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Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on August 30, 2011 – 12:18 am

Not just the Katrinaversary, either…

Who in the FUCK needs or WANTS to know that Beyonce’ has a fucking PARASITIC CRITTER ATTACHED TO HER SWOLLEN UTERUS?!!?!?

Yes, I know, some of y’all are breeders and happy with it, and I’m happy for you, but seriouslysince when did BREEDING, something that slugs, stray dogs, feral cats, microbes and paramecium have done with NO fanfare whatsofuckingever for MILLENIA  — become a fucking ACCOMPLISHMENT?!?!?!!? And why in the FUCK did she have to whip out her “baby bump,” a term that turns my stomach, in the middle of a fucking “awards” show?!?!!?  The bitch is THAT desperate for attention/publicity?  Yes, I know that this is WHY most celebutards get knocked-up, duh, but DAYUMN, y’all.  And teh celebutards “wonder” why their kids grow up to HATE THEM. Almost the exact same reason that my alleged “father” could never stand me, really…  he had rare moments of acting like he ALMOST liked me, very rare gestures indeed, but he still counted every penny of food that ever went into my mouth, ’cause why should HE pay to feed “SOMEBODY ELSE’S” kid?  Unfortunately, I’ve inherited too many of his genetic flaws to have another parent out there somewhere, even though the cremation pretty much sent my dream of DNA testing went up in smoke…  literally…

…Kinda like the giant swamp fire that’s raging unabated (for the past two days & nights!!!) in A FEDERAL WILDLIFE REFUGE out past New Orleans East, almost to Chalmatian-land (google it, it’s not even being TOUCHED in terms of STOPPING THE WASTE OF MILLIONS OF BIRDS, ANIMALS, FISH, TREES, BUGS, YOU FUCKING NAME IT!!!) —  smells to me (’cause I can actually see and smell it from here, and it ain’t purdy, pictures to come later) like yet another state-aided COVER-UP/DESTRUCTION OF EVIDENCE ON BEHALF OF BRITISH PETROLEUM. Who wants to bet me? Never argue with Annti’s gut, ’cause as we all know, IT’S NEVER WRONG. It’s bleeding copiously and refusing to function right now, as my blood pressure fluctuations are trying to embarrass me in public, but my gut IS NEVER WRONG. Those smells don’t just come from burning TREES or even ANIMALS.

The geriatric drunks/junkies (24/7/365) next door (other half of the duplex FROM HELL) are outside, loud, throwing unknown types of shit (I don’t go out there for that shit, they ain’t worth it), hollering like clap-degenerated brainless critters, “celebrating” Katrinaversary, like THAT’S a reason to party. And people think that X and meth eat-away brain cells…  good ol’ malt liquor & prescription pills will STILL get the job done! At least it’s almost over, the date, that is. THEM, is another problem.

I hate this day.  Fucking HATE.

All that this date reminds me of is that I didn’t get off of my ass soon enough to get down here to find Barry Cowsill (or anyone else I’d ever known here) and get his ass OUT. *SO* many parts to that story, reasons that some people should be drowned for basically ensuring HIS death, but since THEY can afford lawyers and I can’t, that’s all that I can say about it right now.  Like 99.9% of the 1,600+ people who were murdered along with Barry (ya gotta figure that at least ONE rapist, murderer and/or republicunt politician hadda get caught in the backflow, right; hopefully, it was the ex who tried to beat me to death in ’99), BARRY COWSILL SHOULD NOT BE DEAD. HIS DEATH, LIKE THE OTHER HUNDREDS, INCLUDING THOSE WHO STILL HAVEN’T ALL BEEN FOUND OR BURIED, WAS TOTALLY PREVENTABLE. Except in Barry’s case, it’s not JUST because of Cheney, the Shaw Group, Rove & Poppy Bush, et al.

Yeah, I fucked-up my ONE *GOOD* spine surgery doing what I could for the people who got out and kept getting pushed north, ’cause none of these LA crackers wanted us “New Orleans thugs, gangsters, rapists, drug-dealers,” etc. stopping in THEIR picturesque little self-deluded one-horse towns of inbred fucktards.  THAT hardware/surgery break was, at least, WORTH IT. Gustav, not so fucking much.  But no matter how much pain that I have inflicted upon myself, none of it will bring Barry or anybody else back from the fucking dead.

And that, mah chirrens, is what Katrinaversary means to me.
It’s also the 5th blogiversary of Mark Of The Beast, which holds variable degrees/amounts of meaning to all fourteen of the regular readers who keep us going and keep me outta prison.  Remembering how & why M.O.B.’s creation was necessitated is also not a fond memory, hence no point in dragging it outta the mothballs.  But don’t ever fuck with me or criticize me for “never letting things GO” or for “living in the PAST,” or other similarly-heartless-asshole comments, BECAUSE  THIS  SHIT AIN’T FUCKING ***OVER***, and won’t be until there is SOMETHING RESEMBLING ***”JUSTICE”*** RENDERED UPON THE RAPISTS, MURDERERS & LYING REPUBLICUNT SCUM TO BLAME.

