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Spare a thought

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on August 28, 2010 – 6:50 am

…this weekend, not just for New Orleans & the Gulf Coast, for Barry Cowsill and 1,600 others whom Dick Cheney fucking murdered — but also for our RenB.

I’ve never been a fan of his other half, Peter, and we all know why, but Peter is really not doing well right now, and at his age, and with his health problems (yup, like most people, makes me look like a hypochondriac), it’s more than skeery. Most of all, it’s ripping our RenB to shreds. I don’t talk to invisible sky-fairies, but I try to keep my beloveds in the front of what’s left of my mind. I only ask that y’all do the same.

If I can hear from Ren this weekend, I may be posting his PayPal addy, because the trip to Peter’s hospital ain’t cheap. Y’all’s love is always appreciated and never forgotten.

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  1. 1. Terrible Said:

    It’s been hard this weekend to even spare the thought since my minds been raging with other things. But of course I still did find the time to think of Ren and what he’s going through and wishing the best of a bad situation for him. As to spare change to help with bus trips I’m afraid that may be a week or 2 yet before I’ll be much use on that. I’m working on it though.

  2. 2. Anntichrist S Coulter Said:

    Terrible, if I ever hit that damned Powerball, when I can swing the ticket price, you are SO getting a subtly-packaged parcel of unmarked bills in the mail!!! Yes, there’s a long list of people that I owe, a LONG list, spanning many years and friendships gained & lost, but I haven’t forgotten a single one. And since you are always first to jump into any fundraiser that I do, you are SO gonna be first if I can ever share back!

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