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You haff been WARNED, yahvol?!

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on January 8, 2007 – 2:24 am

Pardon the lousy uber-faux German, but when I think about wannabe Nazis, wannabe Mother Superior cath-o-lick fetishists like the Fallen Uterus who spawned me, that’s the accent that pops into my head.

Let it be known: Henceforth, the “woman” formerly referred to as The Beastmaster will forevermore be known, on blogs and off, as The Fallen Uterus, or F.U. for short (how’s THAT for a pun — a midget who aspires to “master” all those above her {in height, IQ, spine, morality, etc.} as the nuns did to every girl that they could get their hands/belts/etc. upon). No longer will I grant her even the IMAGINED capability of “mastering” ANYTHING OR ANYONE.

To all of you who had real, “normal”, healthy and loving relationships with your mothers, no offense is intended. I just don’t know that many people under the age of 70 who have, so forgive me if I generalize on occasion. For those of you who still love your mothers, more power to you and may you be the best kinds of matriarchs for your children, if you have chosen to breed. Don’t lock your girls away from the world and tell everybody that you’re “protecting” them, and then throw them to the wolves and tell them to just lie there and TAKE IT. (That’s not a mixed metaphor except in the sense that it mixes my experience and the current life of a girl whom I used to be able to “mentor” until her mother decided that her daughter should be treated like the girls in “The Magdalene Sisters”.) Let your girls and your boys STAND UP FOR THEMSELVES, and never once hamstring them by raising them like veal.

All of that to say this: The bitch formerly known as the Beastmaster and henceforth known as The Fallen Uterus (F.U. for short) has finally figured out how to “google”. She thinks that she’s got something “on me,” as she keeps smirking and puffing up as if she’s going to bring down the hammer on me for my words, for my speaking the truth for lo, these many moons, and never once uttering the retraction or recantation that she & her Dick have always demanded. So maybe she’s found out that I’m Anntichrist S. Coulter, maybe she’s been to Wo’C or JG or any of the other blogs that I visit. Maybe she’s the one bringing up characters from my past in my Hotmail account, no telling. Maybe, unfortunately, the one niece that I trust slipped up and told HER “mother” about my blog, or one of the nieces that I can’t trust found this blog or one of the others. No telling.

So if y’all should come across any batshit-crazy bitches on “The Blogger” (She’s been asking me if I had a blog for about the past 6 months, when she discovered that they existed via CBS/Viacom, and then today, “How do I start a blog? I want to write my own blog!” with that demented giggling and glassy-eyed demon-spawn glare.) who claim to know anything about “me” (in whatever identity or dimensions) — please just ignore.

Kinda sucks to be 36 years old and have to hide your REAL life from your alleged “parents,” but that’s the cards that have been dealt me. If I had my druthers, I’d still be somewhere on the East Coast, somewhere that they couldn’t afford to visit, with my cats in MY house and no need to interact with them whatsoever.

Y’know, I’d be leading the life of an actual “adult.” On or off the gubmint dole, I’d be free to be me. But no, I have to deal with THEM every day, that’s my little dance with the devil that I do, so that my cats can have a home. Before the housing situation, it was solely because of my Nannie and my nieces & nephews that I dealt with them AT ALL.

I stopped “loving” my “parents” a long fucking time ago, and they ought to know that by now. I might feel sorry for them on occasion, I might even laugh at their jokes once in a while, but ever since the FIRST time that they proved to me that I didn’t count, that my very life was NOTHING to them, I knew. I knew that you can’t love people who are bent on destroying you, whether all at once or one little brick at a time. It doesn’t mean that they can’t still manipulate you, can’t still try to bully you, can’t still tug at your heartstrings or use your heart as a weapon against you — if you must have contact with the people who pimped you out before you were 2 years old — it just means that you can’t love them. They have killed that capacity in you.


I’m still trying to backup my documents without the benefit of a D: drive (yes, I HAD backups, NO, I don’t know what happened to them, all I’ve got is hard copies at this point), but at least my computer still functions online, for now. The Big Reboot is coming, and I’ve got an assload of work to do before I can do that. But I just wanted to warn y’all, in the meantime, of the possible appearance of the F.U. and her Dick. It’s going to absolutely destroy whatever little bit of literary respect that I might’ve earned online, being associated with them “in public,” but I’m hoping that the people who REALLY know me won’t care what my alleged “parents” might fling out there about me, whatever it might be. I have copies of SOME of the things that they’ve said about me to others, including Social Security judges, and, y’know, I’ve got 36+ years’ worth of experience in DEALING with these whack-jobs, but just to be on the safe side, I wanted y’all to have the heads-up.

