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Just for the hell of it, this picture always cheers me up…

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on November 25, 2011 – 6:16 am

…while yes, I’d usually pull for the wolf, seeing as how they’ve been vilified and needlessly slaughtered for millennia, in this case, it’s the perfect fucking sight gag. Also, I like t think of it as a little cybernetic prezzie for Sid, my favorite cusses-almost-as-much-as-I-do little Cockney bunny rabbit.  Personally, I’d have picked the name “Vyvyan,” but maybe that’s just me…

Also, when those of us who can afford to wade out, tit-deep, in the xmas-raging insanity of shopping orgies over the next month stop, and think about it for a minute  —  throw a shekel towards World O’Crap, or here (y’all KNOW that I have less pride left than teeth!), or, more importantly, towards, Habitat For Humanity, the SPCA, Meals On Wheels, the VFW, Books For Soldiers, the U.S.O., and of course, ******OXFAM******. The horn of Africa could just as easily be us, for the millions of people still going hungry in THIS country, but even at our poorest, our most-decrepit, our most ill, our most heartbroken, look at one picture of Eastern Africa this year, and tell me that we’re not , even after EVERY Republicunt Asses Of Evil fucking OUTRIGHT TREASONOUS MOTHERFUCKING STUNT TO KEEP US ALL THIS WAY —  we’re still at least SOMEWHAT better off than most of the fucking world. I’ve been homeless, several of us have, but we MADE IT WORK. We found a way, despite the Reaganomics-will-never-die GUTTING of governmental infrastructure in this FREE-MARKET SLAVES TO THE CORPORATE MASSAHS/Nixonites-still-in-power world. Not everyone is so fucking fortunate.  The people on the receiving end of NAFTA, CAFTA & FTAA know what it means to be a fucking SLAVE. In every possible connotation, except for you lifestyle-latex freaks.

Though, one last note, and this is just a suggestion: but if you’re donating in lieu of going out and buying presents for your nearest & dearest, you might wanna consult with them FIRST, ’cause I have seen, in person, the brain-rending stress of being told that you just planted a tree in Israel or bought a herd of goats in Africa, by well-meaning people who still fail to realize THAT YOU CAN’T PAY YOUR FUCKING RENT, LIGHT BILL, OR ANYTHING ELSE.  I fucking LOVE the idea as charity-instead-of-consumerism, it’s way past its due, but stay charitable to your people, too, that’s all. And NO, I am NOT the one with a tree in Israel or a herd of goats, though I bet those goats are REALLY fucking warm this time of year, if you’ve gotta snuggle-down in ye old yurt.

Lastly, even though our dearly-beloved Miss Poppy has been MIA for a LONG fucking time, and it worries me immensely, considering that the last time that I got to “talk” with her in e-mail, it was for her to show me her POST-BRAIN-SURGERY *SCAR* and her new “faux-hawk” as a result. Nope, she did NOT want the world to know, and no, she did not have any kind of cancer or encephalitis or everything else can kill a brain (aside from being surrounded by bigoted mouth-breathing fucking REPUBLICUNTS).  But since I haven’t heard from her SINCE THEN, nor has she re-opened her shop, I WORRY. Fucking sue me.

Dan & Tammy are still going strong up thar in the boonies of Hoquiam, WA, and we hope that you’ll find some good books (like maybe to donate to “Books For Soldiers,” while you’re at the shopping!!!) and other treasures in their store.  I also have over a couple dozen other great friends who are artisans, jewelry artists that make me SOOOO fucking ENVIOUS, gemstone & jewelry dealers, craft artists, and alllll KINDA cool shit, they offer for sale from their many and varied shops (And mebbe if you’re nice & mention me, by this nic or the real-life name, they MIGHT throw a little lagniappe your way!  MEBBE.  No deals worked-out in advance, but give it a shot anyway!).  It being 5:35A, a wee bit late even for ME, I saidly must defer THEIR annual plug-list until tomorrow. I know, a trillion years too late & eighty billion dollars short for the annual consumerist orgy that still tries to pass itself off as a cult-based “holy day.” SORRRR-REEEEE.

