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Posted by RenB on February 22, 2011 – 10:08 am

Was asked to cross-post this.  Someone else’s words who express things better than I could, but feel deeply.

I grew up in a big factory town.  And my neighborhood was known as ‘the corporation’.  Which became a dirty word.  They were omnipresent, and people’s lives were dependent on them.  My father got fired and black-listed because he was seen talking to a union organiser, and it was traumatic for him.  My grandmother was a union person, went on strike, and was out demonstrating on strike in another factory town, had my father and his sister with them, and they nearly got ridden down by police on horseback.  I don’t think there are many books available about the union movement, but it all began in Wisconsin, it turns out.  I hadn’t known that.

So when Scott Walker was threatening to bring in the National Guard early on in this Wisconsin debate, I sort of found that chilling.   The media is mostly lying, and I would love to shake ‘entitled’ Joe Scarborough till his teeth rattle, just for disseminating false information.

But the truth in a nut-shell is here.

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  1. 1. Anntichrist S Coulter Said:

    Well done, son. I don’t think that Scott Walker’s attempt at a dictatorship/corporate whoredom will survive people like the union folk in Wisconsin, no matter WHAT that death’s-head-grinning motherfucker DONALD FUCKING RUMSFELD says on David Letterman’s show.< .b> He undoubtedly has an economic interest in what’s going on in Wisconsin, as he has ENORMOUS fucking stock holdings in the company that produces, and he own’s the patent for, wait for it — TAMIFLU. Another avian flu scare, anyone? I hate that motherfucker almost as much as I loathe Cheney, the greedy little rat-fink weasel bastard. Sitting there crowing about all of the “good” that fucking NIXON allegedly “did,” I damned near pulled an Elvis on my own television. Yeah, Nixon got a LOOOTTT of “good people” (HA!) into gubmint jobs, like George Schultz, Darth Cheney, Don Regan, the entire Nixon/Reagan mafia, including fucking RUMSFELD.

    I hope to hell that the good unions of Wisconsin beat their little tyrant down into a greasy spot on the ground, and then HEAD FOR D.C.!!!!!!

  2. 2. Anntichrist S Coulter Said:

    I can’t believe that I put a fucking apostrophe in “OWNS.” Kill me. Nope, no surprised at the fucked-up HTML tags, not in the least, it’s almost my calling card, but I put a fucking APOSTROPHE IN THE WRONG PLACE, like I learned how to write from SPELLCHECK. Not the worst thing happening in the world today by any means, but it pisses ME off.

  3. 3. RenB Said:

    Don’t worry about the tags. Shit happens.

    Ya wanna KNOW how far Rumsfeld’s ‘little’ entrepeneurship goes?

    Picture a provincial hospital in the boonies in Austria near the Slovenian border. Peter was there for a week, and sort of out of it, and I was there with a friend, who used to be a nurse before she became the most overbearing ‘mother’ and shell-shocked after her husband had tried to kill himself for the second time.

    We had to leave the room while the nurses dressed his foot, changed his Depends, and were out in the corridor. And my friend pointed to something in the nurses window of their station and said, ‘Look.’ (We thought Peter had pneumonia…)

    So I looked. It was a packet of TAMIFLU. And all I could feel was hate, and thought, ‘Rumsfeld!’

    Yeah, sort of weird to react like that, but it was surreal.

  4. 4. Anntichrist S Coulter Said:

    If there were an actual physical “hell,” there would be a very special place in it for that evil, skeletor-grinning/death-masque-faced motherfucker and his too-big-for-his-bony-crag-of-a-face dentures!!!!!! It would be filled with the very few REAL avian/swine/H1N1/pick-a-livestock-named-”FLU” victims, COUGHING-UP A LUNG INTO HIS NASTY, NIXON-SUCKING FACE, EVERY SECOND OF EVER HOUR FOR THE REST OF FUCKING ETERNITY, or at least until our little star/sun goes nova/supernova and sucks us all into a black hole as infinitesimal particles of matter & antimatter.

    There would be clumsy amateur phlebotomists, poking his endlessly and badly, on every square inch of his leathery/age-spotted skin, trying to give him TAMIFLU AFTER TAMIFLU injections until his entire bony corpse would be BLOATED FROM FLUID OVERLOAD, ’cause his body wouldn’t be able to absorb/incorporate all of those fucking MERCURY-LACED INOCULATIONS.

    And he’d be right next door to Ed Meese, George Schultz, Don Regan, Darth Cheney, Dumbya, GHWBush41, and all of the other flying-monkey minions of doom, aka NIXON, including that blathering idiot RONNIE RAY-GUN, and they’d all have to listen to Ronnie BABBLE ON ENDLESSLY, FOREVER AND EVER AMEN, about how he “SAVED THE WORLD FROM COMMUNISM BY LAUNCHING HIS ‘STAR WARS’ LASER-POWERED SATELLITE ‘SHIELDS’ TO DEFEAT TEH SOVIET MISSILES,” even though that shit never even HAPPENED. ‘Cause, as we know now, HE actually thought that it HAD happened, WHILE HE WAS STILL IN OFFICE, ’cause the CIA chemical time-bomb that induces Alzheimer’s in their most “favorite” presidents, the ones who’ll PLAY BALL with the shadow gubmint — Ronnie’s time-bomb went-off EARLY, and no stem cell on earth coulda saved the 12 operable brain cells that he had BEFORE then.

    That’s why they won’t let GHWBush41 speak out in public anymore, ’cause he keeps having emotional breakdowns at COLLEGE COMMENCEMENT CEREMONIES, etc., as Bar obviously hasn’t held that cast-iron-fist-in-a-sandpaper-glove tightly-clenched around his shriveled-up old raisin of a prostate ENOUGH to keep him on the leash.

    I wonder when the rest of the Nixonites/Reaganites will start popping-off like little batshit-crazy robots, squirreling around the parking lot of a Home Depot or in the middle of some Rotary Club/Klan meeting in their “honor” (HA!), hmmmm? Wouldn’tcha give a TON of cash to see Rummy go apeshit in the middle of a stockholder’s meeting @ whatever Big Pharma company that manufactures Tamiflu? Or GHWBush going utterly bonkers-batshit at an Eli Lilly board of directors meeting? OOOH!!! George Schultz, trying to scale the railing around the Capitol rotunda, making monkey/ape noises as he tries to climb up the dome so that he can MOON everybody with that stupid fucking tiger tattoo on his saggy-baggy ass!!!

    Hey, a girl is going batshit from sleep deprivation and physical agony, humor me. Let a very old girl dream a little bit, huh?

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