And yes, I know full well that this is a tempest in a teacup.

None of this shit matters to the “real world,” none of it means a thing in the “big picture,” I’ve been told so in no uncertain terms recently by someone whom I had considered one of my best friends (for over 3 years), and that most likely, all that I’ve accomplished thus far is a great waste of bandwidth, space, oxygen, and time.
And I know that there are billions of people on this planet who are suffering FOR REAL. People who are being raped, dismembered, tortured, murdered, mutilated, people who have no rights in the concrete or in the abstract. I know that my words aren’t worth shit upside of somebody who is at the mercy of others who assume rights and “authority” that aren’t THEIRS to claim. But I do know what it’s like to be at the “mercy” of those who have not earned the “authority” or privilege to torture me, but then, the law and what is actually TRUE and RIGHT are so far beyond their powers of comprehension, they just make it up as they go along, as if their bullying makes them ominpotent and omniscient.

If the shit hits the fan, so be it. If the fan cuts off their shitty fingers, even better.

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  1. 1. Saborlas Said:

    You mean we may be getting some n00bs to smack down here? Sweet!

    Betcha we can make them swear off the internet. I’ve said many a thing that sends fundies into apoplexy. It’s funny to watch their arguments fall apart, it’s like a slow-motion movie of someone having a nervous breakdown. Set to Weird Al.

  2. 2. redcane Said:

    Well Annti, to those who don’t think this “doesn’t mean a thing in the big picture” fuck’em. It does matter in your “big picture” and this is YOUR forum for talking about it. Furthermore, I agree with Saborlas, we can probably make it so that F.U. and others don’t ever come back if they do show up and comment. Live strong, my friend.

  3. 3. Terrible Said:

    what? trolls for lunch!! mmmmm….. I HAVE been hungry. fresh troll meat has been a bit scarce in the blogisphere of late. ;-)

  4. 4. BlondeSense Liz Said:

    Gosh, I haven’t had a tasty troll breakfast in a long time. Don’t you worry. I’m good at mommies,

  5. 5. SeattleTammy Said:

    Juicy Mom-trolls? mmmm-m!

    Bring em on!

    They’re specially good with soy sauce!

  6. 6. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Is it any wonder that I love y’all?

    If they show up, please avail yourselves of whatever pleasures/joy/fantastic “Pulp Fiction”/”FARGO”-style bloodletting that you would enjoy.

    But please don’t think that I intend to hide behind anybody. If the shit does indeed hit the fan, I want to be the one turning up the switch.

    It’s about fucking time that I face their bullying shit in a public forum — not in their house, at their “mercy” (HA!), but right out in the open, where the whole world can see them for what they truly are and will forevermore be — self-glorified schoolyard bullies who should’ve been stillbirths.

    So y’know, despite the fact that she keeps trying to “unnerve” me or whatever in the fuck she’s trying to do, I kinda welcome the concept of the F.U. coming at me on MY fucking turf, y’know?

    But it does my heart such good to know that I have real friends out there in blogtopia, that there are people who care more about me than most of my *biological*(as yet to be proven statistically) “family” ever has. Thank y’all for that.

  7. 7. StealthBadger Said:

    You mean we may be getting some n00bs to smack down here? Sweet!

    Okay, that’s good. :D

    Annti, dear heart, I turned 40 in December and I’m still having issues with my parents. Don’t feel alone. *hugs*

    It does get easier to deal with as time goes on.

  8. 8. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Does that time thing apply to people like THEM, though?

    ‘Cause it’s been 36 years, man, that we’ve been at odds — from DAY ONE. And the older they get, the MEANER and the more PATHOLOGICAL they get about the lies and the fake history that they try to perpetuate.

  9. 9. StealthBadger Said:

    Does that time thing apply to people like THEM, though?


    Perhaps I was unclear.

    It doesn’t apply to them AT ALL, or else you’d enjoy dealing with them more as time went on, rather than understanding in even greater detail why your survival instinct goes batshit every time you’re in the same room with them.


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