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Send all your love to New Zealand

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on February 22, 2011 – 5:37 pm

Yeah, otherwise, I’d still be panhandling for help with gas money for ME to move (will NEVER do the 5-hour turnaround that I did Sunday night, it’s taken me until NOW {5:27p, CST}to be able to fucking WALK), but they just lost AT LEAST sixty-five people to a horrendous 6.3 earthquake/aftershock in Christchurch that has pretty much jacked-up the ENTIRE COUNTRY. Kiwis & Maoris are smart, they build for this kinda shit, tidal waves from hell (and the idiots who go out to SURF THEM!!), volcanic surprises, etc.

But, apparently, some of the major office buildings in the largest cities WEREN’T build for this kind of a shake, and they just (according to BBC world news via PBS) found & rescued a pocket of 15 people who were huddled together in the ruins of a 6-story building.  Hopefully they will be rescuing far more people as they try to ride-out this nightmare (and undoubtedly even MORE aftershocks), as Mentis told me last night that two entire BUSES of people were crushed by falling debris/bridges/roads.  No idea exactly where, everything is emanating and radiating out from Christchurch, whose old cathedral got the stuffing & steeple knocked out if this time.  The September 7.1 quake was apparently farther out in the boonies, so there was less damage and loss then, except for a few stained-glass windows in the cathedral, but this one was RIGHT AT the surface and right IN the middle of the city. It’s going to be one helluva dig out. So if  you can, send them your love and your money to whatever organizations (yeah, I know, I should know who is doing what by now, but I just fucking WOKE UP) are doing the most good down there.  New Zealanders are amazingly resilient, no-big-deal kinda people, they’ve been through a lot in their country’s life, but even the stiffest upper lip can occasionally use some support.  And please keep Mentis & Mrs. Mentis & their family in your thoughts, as this has affected their entire country.

P.S.:  NZH link for “What To Do/How To Help” hook-ups, esp. the NZ Salvation Army:  Christchurch quake: How you can help – National – NZ Herald News

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  1. 1. Terrible Said:

    Hey cool the old computer will let me get on here and even comment!

    But yeah this sucks! I was very worried for Mentis and his family when I got the link. Glad that they are ok thus far and thoughts and best wishes to them and all the rest of NZ.

  2. 2. Terrible Said:

    Oh and wanted to contact you anuwau Annti. I had to spend some money I didn’t have this wrrk on my car nust will get a money order out to you tomorrow for at least a couple gallons of gas! :)

  3. 3. mentisfugit Said:

    Wellington’s a long way from the epicentre, and while shocks were felt throughout the South Island, I knew nothing here until my son received a text from one of his mates.

    Having moved into our new home on Monday, Familie Fugit are without internet, phone and, until today, television (this has not been exclusively due to my own incompetence.) That’s left me with only the radio for information, and that’s been disturbing enough. The ZM breakfast show, usually your typical “morning zoo”, had to deal with a caller who was obviously in a state of shock, and was on the verge of tears. They handled it well, actually.

    Our builder has family in Christchurch. He told me his sister’s car was destroyed, and she was working on the fifth floor of a building that was badly damaged, but she got out all right. I have a couple of workmates from the city who will be anxious for family and friends, Die Frau has an old colleague we have yet to get in touch with, and one of my son’s schoolfriends is studying at Canterbury University. We’re trying to avoid unnecessary phone calls for obvious reasons.

    Part of the problem is this: the city was built on a swamp. My father reminded me this morning of a letter my great-great-grandfather wrote to his grandson. He was a migrant in the 1850s, and he related wading through rushes and sludge on arrival in Christchurch. Net result is, houses literally “sink” as soil liquefaction occurs.

    Reports indicated that the largest acceleration generated by this 6.3 shock was about one gravity, whereas September’s 7.1 only generated 0.8g. Combine this with the timing, and yesterday’s quake is indeed worse than last year’s in every respect.

    Current confirmed death toll is 75, of whom 55 have been identified, but there are around 300 still missing. Unless a significant number turn up, this will be our worst natural disaster ever. The Canterbury Television building, for one, is too badly damaged to risk sending rescuers in, and there may have been up to 50 people working there.

    There were around 1200 overseas tourists in the city at the time. The air force has put on flights to evacuate them all to Wellington, and temporary passports and visas are being arranged for those who have lost theirs in damaged or destroyed hotels.

    So no, the quake hasn’t touched me personally in any way – yet – but it’s a horrendous time for a few hundred thousand people, and I doubt we know the worst yet.

    P.S. I suspect Annti won’t be surprised that the Salvation Army are right in there.

