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Welcome To The Cat House — Pt. 1

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on December 31, 2006 – 8:33 am

My feral buddies here at Hotel du Fucktards:

Calico, Smudge-Nose & Tabby Boy scarf up the goodies.

Smudge-Nose watches Speedy Tabby Boy for signs of infringement.

Mama Marmalade Watches All.

Since I’ve been subsidizing the feral cats (the father of these two litters was THROWN OUT here, after being fully domesticated but NOT neutered, of course, at a mere six months old, and now he’s a Teen Father with TWO part-time wives and at least four kids (remaining from two litters) and possibly more whom I haven’t yet met) here at Hotel Du Fucktards, I wanted y’all to meet my new friends. The three girls that are willing to come up when I’m opening the cat food cans, Mama Marmalade, Mini Marmalade and Calico, are still too shy to be petted, but they will at least eat in front of me. There’s also a Tabby Mama and the Tabby Daddy, but they don’t come around humans anymore (it’s amazing how fast he went feral, from being this sweet, friendly little cat who’d walk up and DEMAND attention), and refuse to be accosted by me, the cat paparazzi.

Are these not GORGEOUS chirrens? My plan is, when we can finally get Lee a straight answer out of the ENT group in Baton Rouge and get her to the surgery that she’s needing more and more pressingly (I saw her legs go out from under her again, AT WORK, just the other day, and she STILL refuses to admit that her life is in danger here) — if & when that miraculous day ever arrives, and the fundraising actually serves a purpose, THEN I want to raise money (once I’ve found a vet/clinic that will cut me a deal on group neuterings) to have these beautiful babies fixed. If we can find good homes for them, great, if not, I’ll keep feeding them as long as they live.

And since Blogger doesn’t want me to load more than three pictures tonight, there’s about to be a Cathouse Part Two, about my Miss Biddy.

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  1. 1. andrew Said:

    Do some hunting around. Up here in Ann Arbor, there’s a fairly wealthy woman who provides vouchers for spaying or neutering feral cats. She asks nothing in return, saying it is her mission in life. The only requirement is that the cat(s) be feral… not even an adopted feral cat qualifies (which is a bitch, since two feral cats have adopted the missus since August… both male, so neutering is a must).

  2. 2. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Hey Andrew, y’know how to find that woman’s phone number? Does she do any “outreach” work outside of her area?

    Turns out that the teenaged cat that I’ve been calling “Mini Marmalade” is a BOY cat, just hitting puberty (the testicles descended), and I already suspect that the two white & tabby kittens are boys, so we’re definitely going to have a bumper crop of cousins-mating-with-cousins kittens soon, probably with birth defects.

    I stay out there with them, every evening when I return home from tending to MY cats, and talk to them as they eat. The two youngest kittens have always let me pet them while they eat, but tonight I got a little too cocky, after petting Smudge-Nose and Two-Toed Tabby (he’s got a brown spot on two of his front right paw fingers), formerly known as “Speedy Tabby Boy” for about twenty minutes.

    I tried picking UP ol’ Smudge, and he was SOOOOO not amused. Apparently, the cat food I’ve been feeding them has made them very healthy & strong, as small as they are — that boy can RASSLE, ya hear me?

    I got a lovely little scrape from the mistaken encounter, but no actual bloodshed. Apparently, I’ll have to wait a while to “domesticate” any of them, but hey, to that woman in Ann Arbor — they are DEFINITELY FERAL!!!

  3. 3. Bukko_in_Australia Said:

    Down here, we’ve been subsidising feral possums, which is OK, because they’re SUPPOSED to be feral. And they’re a hell of a lot cuter than American possums. Fluffy furry tails instead of the rat-tail look, and hair on the faces instead of the bony skull visage on American marsupials. I bring them sandwiches from the hospital that patients don’t eat. Shan’t admit it to the neighbours because possums are regarded as vermin for their habit of eating garden plants and making their homes in people’s attics. Against the law for anyone but the local councils to kill them on the mainland, but in Tasmania they make fur hats out of them. And I think they’re eaten in New Zealand, but that’s just the fucking Kiwis for ya.

  4. 4. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Bukko, that’s the kind of anecdote that could put me off of meat for a good month.

    Oh,and another update on the cats — y’all were right about teh orange cats.

    Tonight, whilst feeding & sweet-talking the feral kitties, “Marmalade Mama” actually came ALMOST within arm’s reach, and whaddaya know — there’s the nuts.


    Apparently, tomcats are not the ne’er-do-well, flaky sluts that we’ve always believed. (And no, that does NOT apply to Scientologist mutants, thank yew velly much!) ‘Cause every night, as I feed and pet and sweet-talk those kittens, especially the youngest ones, that orange cat sits right off stage-left and STARES at me, with a look that says, “You may be bigger than me, but I’ll still rip yer fuckin’ throat out if you hurt my babies!”

    THAT’S why I guess that I assumed (sexist of me, I know, but hey, cats are generally sluts all around, not just the boys, and I’d never ONCE seen a male cat contribute to the raising of the young) that “Mama” Marmalade was, as it were, the Mama.

    Going to have to find a new name for that one, too.

    Small wonder that I *thought* that I was adopting two black MALE cats, once upon a time… I’ve never been worth spit when it comes to determining critters’ sexes, unless they’re REALLY obvious, at which point I generally find that I’ve seen far too much, as it is.

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