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Good news and the usual…

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on August 24, 2011 – 7:04 pm

Redcane is alive and hopefully well!!!! Didn’t get much info, just one short dispatch, as he’s undoubtedly fucking WIPED after the surgery, but thus far, our far-too-silent friend is STILL KICKING, so somebody’s good thoughts must’ve kicked-in somewhere, along with his own stockpile of fabulous karma chips, of course.

Annnnnd, the usual:  I have fifty cents, a pack and a half of cigarettes, and a week to go until payday. My gas tank is on fumes, I have P/T 3X a week and the gynecologist tomorrow, and I may not make it.  How in the fuck My President can justify CONTINUING TO PAY THAT BLACKMAIL MONEY TO THOSE MOTHERFUCKING “FAITH-BASED INITIATIVES” CON JOBS, *WHILST* ROBBING ME AND ALL MY FELLOW “federal employees” OF OUR BIG HONKIN’ TWELVE-BUCK-A-MONTH “COST-OF-LIVING” RAISES FOR THE PAST 2.5 YEARS, I will NEVER fucking understand. John “Slut-Boy Whilst My Wife Is Dying” Edwards was the last candidate who ever MENTIONED poverty in this country, and Our President ain’t mentioned it ONCE, but he let the republicunts & democrat whores & dixiecrats KEEP THE FUCKING TAX CUTS FOR THAT RICHEST 1% WHO’VE NEVER PAID *THEIR* FAIR SHARE IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THIS COUNTRY. And I saw a commercial yesterday that had to have been written by Palin’s psycho-cunt P.R. department, a fucking CREDIT UNION talking about “working and saving what YOU earned, rather than giving it to THOSE WHO JUST WANT EVERYTHING WITHOUT WORKING FOR IT —  these fucking class/race bigots stereotype people because it allows them to be NAZIS, to think that they are RIGHT for HATING PEOPLE WHO WEREN’T BORN RICH LIKE THEM.

Long story of why, but there was a blonde bitch in my hellhole apartment today, which apparently, they’re not going to “ALLOW” me to EVER FUCKING MOVE OUT OF (try to show up for my memorial bbq/ashes-dumping orgy down on the Moonwalk, ’cause if I can’t get outta Desire, I’m definitely going to blow my fucking brains out), who was a motherfucking BIRCHER if I ever fucking saw one, criticizing ME for being on disability and giving me that “PULL YOURSELF UP BY YOUR BOOTSTRAPS” BULLSHIT that SORORITY COKE WHORES USE ON STREET BEGGARS.

I always said that I wasn’t going to let the motherfuckers get me, that I would not be a Handmaid, that these ignorant asshole motherfuckers weren’t going to kill me, but it may be too fucking late, and I ain’t making no drama-queen attention-whore “panic attack” bullshit statement, I’m talking about the severely fucked-up shit that’s been going on with my blood pressure & my heart since I “got home.” These motherfuckers ARE going to kill me, and I won’t even get to go out in a big fucking nuclear-sized ball of flame, either.  Not with a bang, but with a whimper.  Fuck me sideways with a rusty fucking chainsaw.

But if anybody wants to keep me from killing a buncha stoopid motherfuckers when the nicotine jones hits, or if they’d like to help me buy cat litter or cat food or put gas in my truck or anything else, I’d appreciate the hell out of it.  No, there’s no POINT in helping me, nothing’s ever going to get any better, and I’m sure as hell not going to save any lives or change the fucking world, what-the-fuck-so-ever.  Just panhandling to survive, if you can call it that, another fucking day, at least until I know that my dear Redcane is going to be okay.  I know, sappy sentimental bullshit, and that y’all don’t know him like I do, but to me, he’s a big deal. He’s my friend. And y’all all already know how much my friends mean to me, even if they hate my guts for my pan-handling.  Y’all are all I got. No neighbors, no local friends (unless I  have the $$ to drive to the Dungeon, har har), no family.  And the ones that I wasted 26 years of my life and every available cent upon, they have weddings without me and stand behind LIARS, RAPISTS, FELONS & THIEVES, because it’s in THEIR “best interest.”  The great-nieces & great-nephews are growing up without me, 2 of ’em have no idea who the fuck I am or that I exist, and even though Jada is within spitting distance, I haven’t seen her sister or her since the last gathering @ the Fallen Uterus’s (now the property of her MASSAH, of course) joint.

