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I only got ONE answer right

Posted by Realist on January 21, 2011 – 6:25 pm

Which just delights the living shit out of me because it means I’ve finally managed to forget that gawdawful high-school cafeteria food.

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  1. 1. gappy Said:

    I got 4 correct but I think that’s because prison food is pretty much on a par with school lunches. Plus waaaay too much soy that takes the place of meat. All pretty nasty stuff.

  2. 2. Anntichrist S Coulter Said:

    I got 6. Substitute teaching are a bitch. I’ll never forget the appearance of milled soybeans taking-over the “beef” patties that came in the long plastic steam-in bags, back in the ’70s… ugh. And they haven’t gotten any better since then, either. Cost 6X as much, but the same barely-been-in-the-same-room-with-ANY-kind-of-meat-including-roadkill shitty old patties. This lady got lucky, we NEVER got cookies (unless you count those dry, tasteless bricks of disappointment that we DID get), fresh veggies, non-boiled-to-fucking-England-and-back ANYTHING. Compared to Reaganomics and “ketchup is a vegetable,” these kids have got it pretty damned good. Fattening & unhealthful, sure, but it prolly tastes better than the prison-reject shit that WE got. And since most of the kids @ her school were on free lunch (I’d have KILLED for discounted or free lunches, rather than having to JUSTIFY to my so-called ‘parents’ “WHY” I “needed” to spend money on LUNCH!! But would they let me apply for reduced or free? Fuck no, their EGOS were more important.), those semi-crappy school lunches (and probably breakfasts, too) were probably the most substantial meals that they got all day that weren’t food-bank-reject canned goods. Food banks don’t often get the name-brand stuff, after all. If I’d known that I’d be stranded here and clusterfucked outta NOLA *FOR* ***THIS*** FUCKING *LONG,* I’d have signed-up for the food bank here when I got here. Fuck.

    I WANNA GO HOOOOOOMMMME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 3. Realist Said:

    What I particularly remember were those gawdawful “Made-Rite” hamburgers, which are loose-meat affairs where the crumbled up beef is scooped onto the bun with an ice cream scoop. It’s not really a patty so much as a pile of something that looks like taco meat.

    Since I’m from Michigan, I’d never seen anything like that until my family moved to KC in the mid 60s. To me, a hamburger was a Big-Boy, the burger that inspired McDonald’s Big Mac. WTF is with this loose-meat shit?

    And no, putting a slice of cheese on top does NOT make it a cheeseburger. It makes it a fucking taco on a bun with a slice of cheese on top.

  4. 4. Realist Said:

    BTW, when I use the word “beef” in reference to Made-Rites, I’m taking some liberties with the term.

  5. 5. gappy Said:

    I remember when the local mall got a Maid-Rite restaurant and everyone just HAD to eat there. Yep, I went also, saw that loose meat crap and ordered a plate of french fries instead. Maid-Rite’s “burgers” are anything but. WTF indeed!

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