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Abuse victim seeks revenge, beats up priest

Posted by Realist on October 31, 2010 – 7:50 pm

This is one of those stories that really does my heart good to read.

Cops: Abuse victim seeks revenge, beats up priest

Man allegedly tracked clergyman to Calif. retirement home

SAN JOSE, Calif. — A man allegedly molested three decades ago by a priest was arrested Friday on charges that he lured the clergyman to the lobby of a Jesuit retirement home and beat him in front of shocked witnesses, authorities said.

William Lynch, 43, was booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon for the May 10 attack that sent the Rev. Jerold Lindner to the hospital with bruises and lacerations, said Sgt. Rick Sung, Santa Clara County sheriff’s spokesman.

Lynch harbored a fantasy for years of confronting the priest, who also allegedly molested his little brother.

Go read the whole thing, if you’ve got a strong stomach.  I’d say “Father Jerry” is damn lucky this guy didn’t show up with a gun.  A beating is getting off easy.  My favorite part is how satisfied the guy looks in his mugshot.  Probably did him more good than all the therapy in the world.

ANNTI EDIT HERE: Sorry to interrupt, but this article, and the disgust and pain that it incited in me, made me want to send the article link (nope, not the blog link, we don’t wanna FEED teh Fallen Uterus, now DO WE???) to the F.U., aka Formerly Known As Teh Beastmaster, before she became all fucking DICK-WHIPPED; then it turned into a whole fucking LETTER, and I want y’all’s opinions of it, and if I should mail it to the empty-hearted, self-only-preserving fucking mercenary-who-shouldna-taken-the-money-but-SHOULDA-had-the-fucking-abortion-that-she-and-Her-Dick-WANTED bitch, now??? Or after (knock-on-wood & cross yer fingers!!!) I get moved far enough away from her for her to realize HOW BADLY THE REST OF HER LIFE IS GOING TO SUCK WHEN I’M NOT THERE TO TAKE CARE OF OR PROTECT HER FROM THE PREDATORY, GREEDY, COLD-HEARTED-DOG-MURDERER (he’d never have the cajones to physically harm anyone his size or larger, he can only kill dogs, cats, and 2-YEAR-OLD GIRLS/15-YEAR-OLD WOMEN) MOTHERFUCKERS whom she has spent the past 40 years protecting from prosecution, including Moose-Knuckle the primary rapist (far as we know), and Psycho-Cunt the blind/deaf/dumb WITNESS who has pretended for 40 years that NOTHING *EVER* HAPPENED, because if SHE could close HER eyes & ears to it, THEN IT WASN’T ***HER*** PROBLEM!!! ‘Cause, after all, only things that are HER problem MATTER. Her oldest daughter wrongly imprisoned & stomped on a steel grating with steel-toed boots by a misogynist closet-case hillbilly jailer?  NOT ***HER*** PROBLEM. I slept in her bed, even though I had my own, for four or five years after we moved into the low-rent, jury-rigged “new”/”bigger” house, far enough away from others that NOBODY COULD HEAR THE SCREAMS, and out there, NOBODY ***WANTED*** TO KNOW WHAT WAS HAPPENING, except my INCREDIBLE first-grade teacher, who was then FIRED because SHE ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT WHAT WAS BEING DONE TO ME. Nope, not kidding: when teh F.U. had an uncle on the State Board Of Education, she could silence ANY teacher.  I shared a bed with Psycho-Cunt for YEARS after her precious ‘brother’ started raping me, but SHE NEVER SAW, HEARD, NOTICED, OR WORRIED ABOUT A FUCKING *THING.*  Convenient, huh?

Sorry again for the blathering, it’s a touchy subject…  but I really do honestly want y’all’s opinions, since I’ve already heartlessly hijacked Realist’s post.

Clicky teh linky to teh Storage Unit Part 2 (still trying to figure out how to make that page hold more than one post, be patient with me, and YES, I ***am*** gonna finish the fucking blogroll, I fucking PROMISE!!!), read teh e-mail in its entirety (thus far), and feel free to vent, rant, criticize (within reason), and suggest more & better ways to drive the stake into what SHOULD have been her “heart.”
Apologies to Realist for the intrusion, and apologies to our few & faithful readers for the self-vivisectioning, but when a post hits me right between the fucking eyes like this, I have to DO *something.* Even if I never mail that e-mail to the Fallen Uterus, the words will exist, out here in the universe.  If she is at all useful in helping me get home to New Orleans, as she has promised (promises as ‘valuable’ and ‘true’ as any Indian Agent’s promises!!!), I’ll hold off until my next birfday or somesuch event, mebbe her wedding anniversary to teh Dick, which I have never once celebrated or gifted them a damned thing because of it being such a fucking MISTAKE.

OT: If you can, try to catch the new Independent Lens piece on PBS: “REEL INJUN,” about how white filmmakers, white historians, and white people period have STOLEN Native American EVERYTHING, from the face to the skin to the stories to the EXISTENCE, as those “brave white settlers” committed genocide whilst humiliating The Original People with bullshit like FUCKING *DISNEY* FLICKS!!!!!!!!! Good shit.  Watch it.  The “improv” translations of what are supposed to be scripted lines for the few actual “injuns” (as opposed to Jews, Italians, Mexicans, Elvis, Chuck Connors, etc.) are fall-out fucking HILARIOUS. “You’re just a snake crawling up your own ass…” is a lovely start…  Though how on EARTH they listened to a fucking WORD from that TRAITOR and FBI STOOGE Russell fucking MEANS, I have no fucking idea. Leonard will never inform on that republicunt puppet, but *I* know the difference. BTW, “Iron Eyes Cody” was ITALIAN, born in Louisiana of parents straight off the fucking boat, back when being IRISH was enough to get yer ass lynched.  Not news to me, but may be to some.  He & James Cagney were the forefathers of spray-tanned idiots, ’cause they spray-painted THEM red for that flick.

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  1. 1. Anntichrist S Coulter Said:

    “Therapy,” hell — nothing cures pain better than payback. Shame that he waited ’til Chester The Molester was “old” and to some, “pitiable,” because it’d have been a cleaner fight and NO CHARGES FILED on the guy trying to take back his LIFE. Anybody who convicts William Lynch of ANYTHING oughta be burnt at the fucking stake, right along with “father” Jerry. FUCK ‘EM.

    PEDOPHILES, BEATERS & RAPISTS CAN NOT BE “FIXED.” No chemicals, no hormones, no castration, even cutting off their every fucking appendage WON’T STOP THEM BEING PREDATORS, because their problem is FROM THE NECK UP.

    Which is where we should place the noose. I like that William’s name is “Lynch.” THAT’S what he should’ve done to the ped.

  2. 2. RenB Said:

    I’ll second Annti, but my Mom had a saying: ‘Hang ’em by the balls.’ And Lynch should have done that too.

  3. 3. Anntichrist S Coulter Said:

    Considering the age of Chester The Molester, his testicles were prolly a foot long anyfuckin’way, so it’d have been less stressful/less heavy lifting to just WRAP THE SHRIVELED RAISINS AROUND HIS NECK AND PULL!!!

  4. 4. Anntichrist S Coulter Said:

    Sorry for the intrusion into your post, Realist, but it got to me.

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