MEANWHILE, BACK AT THE RANCH: Also make sure to read Terrible’s East-Coast/New England  updates (in the comments below this post) post-Irene, ’cause it don’t get more real or “man in the street” local reporting than Terrible’s.

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  1. 1. Terrible Said:

    Hadn’t heard about that fire alright and sure does smell like BP oil burning to me!

  2. 2. Anntichrist S Coulter Said:

    Imagine that… the MSM doesn’t give a flying rat-fuck about toxic fumes, pollution & destruction of a fucking FEDERAL WILDLIFE PRESERVE, because, after all, it’s ONLY *LOUISIANA*!!!!!! “Ain’t we heard ENOUGH about them embarrassingly poor loser motherfuckers? Hell, KATRINA’S OVER, they need to shut up!”

    If Piyush Jindal and the GOP machine don’t want it known, and NOBODY is INVESTIGATING that marsh fire WHATSOFUCKINGEVER, it isn’t known.

    My bloody lungs testify otherwise. Having to sleep propped-up on pillows like the fucking ELEPHANT MAN, *if* I can get all of four hours of sleep a night, is just OODLES OF FUN. But if you ask bitches who can afford to live UPTOWN, oh, there’s NO problem a’tall!!! Why, it’s shifted to the West Bank or Mississippi, it’s not affecting those of us who LIVE RIGHT NEXT TO IT *AT* THE FUCK *ALL*!!!!!! Direct quote (adult emphasis mine) from a bitch who should NOT be employed in the healthcare industry whatsofuckingever.

    And as TS13 is revving-up in the Gulf (a slow-moving storm like Katrina or Eileen, which gives it plenty of time to grow & concentrate before it hits land, as it obliterates what tiny bit of wetlands & coast that we have left, fuck you very much Standard Oil!), I’m just damned grateful that YOU & all our other Nor’Easter folk are ALIVE AND WELL!!! That was some skeery shit there with Irene, no fucking joke.

    I know that all the media outlets & merchandising scum from China & New Jersey (not much difference there…) want us all to be ripped-open by grief b/c of the 10th anniversary of 9/11, to buy commemorative t-shirts @ the grocery store and buy Time-Life “historical” DVDs about the “War On Terror” as that hayseed bigot cocksucker promotes his “9/11 COLORING BOOK” (look it up, the locale escapes me at the moment), but I ain’t buying it. Yes, we will all be scarred by that day for life, we will all mourn those lost, and we who know shit from Shine-ola will never forgive Poppy Bush, Rumsfeld & Darth Cheney for MAKING IT HAPPEN. But we still have the couth & sense to avoid the vultures profiting off of the corpses of our own, like those “memorial collectible coins” motherfuckers who’ve been beating that drum since the day that it happened.
    I wish that I could see Rachel Maddow’s special on MSNBC about “Ten Years Of War,” i.e., “The War On Terra,” but that’s life without cable. The Bushista war machine has spent us into the biggest hole in the history of this country, and of course, they made sure that Obama took the blame for it and the intentionally-inflicted global economic DEPRESSION that still profits the rich and rapes the poor. And all of the ignorant sheepul who believe that bullshit don’t just break my heart, they are helping my bigoted moron neighbors kill me with high blood pressure that I never had before.
    Anyway, point being, if I still have one, is that we have clear and present dangers here in THE REALITY-BASED COMMUNITY. The damage on the East Coast is horribly grotesque and sinfully expensive, thanks to Irene, and we may well have a 6th-Katrinaversary hurricane cooking at the mouth of the river, right now.

    But if you ask the MSM, even here in NOLA, that “marsh fire,” which I’d guarantee was intentionally-set, destroyed an assload of BP evidence — was just a little “blip on the radar,” and will have no actual “bad side effects.” Right. And I’m the Virgin Mary On The Half-Shell. Check the lung-related deaths (and skin and lymph-node and adenoids and sinuses, etc., the whole X-Files/Scully Cancer roster!) in 6 or 7 years. Who wants to bet me a dollar to a doughnut what THAT outcome will be? Nope, can’t include me in the survey, I was already damaged goods beforehand, so despite my bloody lungs, it would skew the results. Just wait. Just watch and wait. Just like “Gulf War Syndrome,” which they STILL don’t wanna admit EXISTS, people will be dropping like flies of “unrelated” diseases, just like the people of the 9th Ward & New Orleans East who were inundated by petroleum waste during Katrina.

    Have I ever steered y’all wrong?

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