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August birfdays, and yes, I suck.

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on August 13, 2010 – 7:27 am

Our own Mentis just celebrated quite the milestone on the 12th (I’ll let him tell y’all which, whenever the hangover wears off… heh heh heh…), and even if I don’t get a prezzie to Kiwiland anytime soon, he knows that I’m singing a XXX-rated version of “Happy Birthday,” mixed with a perverse rendering of “Happy Happy Joy Joy…”, yeah? Sorry to be belated, my friend, ain’t enough space for all of the lame excuses. Hope to hell that you enjoyed the fuck out of yer birfday.

And a woman who, despite trying to drag me into her new age all of this damned time, has hung with me for nearly a decade, through some of the worst times of my life (yes, including now, shaddup you jackasses), and who deserves a Congressional Medal Of Honor for that alone, not to mention all of her own achievements: our dearly-beloved MAGS has a birfday on the 31st!!! Again, considering how ancient that *I* am, I don’t “out” ANYBODY’S age, ’cause I know what you rat-bastids will be doing to me in October… and hopefully, I’ll be well and thoroughly sedated for the experience. Many happy wishes to you, Mags, and here’s hoping that you finally get offa yer ass and onto PBS with a cooking show, dammit!!!!!!

If I’ve missed anybody this month, feel free to bitch me out in the comments, and amends will be made however possible.

Nope, no updates on Jada, teh Fallen Uterus is being… well, herself, which is way more than enough explanation, and my formerly-known-as-nieces are cold-hearted selfish twunts these days, so I have to get ALL of my info through the F.U., which is, obviously, a flawed system. At least I haven’t heard anything BAD, and let’s hope that that means something.

Happy Birfdays, y’all!!!!!!

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  1. 1. RenB Said:

    Belated happy birfday to Mentis. I hope it was 'fun', with cake, and a blow-out party.

    Where I am, we wish people good health, luck, and a long life, so am passing it on from the bottom of my heart.

  2. 2. Mentis Fugit Said:

    That information is not classified: I am now fifty.

    I celebrated the day itself by playing at Unregistered Electrician, fixing power points and light switches round the house, and replacing a couple of outdoor lights.

    Friday was an evening on the turps with work colleagues. Die Gnädige Frau graciously collected me from town so I didn't have to worry about driving.

    And today, Saturday, is the family party. Thankfully the hangover has gone, but I doubt I'll be drinking enough to take me off my best behaviour.

  3. 3. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    1. Whassa "turps"?

    2. Somehow, I feel relatively safe in assuming that you're one of those 'electricians' who tests for a live wire with his TONGUE… don't lie to me, I've dated those types… too much Irish/German in that boy, WAY too much crazy and he enjoyed the electricity and teh "purdy sparks" WAY too much…

    At any rate, I hope that yours was a fun birfday all around, and that Frau Fugit will supply us with blackmail-quality photos at some point…

  4. 4. Mentis Fugit Said:

    1. Well it could be mineral turpentine, but once you hit the Antipodes, if you're not actually cleaning paintbrushes it's more likely to refer to alcoholic beverages.

    2. I hope there's a missing "not" in that sentence. And after a couple of 240V belts in my (relative) youth, the fusebox is always my first port of call.

    No blackmail fodder, just boring fambly pics…

  5. 5. Mentis Fugit Said:

    P.S. Thanks, Ren!

  6. 6. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    No, the "not" was not missing, but good to know that one exists. You'd look real funny with no eyebrows, y'know it? Hope to hell that the "turps" thing doesn't refer to moonshine, 'cause shiners have been known to cut the real shit with turpentine & paint-thinner, as I'm sure you know. Whoooole lotta blinded/died-young Southerners/Smoky-Mountain peeps from the First Depression generation.

    And somehow, I don't quite believe that there are no blackmail-worthy pix, at least if any were taken at the pub… heh heh heh…

  7. 7. Terrible Said:

    Happy Birthday Mentis and Mags!!

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