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Sort of quiet here…

Posted by RenB on November 18, 2010 – 2:20 pm

I wish my life were like that….   quiet.    Interesting.  Thanksgiving is gonna drive me nuts.  And everyone will go out and spew over their families, but that is what one DOES, after all. The last time I celebrated that… was a catastrophe.  No, I didn’t burn the turkey…  It was just very bad.

I was just reminiscing about all the ‘wonderful’ times I ‘re-entered’ the US.  As a citizen, as a ‘ferner’…..

Annti has often told me I need to go ‘home’.  Except… I don’t HAVE one.

Am ‘comfortable’ where I am…  I am..  and felt that…  but am out to sea without an anchor.

I got revved up about the TSA, and the new rules for making people coming to the US for a visit.

Y’know… it’s sort of odd, taken altogether, I mean.  But when you watch what  happens..  it gets dire.

I would never set foot on that continent again, ever.  It’s part of my life, true.  But if it weren’t for people I care about… I wouldn’t be interested.

So yay for the kid.

I had enough grief with those people.  And you can find out why HERE.

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