Been dealing with a lotta shit here, including the disappearance of Candice, my oft-vanished surrogate nearly-adopted kinda “daughter” in Texas.  Dunno if the phone’s cut off or if she & her b/f the Hobbit (in a GOOD way!) are cold & homeless, or if she’s just been slammed with so many double shifts that she can’t see straight, but if anybody is in any of the suburbs of Houston, I can tell ya which Wally World to go look in, if anyone’s interested in setting my rapidly-shriveling mind at ease.  Already lost all of the “nieces” and remaining “nephew” 3 years ago, the lying bullshit that killed Teh Dick, and ergo, all access to the great-nephews & great-nieces, only two or three of whom remember who the fuck that I am. Not letting Candice go, dammit.  Can’t lose anybody else, ANY FUCKING MORE, get it?  Good.

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  1. 1. gappy Said:

    “That’s no ordinary rabbit….it’s got a vicious streak a mile long.” “It’s a killer”.

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail

  2. 2. Anntichrist S Coulter Said:

    While I, too, am a fond devotee of MP & teh Holy Beer Stein, in this case, I am sorry to say that I did not guffaw as I usually would with a perfectly-placed MP ref pun. Even if it was “Hitchhiker’s Guide,” “Stranger In A Strange Land,” “Futurama,” “The Outer Limits,” etc.,, it wouldn’t have made me giggle right now, sorry. Sincerely not passing judgement upon or criticism about your gag, it was perfectly scored, timed, and delivered. I’m sure that our 3 other readers will fall-out in the floor in parapleptic(? fits of Curly Fine quality, WHOOP! WHOOP! WHOOP!!! YEE YEE YEEEEE!!!!” et cetra.

    I am a post-menstrual depressive sociopath who can feel nothing but pain, is all. Yes, it lets-up eventually, I’ve gone entire MONTHS without thinking of driving the GMC into a concrete overpass piling over the interstate at approx. 80 mph (that’s as good as the ol’ girl can do nowadays… I’ve neglected her so horribly since I got back here, haven’t been able to oil change ONE, and am FOUR THOUSAND MILES OVER THE *LAST* TIME THAT I WAS S’POSED TO GET IT CHANGED!!!), whatsofuckingever. Can’t help it, it’s hard-wired into my neurotic synapses & hormones & DNA. Insanity truly IS inherited, and the batshit crazy on BOTH sides goes back to the same era of Vlad The Impaler, when the Celts were but poor, wandering Gypsies, shunted from border to border (and yes, Vosburg, or anyone else, if I fucked-up that metaphor/allusion in way of historical context/time-line, feel free to correct the accuracy, you’ll do it anyway.).

    I know, TMI to the power of 42. Sorry. Some days or nights, despite the fact that 65% of this world being WAAAAYYYYYYY the fuck more FUCKED TO DEATH than I am, the crap all converges at the same time. Why is that? It’s like deaths coming in threes (I nominate Rove, Cheney & Rumsfeld!!!) — one bad thing is THE tiny pebble which, once dislodged, frees the entire face of a mountain from its moorings and sends it cascading in a GI-FUCKING-NORMOUS avalanche of rancid fucking DOG SHIT!!!!!!
    One bad thing, then something horrible and EXPENSIVE happens, to delete all $68 in “non-utility/rent/truck insurance” kitty each and every fucking MONTH. And of course, when having to deal with strangers who know nothing about me but hate me on SIGHT, for whatever their reasons are, and I wind-up in a verbal bitch-fight with some mouthy spinner or short bitch who needs to get back on her knees and service her boss. Bitches REFUSE to do their jobs properly, JUST for me, letting whomever was WAY the fuck behind me in the queue, environment, or whatever kinda vacuum you choose TAKE *MY* fucking turn!!! I don’t need to relate that whole Chef Menteur HWY Walgreen’s clusterfuck, obviously. I wanted to use the store NUMBER, as there are TWO of ’em on Chef, but I could’ve mentioned the PROPERLY CORRECT and make sure that the folks at the OTHER Walgreen’s don’t get fragged. Suffice it to say that I now have to drive an extra 6 miles to a COMPETENT and SUFFICIENTLY POLITE/PROFESSIONAL Walgreen’s, ’cause I *hate* having to give all my info to ANOTHER chain or indy drugstore, don’t you? At least with those lying, customer-service-line SCUMBAGS @ corporate and their NOLA counterparts, they already HAVE my info, ergo the devil you know.

    Sorry again for idiotic prathering and blathering and babbling and blubbering shit, but the FLAMING FUCKING BUFFALOSHIT of my life tends to avalanche when I least need it.


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