I know, I’m repulsive. One of my best friends just had major fucking cancer surgery, I have no idea of the prognosis or what the plan of attack is going to be, and he might drop off the planet on me like Al Hill did, not that it was AL’S fault, obviously  — and all I can say is what a fucktarded clusterfucked dead-end that MY life has turned-out to be…  driving from yet ANOTHER pawnshop who won’t buy silver jewelry (sue the fuck outta ME for being ALLERGIC TO YELLOW GOLD, BITCHES!!!), I get to see a HUMONGOUS fucking football movie of some sort being filmed IN GENTILLY, more catering, tech, and service trucks for this shoot than from when they did Sean Penn’s attempt at Willie Stark.

I SHOULD BE FUCKING IN THERE, DAMMIT, WORKING MY FAT ASS OFF AND MAKING A FUCKING LIVING, but then, I didn’t suck the right dicks in college, so I never even got a fucking INTERNSHIP, except for the one that I created for myself at that long-gone RADIO station. Yeah, thanks, UNO.  Thanks for wasting my &  my Nannie’s money, so that a buncha little punk-ass FETUSES could have a FULLY DIGITIZED SOUNDSTAGE, EDITING BAYS, LOOPING/FOLEY FACILITIES AT THEIR FINGERTIPS, while I am about TWENTY-FIVE YEARS BEHIND ON THE FUCKING “TECHNOLOGY,” ’cause we hadda use SUPER-8 and edit on HAND-CRANKED P.O.S. MACHINES THAT CAME FROM THE ARMY-NAVY SURPLUS, and we hadda buy our own razor blades and SCOTCH TAPE for splicing, ’cause the school couldn’t even provide us THAT.  Bitches owe me a do-over.  A degree that’s actually WORTH something.

And that Bircher cunt, basically calling me a lazy fucking WELFARE QUEEN, SITTING ON MY FURNITURE, IN “MY” MOTHERFUCKING APARTMENT, condescending to me that I *COULD* do SOOOO much better if I WANTED to —  what I wouldn’t give to shove HER degree from NICHOLLS STATE (“Redneck Sugar-Cane Hicks R Us!”) right up her self-righteous, utterly deluded fucking ASS. At least MY degree, no matter how hard Piyush Jindal tries, is fucking REAL.  Useless as tits on a boar hog, but by fuck, I fucking EARNED IT.

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  1. 1. gappy Said:

    Here’s hoping your apartment door has a peephole cuz you can’t open it to complete crazy strangers! (Now Butch and I would be a different story tho we’re only “crazy!)
    Sending you some pin money to tide you over and the kitties say meow

  2. 2. Anntichrist S Coulter Said:

    “ONLY” crazy??? Heh heh heh…

    Thank y’all SO much, Gappy hon, you saved me from a nicotine fit that could’ve made me (in)famous… Not that there aren’t plenty of motherfuckers ’round here and elsewhere who NEED killing, but I’m really not in the mood for a cavity search right now. Seeing as how fond of me that the po-po’s are and all… ha ha.

    Besides, I ain’t skeered of any of US, ya crazy. Yeah, sure, we have lurkers, spam whores & the occasional troll, but I seriously doubt that any of THEM have the cajones to come riding around HERE looking for ME. They’d have to be severely-demented or have way too much fuckin’ free time to bother with all of that. Sounds more like me, doesn’t it? At any rate, thanks again for the “pin money,” give our love to yer loverly kittehs (especially that really brave one who likes to climb the rafters!), and try to stay outta trouble yerselves!

  3. 3. Anntichrist S Coulter Said:

    BTW, haven’t heard from him in a coupla of days, but Redcane DID make a point of e-mailing me a second time to let me know that IT’S NOT MALIGNANT!!!!!! That right there is an example of good karma at work, ’cause if anybody deserved a BREAK or having the universe cover his ass when cancer came sniffing around, Redcane is the one. I’m still grateful as hell that Realist didn’t croak from the heart attack, whether he likes it or not, but I’ll be damned if I’m burying ANY more of my friends. NONE OF Y’ALL ARE ALLOWED TO TO LEAVE THIS PLANET BEFORE ME, GET IT?!?!? Nope, no fucking excuses. You ain’t going NOWHERE.

    And thank all of y’all for the good thoughts & energy & willpower that you sent Redcane’s way, because I’m sure that he felt it, and it sure as hell can’t hurt!

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