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Local phenomenon

Posted by mentisfugit on November 1, 2010 – 1:53 pm

There’s regularly folks handing out flyers in the Wellington station concourse as I pass through of a morning and evening. Often it’s Tranz Metro themselves with a newsletter or update on the delicate state of our commuter rail infrastructure. Rarely, if ever, is it anyone peddling religion. Thank God (heh.)

The first Tuesday in November is the closest thing we get to a public holiday that doesn’t include, you know, actually having a day off. Nevertheless, it’s somewhat disconcerting to be handed a promotional leaflet for the TAB with the greeting, “Happy Melbourne Cup Day!”

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  1. 1. RenB Said:

    errm.. question please… (raising hand politely) Ok, you are a day ahead of me, that is what time zones are about. So it is Nov. 2nd, or 3rd by now… I had a rather odd thing at the hospital today. It’s still November first, mind you, and a horriday… People go to the ‘cementery’.

    And a friend of mine was there…. and we were talking outside so I could smoke…. And the subject came up… and Peter said that November 2nd ALSO used to be a horriday… All Souls, All Saints. Cemetery days, hey. Neither Dorle nor I could remember that… it was in his childhood.

    I have NO idea why that would be the case in New Zealand, but was that about Rugby or soccer? Mentis, whichever way…. can you explain that one?

    How odd.

  2. 2. mentisfugit Said:

    Ren, it’s all about the geegees. Australia pretty much comes to a stop for the running of the Melbourne Cup. We’re a couple of hours ahead of them so the race happens after 5:00pm here.

    I’ve no idea why it should be such a big deal this side of The Ditch[*], except that it seems half the time the winning horse is either Kiwi raised or Kiwi trained. Every office will run at least one sweepstake, and many people will delay departure to listen to the race, or hie themselves to the pub to watch it.

    But “Happy Melbourne Cup Day!” is just bizarre.

    [*] “The Ditch” – the Tasman Sea, separating NZ from the West Coast of Australia. 1200 miles of some of fairly wild water.

  3. 3. Anntichrist S Coulter Said:

    Well, didja bet on any of the ponies?

    WP is pissing me off, it didn’t send me a copy of this post AT THE FUCK ALL. Word Press may never censor us, ’cause we’re on Realist’s server, but some of its quirks get on my nerves. But, as always, many mellifluous thanks to Realist for the storage space & server!

    So, didja go down the pub to watch the race, or didja just watch the highlights at home?

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