less powerful then the 38 Special, that Lee Harvey Oswald used to murder Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit.

    But that one isn't an antique and would have to be shipped to an FFL dealer. But it's yours if you want it. I do have an old antique H&R 38 S&W actually too but it still needs some fine tuning to be ready for use. One of the reproduction black powder revolvers available might not be a bad idea. They don't require an FFL and while they are slower to reload and a pain to clean are certainly powerful enough for what you need. I've got one in .44 but like my H&R it needs a little fine tuning still. But I could probably find one on-line ready to use for not much over $100 and have it shipped to you?

  8. 8. Terrible Said:

    And I DO have some Hornady XTP hollow points I can load up for that .38. XTP stands for Extreme Terminal Performance and are designed for maximum expansion at lower pistol velocities. ;-) Just looked and I've got a box of those loaded and ready to go under the kitchen table. Right next to the gun of course. And a couple boxes loaded with cheap plated bullets for target practice.

    I'd actually thought of that gun going to you a number of times in the past couple of years. Wish I could send it direct because if I could then you'd probably already have gotten it a year or more ago.

  9. 9. Terrible Said:

    One of these or one of these would work very nicely. The "Poor Mans Judge". The first is a double barrel derringer and the second a 5 shoot pepperbox. Both use 2 1/2" or 3" 410 shotshells. Federal ammunition makes 2 1/2" and 3" shotshells loaded with 000 or 4 Buck. The double barrel is $129 + $25 shipping and about $25 for the FFL dealer transfer. The pepperbox is $209 and the same on the shipping and transfer. If you want one and the FBI will OK the transfer I can find the money to cover it. I kinda of want one of each myself now. Just for the hell of it since I don't really need them for self defense. This is why I shouldn't window shop!

  10. 10. gappy Said:

    Well, guns work well enough though I hope that Annti's "brother" (and I use that term in the loosest possible frame cuz I wouldn't claim him either!)is gutshot first so as to prolong his suffering.

  11. 11. Terrible Said:

    I like the gutshot idea gappy as long as it's still serious enough that medical science can't save him from it.

  12. 12. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    I looooooove the way that y'all think, and as soon as fucking GOOGLE/BIG-BROTHER BLOGGER will fucking LET ME post a REAL response, y'all shall have it.

    Thank you so much, Terrible, you NEVER cease to amaze me! And Gappy, baby, even when you're hurting over losing your beloved Radar baby, as unfair and fucktarded as that WHOLE clusterfuck was — you've got a heart huge enough to envelope me and all of MY clusterfucks.

    But, um, yeah, about that "b"-word… Predator. Massah. OWNER. Rapist. Junkie-Coke-Whore-Child-Raping/Offspring-Abandoning Bipedal Piece of SHIT. Cockaroach. Bitch-boy. MAMA'S boy. WORLD'S UGLIEST PUSSY. You can see where I'm going with these loverly descriptions… there really IS no "euphemism" or tidy little "name" for "SLAVE-OWNING, SOCIOPATHIC, ANIMAL-ABUSING/MURDERING, CHILD-RAPIST PIECE OF NEMATODE FECES, "RELATIVE" WHO STOLE MY LIFE ***AND***THEN*** TRIED TO ***END*** WHAT LITTLE WAS LEFT BY CUTTING MY MOTHERFUCKING BRAKES!!!," is there?

    I love y'all SO fuckin' much, y'all don't even know. Y'all are, after all, MY FAMILY.

  13. 13. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:


    I fucking HATE Blogger. Wish to fuck that I could afford Salon or someplace, y'know, FUNCTIONAL and SOPHISTICATED, y'know?

  14. 14. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    BTW, Terrible, I gotta say, if I haven't said it enough: of all of the wunnerful, TRUE friends that I've made in this life, on & offline, and keeping in mind all of the amazingly-generous gifts, of technology, tech-support, shoes, keeping my electricity & phone turned-on, helping me survive homelessness & get into the new Crackerville — you give, without a doubt, the most selfless, MOST PRACTICAL gifts of them all!

