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Fuckin’ A, Bob.

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on September 11, 2011 – 9:51 pm

I have tried to shield myself from the infuriating exploitation of this anniversary, reading Wikipedia articles if I have to, learning why September 11th was an important date in the history/decline of the Ottoman Empire, whether I was looking for it or not.  Went in with a query about “The Madness Of King George,” (entertaining, but I never forgot what a genocidal/spoiled-fucking-near-HAPSBURG *BRAT* that he was, before during & after his illness) and wound-up tit-deep in Huns/Goths/Vandals/Germanic/Austrian  sociopaths b/c of Queen-Consort Charlotte.  Since RenB has gone quiet on his blog for the past week and not answering e-mail again, it was probably a subconscious missing of HIM that got me interested in those dilettantes.

But somebody @ Sony/Infinity/CBS/Columbia/etc. knew how to capitalize on the innate New Yorkisnessthat Robert DeNiro exudes on a daily basis, and actually allowed him to vent A NEW YORKER’S PERSPECTIVE on how the first-responders were treated, abandoned, and ignored by the now-gone gubmental scum who told them that the site had “GOOD AIR QUALITY,” and that they were “IN NO DANGER” (Fuck you, Stern, for endorsing Christie Todd Whitman.  Yup, I remember that, too.), without once using the word I,” or saying any of it himself, in just letting the men of Engine 7, Ladder 1, 7 blocks away from the WTC, say it in their own ways.  EXACTLY THEIR OWN WAYS, then AND now. Unfortunately, I missed the first 9/11 film that DeNiro did, but reuniting with these same firemen who were, for good or ill, being filmed by a small documentary team when the planes hit, this I didn’t want to miss, no matter what I can deal with right now or not.  I don’t know that having it on film has helped those particular firefighters or not, but it had to help, to have them release their truth, and focus their anger on the gubmental corporate whores who fucked most of them out of the rest of their lives.  (Gotta keep protecting Darth Cheney from fucking LIABILITY, yeah?!?!  After all, those 343 firemen’s lives might COST HIM SOME FUCKING *MONEY*!!!!!!) Here’s hoping that no other first-responders in this country should EVER have to endure what the first-responders in NYC, the Pentagon, and Shanksville, PA saw, experienced, suffered and/or died from.

None of us will ever forget where we were, what we felt, or what we did when the news came in that morning, obscenely early time for ME to be up in the daytime, thanks to my door-to-door CRACK WHORES ringing every fucking doorbell on my BLOCK with that “I just need to borrow $28 to get my PRESCRIPTIONS from ‘Walgreen’s'” bullshit.. Didn’t get back to sleep, went back to the “office” of what wouldn’t long be “my” house, turned on the ol’ p.o.s. computer & the radio to the local “rock” station, possibly broadcasting Stern, a little fuzzy on it tonight.  Then a boy whom I fucking RAISED in radio, made his first demo for him in an ALL-ANALOG “PRODUCTION” (my ass!!!) studio IN METAIRIE/HELL, and taught him how to do EVERYTHING, including bladeless cuts in editing  —  suddenly, he and his buddy the dork cut-in on whatever was on that morning (really have blocked that part out, but I was also hung-over and pissed-off right then  —  and still pissed about the earlybirfday-gifted Aerosmith ticket that I got, ’cause the “handicapped seating SUXXORED and SO DID THEIR 45-MINUTE FUCKING CAR COMMERCIAL AS THE “INTERMISSION”!!!) and simply, calmly, sounding a little scared-shitless, told us that “some little plane” had accidentally hit the WTC.  Dunno if it came down the live WXRK feed or what, but they were the first ones to have it on any media in New Orleans.  And I was right proud of ’em, too, especially said dork, because they handled it like grownups, not like the racist nut-jobs who used it as an excuse to profit off of racism & blind hatred every day SINCE.

Actually, seeing the restraint in DeNiro’s face as he did the segues on the live broadcast part (dunno why he doesn’t appear on the DVDs, probably doesn’t matter, look at what he BUILT here.) was very comforting, much unlike the segue from the non-freaking-out-yet calmness of those two boys on the radio to the extrapolating, conjecturing, fear-mongering bullshit on the TV.  That was when I lost all respect I’d ever had, since I was a kid, for Peter whatsisface-turned-republicunt-CITIZEN-SUDDENLY-male-menopause-knows-no-bounds on ABC.  At first I was surprised and touched, as he wasn’t a citizen, still a Canadian, always so eloquent & smirky on the order of Roger Moore, and actually sounded human at first.  Then he lost his shit and his credibility. to me at least.  He was hardly the worst, by far, we all know who THAT has been, and his flying monkeys…

Sending love, support & whatever else I’ve got left to give, which ain’t much, to all who lost loved ones because of oil greed and dick-waving hegemony. Especially the survivors and the first-responders, who have to fight to live out their lives, never forgetting, probably dying of multiple cancers, thank you very fucking much Bushistas.

And as much as I hate to applaud teh rednecks from near whence I came, big props, even today, to Ferrara Fire Equipment, for donating, I think, the first gifted fire truck/ladder & hose rig to the NYFD.  Probably the only good thing to come outta that parish.  Ever.

Lastly, I wanted to give everybody a heads-up on my current status:  about to be cut-off by Bellsucks/American Thievery & Terrorism (AT&T).  I’m 3 months behind on the bill and then some, so my ISP has been cutting-out on me already, and I have no long-distance most of the time.  Not using THIS to beg alms or otherwise pander, not tonight or anytime soon, but y’all know how much I’ve been fucking ROBBED BLIND, ABUSED & FUCKED-OVER by these “real-estate” (if trucked-in fake SAND counts as real estate!) lowlifes and their flying monkeys, including when I was LAST almost-killed by the drug-dealing “doctor” juvenile delinquent whom I hope to sue soon.  Many long, unbelievably horror stories, but for another time.  Just wanted y’all to know that I’m not disappearing anytime soon, whether I can get to y’all or not.  Love to all.

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