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GAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! #697,023,416

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on January 22, 2012 – 2:58 pm

THE.  WORST.  MOVIE.  EVER.  FUCKING.  MADE. is being broadcast, nationwide, right the fuck now.

And it’s on a “network” (HA!) marketed towards “African-Americans,” known as “BOUNCE.”

And yes, as I have previously remarked, Teh Fallen Uterus is IN this monstrosity.  *I* could’ve been in it, too, *I* could’ve met JACKIE FUCKING GLEASON AND RICHARD FUCKING PRYOR, BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Bitch.

Yes, I’m way the fuck behind on January birfdays, and I’m sorry about that, but life just fucking SUCKS sometimes, don’t it.

But any entity that claims to be “for” African-American people, that plays a virulent, vomitous so-called “movie” like THE TOY —  why don’t they just do an all-day fucking rerun of BIRTH OF A FUCKING NATION“?!?!?!??!!? It’s just as “important” and “progressive” as THIS piece of shit!!!!!

There’s a very good (though with THE sloppiest research ON FUCKING EARTH, from what they know about the Civil Rights Movement in this country!!!  FIVE FUCKING YEARS BEFORE ROSA PARKS SAT DOWN IN THE “WHITE” SECTION ON THAT BUS, AFRICAN-AMERICANS IN BATON REDNECK REPUBLICUNT ROUGE WERE DOING BUS BOYCOTTS!!!!!!) mini-series on PBS right now, about Apartheid and the U.S. & international efforts and pressure on S. Africa to bring it to an end.  Talk about your neck-breaking cultural fucking WHIPLASH…  Saw 3 episodes of the mini-series last night, and then wake up to THIS shit.  ‘Cause, y’know, ALL Southerners are alike, all black people in the South are poor (yeah RIGHT bitches!), and all southern women are ILLITERATE FUCKING BIMBOS like the yankee whore that they hired to play Gleason’s arm candy.  Richard Donner should’ve been drawn & quartered after this racist piece-of-shit debacle.

And in case you’re wondering about teh F.U., scroll to the “garden party” (SUPPOSED to be a fund-raiser for “the klan,” because ignorant stereotyping fucking cockbite YANKEES DON’T EVEN KNOW THAT THE C.C.C. {Conservative Citizens’ Council} is for the RICH crackers and that the KLAN is for the fucking PO’ WHAAT TRASH!!!!!!  The C.C.C. may not still “formally” exist as an incorporated entity, but believe me, those social ties are STILL THERE.)  — you’ll only see her for about 1/3 of a second, but that pissed-off face, you will NOT miss.

It just breaks my heart that “Uncle” Ned Beatty, Richard Pryor & Jackie Gleason needed the money enough to commit an atrocity like THIS.  Cocaine’s a helluva drug, ain’t it Rick James?

(BTW, the penthouse office featured as Gleason’s HQ is the top floor of what is now a J.P. Morgan Chase/Chase Manhattan bank.  Nobody else in B.R.R.R. has that view of the river.  And Chase was one of the last U.S. companies to pull out of South Africa, apparently…  must be fate.)

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