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b/p (not limey oil scum) of 148/98

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on May 4, 2011 – 11:47 pm

I cannot force myself to delineate the recent illegal injustices against me by half-a-semester-of-clerical-trade-school racist skanks in illegally denying me federally-mandated healthcare and further fuck-up my life in ways y’all don’t even want to hear about right now because it may kill me to go there.  I have NEVER, ***EVER*** had high blood pressure in my LIFE. I hyperventilated when my first radio station was sold and when Nannie died and I missed her by 45 minutes thanks to my so-called mother being a CUNT, but as far as I know, nobody’s ever worried about me having a heart attack before.

The SECOND doctor, today, wants me referred-out to six OTHER doctors, I shit y’all not, as well as going back to see her in a month.  Not bad, but way too fuckin’ young to be so damned bossy with ME.  Even when my “mother’s” pet rapist pulling his cheap Chinese box-cutter with a BROKEN FUCKING RAZOR BLADE in its feeble grasp on me, whilst the Fallen Uterus sat on her ass, quite nearby, SMIRKING THROUGH THE WHOLE BULLSHIT EPISODE, I never had to raise my voice or feel those veins in my ears throbbing.

But a racist cunt OVERTHROWING my FIRST doctor’s orders BECAUSE SHE DIDN’T THINK THAT THIS “WHITE” BITCH (shows what SHE knows, stupid twunt!) *DESERVED* MEDICAL CARE, apparently, was the last fucking straw.

I’ll regale y’all with the stories in their entirety later.

In the mean time, There Is Now An Annti’s Legal Defense Fund Drive, nope, not for the racist cunt, I never laid a finger on that stupid whore. But if you are unfortunate enough to live in the 9th Ward or yuppie-hippie enough to live in the 8th, AVOID THE “GALVEZ ST. CLINIC” that’s actually on “PIETY” STREET (soooo many jokes there) WORSE THAN THE FUCKING BUBONIC PLAGUE. EIGHT FUCKING HOURS OF MY LIFE, WASTED IN PAIN, LEFT MY TAILBONE-CUT-OUT SEAT-CUSHION FOR MY TRUCK *IN* THAT SHIT-HOLE, AND THE WHORE CLERICAL SKANKS DESERVE TO DIE OF ANAL CANCER.

ANNNYYYWAAAAYYYYYY, since I got a TOTALLY  BULLSHIT MOVING VIOLATION TICKET THAT WAS ***COMPLETELY*** PULLED OUT OF THE TEENAGED “OFFICER’S” ASS/”DISCRETION” back the last trip that I made up to West Redneckistan, I have a date in traffic court there on June 1st, and if you have any spare change that would help me survive that and possibly lead towards bail money (in case the F.U. doesn’t keep her ANIMAL on his fucking LEASH this time!!!), I would, as always, be in y’all’s eternal debt.  I know, I’m a parasitic loser, but it ain’t like Social Security is gonna let me WORK part-time AND keep my Medicare, which the entire Touro Infirmary staff will be enjoying shortly…  Shows what I get for trying to keep my business “in the neighborhood,” eh?

P.S.:  Even when I weighed THREE HUNDRED POUNDS, about 20 years ago, I **still** had blood pressure of ONE-TWENTY OVER EIGHTY. When they stole my birf control pills ’cause I committed the crime of turning 35 WITHOUT BREEDING, it went down EVEN FUCKING LOWER.  If my regular blood pressure got any lower, I’d happily slip into a COMA.

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  1. 1. Terrible Said:

    As usual it prob wont be as much as Id like but should be able to kick in some before your ‘date’.

  2. 2. Anntichrist S Coulter Said:

    As always, Terrible, you are the shiz-nit.

    Not alone, obviously, but still always there.

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