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Before you race out the door @ midnight…

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on November 25, 2010 – 10:34 pm

Those of y’all who are susceptible to mass-marketing and the GOTTA-GET-MINE frenzy of “Black Friday,” I have a few suggestions.  YES, I *should* have gotten this shit done A MONTH AGO, but it’s been a really fucked-up month, for those of y’all who haven’t noticed.  I may NEVER get home to New Orleans, it turns out, ’cause the lady who had me convinced that she was really pulling for me DISAPPEARED.  Either quit or was transferred or fired, I have no fucking idea.  She GONE. Along with my last shred of hope.

SO, that’s my excuse for not having done this sooner.  Not good enough?  Bite me.

As I try to do as often as possible, I like to plug my friends’ bidnesses, and also the businesses operated by upright, decent folk who may only be acquaintances, but they sell me nice stuff cheaply enough for me to afford to celebrate y’all’s birfdays when I can swing it.  And when EVVVVERYBODY in the U.S. is supposed to be revving-up for the CAPITALIST ORGY tomorrow at every strip mall, shopping mall, Wally World & Tar-jhay on the continent, I like to give the giant corporations a huge “FUUUUUCKKKK *YOU*!!!” by reminding us all to SHOP LOCALLY, or if not locally, at least WITH SMALL BIDNESSES THAT TREAT PEOPLE RIGHT. In other words, if you’re an asshole, you don’t get on the list, and NO big corporations will EVER get plugged here.

All of that loveliness aside, here’s this year’s list:

Of course, for all of your bookmongering needs, we always go to Dan & Tammy of Jackson Street Books, now not only available in SL, but also a new brick-and-mortar store, as well as one of THE best online bookstores EVER.  Go forth and read!

And where would any of us be without the delightfully sacrilegious, divinely snarky gifts & talents of our own Miss Poppy? (The only woman who could make the staff @ Archie McPhee blush.) If you’ve got a particularly-obnoxious bibul-banging/rosary-swinging nutjob relative, Miss Poppy has the cure!

Of course, y’all are more than welcome to give your relatives donations in their names from any of the fine charities in our sidebar, but if they’re broke-ass relatives, you may just piss them off, so it’s up to you and the dysfunctionality of your particular family.

MEANWHILE, IN ANOTHER PART OF THE FOREST: We’ve got quite a few very talented friends who make some slobber-worthy goodies to please any and everyone, and here goes…  The listings/descriptions may be shorter, but that’s only ’cause there’s SO MANY OF THEM!!!

The Wunnerful auction sites run by Wayne & Estela Sedawie,,, and, feature many fine & upstanding dealers, including Wayne, Estela, Silvia AND Paul Sedawie!

Here are some of my personal favorites:  wunnerful Karen @, smartass Sameer @ LightningGems & Jaipur Gems, and the magnanimous Connie @ Gemini Designs. (Until I found these auctions & Etsy, I had no idea that I could find actual pearls and gemstones, including my birthstone opal, FOR LESS THAN TWENTY BUCKS!!!  Most times, I find stones or pieces for LESS THAN TEN!!!!!!)

And then there’s my buds @ Etsy: As always, the inimitable and huge-hearted  Sandra of SandraNDan, the generous and wunnerful Colin & Li of CLBeads, the admirable & indefatigable  Keith of 4Jess, and a  whooooole other Karen of DollarSupplies.  If y’all need to know what Etsy dealers NOT to frequent, I can tell ya that, too, but I ain’t given those dunderheads the free press here.

Okay, kids, go forth (or sit on your couch) and shop, and most of all, remember 2 things: 1.  FUCK GIANT GLOBE-EATING CORPORATIONS!!!, and of course, Annti’s life mantra:  2.  *NEVER.*  *PAY.*  *RETAIL.* !!!!!!

And if I’ve unwittingly left anyone out of the list, please feel free to berate me here, @ FB, or in an e-mail, and I will happily append this post, k?

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  1. 1. gappy Said:

    I did a Black Friday many years ago because a friend begged & begged me & we made it a regular type day…..not the standing in line at 2am shit either but there was waaaay too many people for my taste and my tastes don’t run to the Hallmark variety. Never did it again plus my bent is to belly up to the computer & order on-line. I mean, I have my MasterCard 16 digit number memorized! When I get someone a gift, I try to make it unique or at least something I KNOW they’ll like/need. And that’s why I LOVE Etsy! Granted, there are just those people in my life that I have to buy a gift from a big box store…..sigh…..but I’ve found so many fantastic, unique (that word again) moderately priced stuff on Etsy that it’s become the place I go first. I also tend to get lost while I’m there looking at all the goodies. Sometimes it’s just overwhelming….the abundance of merchandise & of course I have to buy myself a Xmas present right?
    And I have Annti to thank for turning me on to Etsy cuz I probably never would have found it on my own (OK, I would have but alot later than usual!) I’d like to put a plug into a great gift idea and it’s FREE! Sign someone up who’s a bibliophile or just plain mouthy (I signed Annti up! heh heh) to A.Word.A.Day with Anu Garg and the site will send you a word a day (no shit) complete with pronunciation, meaning, the etymology, usage and my absolute favorite, “A Thought For Today” which consists of quotes from just about anyone. Thoughtful and provoking and good for getting the last word in on many occasions!

  2. 2. Anntichrist S Coulter Said:

    Yup, you can find some great stuff on Etsy, but be careful who you deal with, ’cause some of them are outright CUNTS, like that bluedaisy1222 bitch who had my hotmail account, with all of my Katrina, feral cat and Gustav records in it, SHUT DOWN, because I asked her to PLEASE STOP TRYING TO SHOVE HER CULT DOWN MY THROAT. I didn’t even CUSS the whore!!! And there’s another bitch on there, “Irina’s Island,” who doesn’t even TRY to deliver what you’ve ordered, as well as “Happy Supplies” in Korea, who have ripped me on two different items that NEVER GOT HERE. So be careful when you go into Etsy, ’cause there are a LOT of great people/shops there, especially SandraNDan for amazing jewelry, but there are also a handful of TOTAL ASSHOLES who will waste your time and steal your money, and Etsy itself WON’T DO A DAMNED THING ABOUT *ANY* OF IT!!! Not even when the psycho-stalker STEALS YOUR HOTMAIL ACCOUNT!!!

    The auctions I listed, as well as the dealers on those auctions, are also good folk, and sometimes, you get really lucky and find amazing jewelry and stones for SICK CHEAP, but again, watch yer back and follow yer gut. There’s an asshole named “monkey1222″ (sound familiar?) who follows me to EVERY $1/no-reserve auction that I find, when I *could* have gotten stuff at AMAZING PRICES to make brilliant gifts, and THAT motherfucker has to go on there and drive the price up to where I *always* LOSE the damned auction! If I ever find out where those two “1222″ motherfuckers live, y’all WILL see me on the national news!

    Anyway, go find the good folk like the ones I mentioned here, and happy capitalism!

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