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Nancy Grace Gets Sued

Posted by Realist on November 22, 2006 – 5:59 am

I know I’m not the only one who really cannot stand that bug-eyed Harpy on CNN, Nancy Grace, with her crocodile tears for, and her endless whining over, the plight of (mostly) pretty little white girls who have been stolen, misplaced, or otherwise mistreated.
I cannot hide my satisfaction over the fact that she and CNN are being sued by the family of a woman who committed suicide after taping an interview with Grace regarding the disappearance of the woman’s two-year-old son.
The article explains it all.

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  1. 1. TheLesRev Said:

    They ought to sue this perky hateful bitch. Did you see the interview in question? Jeebus! I hope they bankrupt Grace!

  2. 2. Thor Said:

    This woman sets my teeth on edge. I hope she gets what’s coming to her.

  3. 3. aikane Said:

    The old saying, “Often wrong, but never in doubt,” applies double to Miss Nancy Pants. That story gets a lot of local coverage here, so I was mad with Nancy’s “interview” of the young lady even before we learned the woman had killed herself.

    CNN is losing all claim to unbiased reporting with Headline News shows like Grace’s and the right winger Beck’s. I watched that dingaling for about five minutes one night – way too long – as he advocated the bombing of Iran, proclaimed that we’re in WW III already, and predicted the rapture/Armegeddon are waiting right behind Door #3.

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