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Tired of the Obama bashing?

Posted by Terrible on February 2, 2012 – 3:14 pm

“Terrible —

So far, 25,957 supporters have raised $1,037,167 toward our Two-Term Fund.

Every time that number goes up, it means one more person just said they’re tired of the Obama bashing from the Republican candidates and it’s time to fight back.

So let’s keep that number moving.

Please pitch in $3 or more to the Two-Term Fund today:”

my reply:

What I am tired of is President Obama ignoring our laws and allowing extremely dangerous criminals that began a war of aggression and instituted a policy of torture that resulted in numerous deaths, many of them of innocents, to walk free on our streets. The laws are very explicit about these crimes and about failing to prosecute them, especially for political reasons. President Obama and AG Holder are committing a very serious crime!


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  1. 1. Anntichrist S Coulter Said:

    To dreadfully paraphrase Jerry Clower’s story about raccoon huntin’ & possum huntin’, etc., at night, and one poor man who hadda climb that tree…


    But also, I’d like to see our president actually fucking CAMPAIGNING, not pulling an Agnew or an LBJ lame-duck stunt by not even TRYING. Yeah, we see that he can fucking SING, yeah, he’s still Barry Teh Badass, or so he has styled himself, but we ain’t seen him or any other democrats doing SHIT to fight-off the inbred hordes of teabaggers & sociopathic morons like Romney or that parasite-on-the-boil-on-Dick-Cheney’s-ass, Ronnie-Ray-Gun-worshiping PHONEY PUNK-ASS MIDGET FATFUCK DOG-FUCKER NEWT MOTHERFUCKING GINGRICH. Why couldn’t he remember his place? IN THE FUCKING ***PAST***?!?!?!

  2. 2. gappy Said:

    So what is the ultimate verdict…….not to vote at all? Because I believe anyone who stays home from the polls is giving their vote away to the Republicunt candidate. Pres. Obama hasn’t done everything everyone wants but he’s still the best choice out there and he has my vote again. My satisfaction is hoping I outlive Dickhead Cheney and therefore being able to spit on his grave because unfortunately, that’s the only justice we’re ever gonna see no matter who sits in the White House.

  3. 3. Terrible Said:

    Remember Bobby Kennedy in 68? He may not have had that much of a chance but he helped changed the conversation. I live in Vermont and that being so there are a number of factors that will allow me to vote for a third party candidate without it increasing the chances of a romney or gingrich getting into the White House. And at the same time it will help to pull the Democratic party back from their mad dash after the thugs running the gop over a very very far right cliff. It will also increase chances of public support for the third party as well as allowing me to sleep at night. I said I would never rest until the perpetrators of the war against Iraq and those that instituted a torture policy are brought to justice. And I won’t even if it means speaking the truth to, or about, our nations current President.

  4. 4. Anntichrist S Coulter Said:

    1. Darth Cheney teh Cyborg Clusterfuck will outlive us ALL. The goal is to spit into his FACE, not on his grave. If his hardware & software ever DO go down (i.e., someone from WINDOWS gets in there), then we PISS ON HIS GRAVE.

    2. Of COURSE we vote for Obama. He’s no Ann Richards or Donna Brazile, but he’s the only hope that we’ve got, considering that our Congress is filled to the sills with outright fucking TRAITORS!!!!!! And hell yes, that includes the dirty-kneed whore of Babylon/Vatican City, Mary fucking LANDRIEU, a woman who brings much shame upon her father’s legacy, and I gotta tellya, her little brother Da Mayor AIN’T DOIN’ A WHOLE HELLUVA LOT BETTER!!!

    Ted, dear, heart, I am the LAST person on earth to ever be stoopid enough to even ATTEMPT to abridge your First Amendment Rights. But when the general election comes, you ARE going to do the right thing and not pull a Nader on us, right? Purdy please? Annti’s reflux pills ain’t doin’ the job right now and I do NOT have time for a bleeding ulcer whilst trying to pack house all alone. If you REALLY wanna make a difference in the world, GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE AND HELP ME MOVE!!!!!! No, I don’t know to WHERE yet, but we still gotta BE READY!!!

  5. 5. gappy Said:

    I too want to be able to sleep at night without worrying a Newt, Romney or Ron Paul is in the WH. Although no one will find a candidate who embodies all the best attributes for the president of the USA, I know that any other party other than Dems & Repubs will only get their token votes. But I might have thought about a vote for the Green Party over any party out there if I wasn’t certain that Obama needs my vote.
    We all do what we must. I will be able to go back to bed when that little voice deep in my soul wakes me up and asks me, “did you do the right thing?” Sweet dreams to all of us.

  6. 6. Terrible Said:

    Annti, not a Nader but a Bernie. Like I said this is VT. Obama is almost assured of our 3 electoral votes. With an emphasis on the 3!!! If for some reason that seems in doubt come Oct I may re evaluate the situation. Whenever it is reasonably safe to do so it is always good to vote third party as that helps prevent the kind of 2 party collusion we’ve been seeing of late. But you are correct that that “reasonably safe” is an important distinction. Keep an eye on your states US and State level races and if throwing your vote to an independent progressive or socialist won’t change the winner but will bring attention to the third parties platform then why the hell not? So it really comes down to your states demographics and voting pattern and history. If I thought for one second that my vote would affect those 3 electoral votes and that those 3 electoral votes would change the outcome of the electoral college I wouldn’t sleep well if I didn’t vote Obama. Are we all on the same page now? But STILL even if you are in a state where you’re obligated to vote Obama in order to safe the country this is still a good time to speak out against his far right wing conservative policies. Okay?

  7. 7. Terrible Said:

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