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This is how you KNOW that you are fucking LOVED!!!

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on February 28, 2012 – 11:38 pm

I shoulda done done this several days ago, but I’m an idiot.

I didn’t even have to ASK him to do it, but Scott of World O’Crap leapt into the fray nonetheless, and wrote a fundraising emergency post for me on WO’C that damned near ripped my heart out, it was so kind, so loving, so generous, so way-too-fucking-good-for-me, I did actually cry, as pathetic as that is.  I know, I’m a flying-cockaroach trainwreck excuse for a “grown-up,” but fuck, when your whole life is in the shitter and going downhill from THERE, and then somebody whom you respect and adore goes and puts shit like THIS up on teh innernets for you, how the hell would YOU react?

I’m not posting this to do more begging, I’m posting it because I am so damned proud to have friends like the family that I have @ WO’C, and even more proud to have a friend like Scott, who would weave a tapestry of words like this together just for my old useless ass. GO READ IT, DAMMIT, it’s fucking BEAUTIFUL.

And Moondoggie even reached-out, well, through the innernet toobs, anyway, to hug me and everybody else @ WO’C, in THE cutest picture he may have ever been in, so that’s EXTRA LOVE POINTS right there!!!  I do adore that big ginger goober.  I am in awe of his flatmate/dominatrix Riley, she is one of the few cats on earth as badassed as Biddy, but Moonie, like the FIRST Moonie, aka drummer for the Who, is nothing but funny, unconscious adorability, furry love and goofy as hell.

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