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For Lee

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on November 10, 2006 – 10:13 am

I’m setting up the blog about my friend Lee’s condition and her brain tumor, and why I want to raise money to help her. When I’ve slept, I’ll go back and edit and try to make it make more sense and have the appropriate links.

In the meantime, this is my friend Lee. Yes, she’d kick my ass if she knew that I was doing this for her, because her pride and her spine are just that strong. But if anybody deserves it, she deserves all the help and happiness and health in the world. That baby’s been goin’ straight uphill all of her fucking life, and she deserves better than to die of a massive stroke before the State of Louisiana’s joke of a public hospital system can “get around” to her.

For the Katrina victims, y’all entrusted me with over $5,000 to help the evacuees who didn’t have a single thing to their names. This time, we’re setting up the account at the bank (hopefully by noon today) in Lee’s name, so that I can only make DEPOSITS, and so that Susan, the woman who houses, feeds, clothes, and employs her, can take the money out for Lee and Lee alone (she’s got some parasitic “gawdmuthas” who’d rob her blind and not even slack up long enough to say “sorry”) for any and everything that she needs and/or wants.

More tomorrow.

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