    Who the hell else on earth would offer ME a firearm?!?!?! And would send me eighteen square yards of MOSQUITO NETTING, and chemical stoves to make sure that I never have to live on MREs again, come hell, high water, shit or blood? Just you. So thank you so much, Terrible. For doing what the pigs refuse to do, for doing what my so-called parents SHOULD have done, and for helping me continue to do what it took me over 26 years to learn that I ***SHOULD*** do — be able and WILLING to defend myself! They raised me to be the permanent victim, to lie back and take it, to NEVER physically defend myself, to be a fucking DOORMAT, to take their abuse and their son's rape, LIKE THAT WAS WHAT I ***"DESERVED"*** FOR BEING A LIVE BIRTH, and for being born with a brain that showed their illiterate FAILURE-AT-EVERYTHING precious titty-suck "son-king" for what he was — life-long fucking LOSER. That's why they LET HIM cut my fucking brakes — but he couldn't even do THAT right! Instead of killing me, it only stole the one thing that they should NEVER have been able to take from me: my once-valuable brain.

    Could've been a scientist. Coulda been a lawyer. Coulda written Academy Award-winning screenplays and/or Pulitzer-winning novels by now. Coulda woulda shoulda.

    And of course, 12 years on & off of painkillers ain't exactly HELPED in the few-remaining-brain-cells department, either. But THAT is the fault of a whoooole other cocksucker, one Morris Bart, ambulance chaser antichrist.

    I always knew, well, not always, but at least since I backed Teh Dick down — PHYSICALLY, by myself, bare-handed! — THAT IF, through some freak of nature, THE freak of nature actually had a pair bigger than raisinets, and TRIED to assault me, that I could physically defend myself, especially with my handy pig-sticker (been carrying a knife since I was ELEVEN). The Boy, that first bisexual boy who broke my heart a million fucking times, DID do me SOME good — he not only taught me a few handy-dandy little martial-arts moves for emergencies, but after the Crack Whore tried to kill me, The Boy had my back, and helped me get my self-confidence AND my physical "presence" back. Never WOULD share any of his huge pocketknife collection, though, the tightwad Buffalo yankee…


  15. 15. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    (Continued… fuckin' Blogger character limits!)

    But this, Terrible, is a gift of a whoooole other caliber (pun not actually intended, but if it makes ya smirk, what the hell?), because it's not just the material object itself that means so much, it's the trust and the trouble that you're going through to get it to me, and your full-hearted DIRECT IMPULSE to do your damnedest to make sure that I can defend myself, should it ever come to a firefight. You didn't fuck around, hem or haw, you JUST DID IT. That means the world to me.

    Granted, when Realist jumps-up to rescue me technologically-speaking, I wish that he'd lemme know FIRST, or at least let me in on the process, but it's the same kind of impulse that had CCMcGoon & Jobsanger jumping through their butts to get me THIS machine, before I could even find out if Bessie might've been saved at that point.

    In other words, I am damned lucky to have and to have had, some of THE most-ornery, stubborn-as-mules, rough & ready, got-my-back-and-then-some friends that anybody could possibly wish to have. As a feminist, it does get my hackles up that people are always "rescuing" me, when I ***should*** be able to do this shit FOR MYSELF, BY MYSELF,, without ever once having had to panhandle (which doesn't fucking work anymore ANYWAY!), but without friends like Gappy, you, Dan & Tammy, especially REDCANE, Andy, CC & Job, so many I can't even remember @ 4:20A (yeah, it's always 4:20 somewhere, but not for me! waaaaaaahhhhh!), but y'all please know that in my heart, and in the FUNCTIONING parts of my brain, that it's all carved in stone, and I haven't truly forgotten ANYBODY who's ever done me a good turn.

    And if that Powerball ever hits, y'all KNOW who gets FIRST DIBS!!!


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