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Today was ‘fun’…

Posted by RenB on October 7, 2010 – 5:43 pm

I was at my friend Peter’s nursing home way southwest of here, and they had a ‘gala’.  Operetta was on the table, not my favourite thing.

However, they have two ‘events’ a day to keep them all mobile….  doing fine motor skills, spinal therapy, but they don’t let out the ‘fun’ things, like bussing them to go out and eat somewhere in the countryside, or have ‘Volksmusik’ in the dining room, or trekking the mobile ones downtown to get their shopping and business doane.

That is radically Socialist….

But I have yet to discover a ‘death panel’…   Sort of strange, huh?  The quartett was a mish-mash of nationalities….  A hungarian, a russian, a slovakian soprano, and an Austrian…. and a professor of music from Graz with an unidentified scale.  I assume she was a soprano…  once..

Still, it was nice.

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