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Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on August 29, 2006 – 6:56 pm

August 29th is not some magical number that means that everything has changed, that the world is a better place.

Photo ops don’t mean a fucking thing, except that those behind the podiums are blowing more smoke up your ass, and smiling all the while.

But I didn’t start this blog just to keep beating the same old drum about how THEY murdered over 1,500 Louisianians. It’s not just about everything that went wrong that one day.

It’s about everything that’s wrong in the world.

It’s not just “I bitch, therefore I am,” it’s “I bitch to effect CHANGE. I bitch because somebody’s got to say something or they’ll just keep getting away with this shit.”

And hopefully, in the process, we’ll come up with some new ideas or at least new strategies to FIX IT.

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  1. 1. StealthBadger Said:

    *run run run run RUN RUN RUN POUNCE*



    Psst… Take a look at the post on my blog titled “Maybe I shouldn’t do this…” It’s just your kinda twisted. :D

  2. 2. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Heh heh heh you’re my favorite wolverine-type mammal, y’know that?

    Headed over there in just a minute!

  3. 3. WeCanFixThisMess Said:

    Congrats on the new blog. I will spread the word.

    Katrina was what got me up off my ass and involved. These pics are a great reminder of how far and how little we’ve come in the past year.

    But the thing that gives me hope is that each day more and more people wake up and the sleeping giant stirs. If we can grab hold of a little hope then we can find the courage to get into action. It’s all in infuriatingly tiny increments but we are making progress and we will win in the end.

    Keep going, Anti. Give ’em hell!

  4. 4. RenB Said:

    Oh Good!

    Will be here daily, and wish you lots of success.



  5. 5. kingweasil Said:

    another thing is the money the white house claims went to new orleans.only 20% has reached NOLA of what was promised.

  6. 6. MzNicky Said:

    AnntiChrist S. Coulter with her own blog.

    It’s about fucking time.

    You’re on my bookmarks now, little missy. I’ll be watchin’ you!

  7. 7. Terrible Said:

    Hurrah!! It’s GREAT to read your writing Annti! I’d hate to hurt the neighborhood but can we put bush and company into the Superdome for a week without food or water?

  8. 8. ariadne Said:

    Yeah! Getting the RSS feed. Psyched to see you’re up and running!

  9. 9. Ze'ev Said:

    Eneough whining already. Get off your welfare asses and get to work rebuilding! Jeezus H Christ.

  10. 10. BlondeSense Liz Said:

    Congratulations on your blog, Annti.

    And don’t forget to direct readers to all your pictures from last year
    and here
    And your blog posts from that time are here:

    You did a great job on your rescue mission. You were a first responder and did the only thing that can be done in a crisis… just get in there and do what needed to be done.

  11. 11. Anne Johnson Said:

    I don’t know that my worst nightmare is a red rubber ducky with a gerbil on its back, but welcome to blogging, we need ya!

  12. 12. Jersey Cynic Said:

    it’s puurfect — JUST PERFECT – you’re perfect darlin’!!

    Yeah! A new SPOT to hang out..

    Keep up the wonderful writing woman!!!!

  13. 13. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Awwwww, y’alllllll… you make me feel so good.

    Y’know, except for the troll.

    But I *so* don’t have the energy for fucktard-slaying right this minute… Could we just ship him/her/shim back to whatever rock he/she/it crawled out from under?

    Yeesh. Soon as I poke my head out, here they come.

    But I am so grateful that all of these wonderful people have come to see my little baby here, so to speak. For a nonbreeder.

    And no, Terrible, they’ve almost got the Superdome FIXED (well, as fixed as the damned thing’s ever been, it’s been a clusterfuck since day one, especially since they built it atop a cemetary…) why would we fuck it up ALL OVER AGAIN just for those cocksuckers?

    I’d highly recommend taking them on a field trip to the NW Texas badlands, staking them out in the sun, covering them with honey, and coating ’em with mace and pepper spray on our way out.

    Not that I’ve given it a lot of thought or anything…

  14. 14. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    And Anne, sweetheart — she’s a HAMSTER, dammit! A Lesbian Attack Hamster! (And a dwarf, too, but we try not to remind her of that, it makes her touchy. And bitey.)

  15. 15. melior Said:

    You go, girl!

  16. 16. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Thanks, darlin’!

    Always does my heart good to see the people I’ve always admired around here.

  17. 17. stinkeye Said:

    About Me
    This is me, real, raw, your worst fucking nightmare (you already are).
    Your superpower is that you smell like dandelions whenever someone lies. How will you maintain your secret identity?

    The dandelions threw me off. Big Time. What the hell is that all about? My secret Annti Decoder Ring was as useless as tits on a boar. So I’m goin’ with Dandelion Wine or, rather, Alligator Wine.

    Ah ah ah aaaaaaaah!

    Take the blood out of an alligator
    Take the left eye of a fish, yeah
    Take the skin off of a frog, yeah
    And mix it up in a dish
    Add a cup of grease swamp water
    And then countin’ one to nine
    Spit over your left shoulder
    And you got alligator wine
    Alligator wine
    Your porcupine
    Is gonna make you mine
    Is gonna make you mine
    It’ll make your head bald, babe
    I say it make your toes freeze
    It’ll turn your blood into steam – SHHH!
    It’ll make you cough and sneeze
    You gotta scream like an eagle
    You gonna roar like a mountain lion
    When you finished drinking
    Good old alligator wine
    Alligator wine
    Your porcupine
    Is gonna make you mine
    Is gonna make you mine
    Ah yeah ! Wouh !
    Meet me at the stroke of midnight
    By the swamp down in the wood
    I’m gonna make you love me babe
    Like you never thought you could
    You gonna drink my magic potion
    And your blood shut eye is gonna shine
    You’d be scared forever
    Oh my alligator wine
    Alligator wine
    Gonna make you mine
    Your porcupine
    Is gonna make you mine
    Is gonna make you mine
    Waouh! uh uh uh !

    Slante, Doll!

  18. 18. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Ahhhh, where would I be without my Stinkeye… And where in the hell you BEEN, anyway??!?! Chasing Thor across the skies to spank Ernesto, or what?

    And, y’know, I didn’t pick the damned question. I certainly didn’t write the damned question. Blogger is, apparently, trying to draw more MySpace clientele.

    BUT — and mine is a very big BUTT — I did used to partake of dandelion-root tea on quite the few occasions, back in my not-quite-santeria days in NOLA… And I’d give both tits to get ahold of a decent botanica these days… Did you know that dandelion root is supposed to be good for treating depression?

    I never said that it was proven, mind you, just that it was supposed.

    But it sure did taste good, with some rose hips and licorice branch and all those other wonderful things… and a few cracked seeds… *sigh*

    It didn’t get ya high, but it made the furniture a whoooooooole lot more comfortable…

    How come you always remind me of stuff like that?

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