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The Gomer & Cletus Factor goes viral

Posted by Realist on November 20, 2010 – 9:56 am

When my wife and I moved from Long Beach to Kansas City back in the mid ’90s, it took a while to adjust to certain, shall we say, less stringent performance standards for public officials and other government employees.   We chalked this up to what we dubbed “The Gomer & Cletus Factor” – i.e. what can you expect when you let a bunch of sister-fucking hillbillies run things?

Well, from the way things have been going lately, it appears the Gomer & Cletus Factor has been mainstreamed and is now the model for ALL government, including the Feds.  This was proven by the release this past week of an edict from the FDA banning the sale of Four Loko and other caffeine-spiked alcoholic drinks, on the gounds that caffeine is not an “approved food additive” for acoholic beverages.

It would appear the mouth-breathers at the FDA have never heard of Irish coffee.  For that matter, what the hell is the FDA doing trying to regulate alcoholic beverages in the first place? (wouldn’t that be the province of the ATF?) Personally, I never considered alcoholic beverages to be a food, but maybe the FDA feels differently.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the immediate release of new FDA rules instructing bars to stop serving rum (or anything else) and Coke, or the afore-mentioned coffee and booze drinks, since these would obviously fall under the newly-minted “no alcohol and caffeine” rules.  Not to mention stuff like vodka and Red Bull.

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  1. 1. RenB Said:

    I have so much to say, and it got EATEN.

    Smoking is something I LIKE to do.

    Alk is something I was REALLY into, but overdid, and now? I try to avoid it.

    But in both cases…. it was MY choice.

    Colbert really did a number on it last week.

    Didn’t they GET what happened when they put in Prohibition?

    It increased serious crime, and people got very inventive. My Grandmother told me about people making gin in the tub, and people having their kids going around with doll carriages, selling it. And sewing pockets inside her dress and going to Bawston to get my Grandfather whiskey, and she was way pregnant, and getting back, some gallant Irish policeman HAD to accompany her home from the train station, and all she could hear were the bottles gurgling in her dress, and she nearly had a premature birth for fear.

    Is that what it will come to?

    I’ll admit… I have a sort of odd family. But loved them.

    Still do.

    However… it’s encroachment. Step by step, they want to OWN you. At least that is how I see it.

    It was odd yesterday. I went to my tobacconist… Everything was covered with white cards, with ‘Cigarettes’ printed on them. His protest about what the EU wants to impose on us.

    Everyone has their own poison of choice.

    I find it ridiculous to zero in on people who are ‘happy’ and otherwise productive. If they die earlier, well it opens up the job market, doesn’t it?

    And yes, that is totally cynical.

    But I won’t badk down on that opinion.

    Just sayin’ START me up, hey… and I’ll never stop.

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