  4. 4. Anntichrist S Coulter Said:

    Fuckin’ A I knew that the Salvation Army would be there!!! Everybody on Facebook is plugging the NZ Red Cross, but since I dunno if y’all’s Red Cross is any more or less corrupt than the “American” Red Cross, I’ve left that alone. But Fuckin’ A for the Salvation Army!!! I will never forgive or forget their illegal hiring/firing practices for non-believers, but I will also NEVER forget that they were in Jefferson, Orleans AND St. Bernard Parishes the day BEFORE Katrina hit, and THEY were GETTING SHIT *DONE* when the Red Cross sat on their asses for six fucking days, waiting for PERMISSION from Dick & Dumbya to go in.

    I’m also damned grateful that y’all are in the North Island, Mentis, though I’m also aware that aftershocks could spread up that way anytime in the near future. Sure as hell not a seismologist, but I never count ANYTHING out when the fucking tectonic plates are acting all fucktardedy. Hope to hear soon that all of y’all’s MIAs are soon found and well, and that all of the missing people are soon found. Helluva note about the TV network, can’t be a small loss in a time like this. NZH link on what to do & how to help:

    Love & hugs to all, and stay safe!

  5. 5. RenB Said:

    Mentis, glad you and yours are ok. I find it sort of bad that the news of the quake got sort of surpressed in my neck of the woods, what with all the uproar elsewhere. But hope that help will kick in asap. Take care.

  6. 6. mentisfugit Said:

    A friend of mine writes a synopsis of the city’s history.

    With “up to 238 missing, 76 dead, this disaster has been declared a national emergency and may yet surpass the 1931 Napier earthquake to become our worst natural disaster. We can hope not, but as many as a hundred people may have been working in the CTV building, and twenty or more may be trapped in the ruins of the cathedral.

    Nevertheless, comparing the price in life to Haiti offers an object lesson in the value of building codes, and the neverending price of grinding poverty.

  7. 7. Anntichrist S Coulter Said:

    Yes, the difference in structural inves7,tment is blaringly obvious. So is the cost of governmental corruption upon the backs of their own people. Not so hard to understand how Katrina pointed-out the “third-world” circumstances for AMERICAN CITIZENS. Then you look at how the people of Haiti have been raped by their “own” government, and it just makes you so enraged by impotent at the same time, because all of the charities in the world can’t always get around the crooked motherfuckers. I’m just damned grateful that you & yours live in such a highly-civilized country where people PLAN for this kinda shit. I was surprised at the new construction that took so many bad hits, but in a place like Haiti or New Orleans, it would’ve been SO much worse and with such a higher body count.

    Hoping sincerely that many more live people are found and rescued soon! And make sure to keep yer ass on the North Island!!!

  8. 8. mentisfugit Said:

    After the September quake, I thought we were seeing the limit our services could cope with, but they’ve really stepped up their gain from this one, along with copious assistance from Australia (army field hospital especially) and expert assistance from Japan, as you would expect.

    According to the bulletin I just heard, power has been restored to around 75% of the worst-affected area, and water to 50%, though residents are still advised to boil any drinking water (the bottled stuff goes to emergency centres as first priority.) Petrol and food are not in short supply, though delivery to distribution points may be a little slow still, and people are being urged not to hoard – especially storing petrol in unsafe conditions.

    Die Frau was going to travel to Christchurch on work-related matters in April. That won’t be happening now; even if some semblance of normality is restored by then, the fact she was looking at staying at the Hotel Grand Chancellor has put her right off the idea. The tallest building in the city, it is still standing, but on the verge of collapse.

    While neighbourliness has, on the whole, been the order of the day, the usual scum have also slithered out from under their stones. There’ve been a number of looters arrested, and reports of scammers posing as service people. The cops seem to be on top of things though, and the curfew in the city centre is a safety precaution first and foremost.

  9. 9. Anntichrist S Coulter Said:

    I shouldn’t be surprised @ the temerity and pure-dee fucking EVIL being perpetrated by scamming scumbags (and I mean that in the used Coney Island Whitefish sense!), but even now, my flesh crawls incessantly because I’m not there to wrap my arthritic paws around the thieving spam-whore motherfuckers’ throats.

    The worst one I’ve heard of, thus far, is a fucking douchebag claiming to be IN New Zealand, some claim to have been injured in Christchurch, the lowlife fucking cockaroaches, who contact Americans who donate to charities (how they get THOSE profiles, I’m kinda afraid to ask) and claim to be running non-profit legit charities, and then offer the American marks/”prospective donors” a TEN-PERCENT FUCKING ***CUT*** OF THE PROCEEDS, a commission off of whatever funds that the marks can raise in order to help Kiwis/Maoris hurt/rendered homeless by the quake.

    If Kiwi/Maori cops are good, I hope to hell that they catch these motherfuckers and SKIN THEM ALIVE IN THE MIDDLE OF CHRISTCHURCH for all of the REAL victims to witness. Yeah, yeah, I know, y’all are the no-death-penalty sorta folk, but don’t tell me that it wouldn’t be A FAIR SENTENCE. Fucking maggots. They deserve to be fed-upon by maggots AS THEY DIE. Anybody who profits from the suffering of others deserves no less.

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