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I couldn’t stand it any more

Posted by Realist on March 22, 2012 – 6:44 pm

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  1. 1. Anntichrist S Coulter Said:

    Heh heh heh… thank you! It was working MY nerves, too, but OH, if I’d remembered to post all of the great photos that I’ve stolen from all over the web, we’d have had a BLAST with those! I know, I don’t back-up anything often enough, I know, I know, I know.

    And in case anybody’s wondering, no, I aten’t ded. But please keep Biddy in your thoughts, because she’s got a come-and-go rattle in her chest that sounds just like her brother did in September. Trying to hold out until after eviction court on Monday, b/c the emergency vet motherfuckers want THREE TIMES RETAIL PRICE for an office visit AND x-rays — all FOUR SQUARE INCHES THAT IT’D TAKE TO X-RAY A CAT’S LUNGS. I don’t have enough left in the Eviction Fund for it, because I’m a moron who’s been stocking-up on “survival gear” in case we are living out of the truck and/or storage unit. We didn’t need nearly as much as I got, I know that now, when it’s too fucking late, as per the usual. And no, I’m not hitting anyone up for money to fix MY fuckup, yet again. Y’all are always fixing my fuckups and saving me from myself, and now Biddy is the one suffering for it, just like Boy suffered because I spent the money on MYSELF back in September, and when HE needed the money, I had nothing and had to resort to that bourgie mofo vet where teh F.U. goes, and his idiot staff put Boy off for SIX EXTRA HOURS that could’ve saved his life from 14 years of my smoking.

    And ANOTHER “White People Problem,” though I don’t think that my current clusterfucks are limited to ANY one demographic group: Bellsucks has me blocked out of my fucking e-mail right now, and so I have to spend tonight on the phone with THOSE bitches, rather than doing something productive, like more packing/organizing/cleaning/etc.

    Just think of Biddy this weekend, please, so that we can make it to an appointment with a NON-GOUGING PEOPLE ON OVERNIGHTS AND WEEKENDS BECAUSE THEIR PETS ARE SUFFERING AND THEY HAVE NO OTHER FUCKING OPTIONS-type REAL VET on Monday.

    Thank you all for all of your help and support and love and tech support, esp. Realist, Mentis, CCMcGoon & Jobsanger, without whom I’d have been offa teh innernets several fuckin’ years ago, without whom I’d never get online right now. As pathetic as it might sound to an outsider, without the innernets toobs, I wouldn’t have y’all, my real family, and that would sucketh mightily. I know that the great-nieces & great-nephews who remember me and who didn’t believe the lies about me over the past 4 years still love me, too, even if we can only see one another at funerals. But y’all and my “adopted” daughter Candice & her fiance’ Hobbit, saintly-patient boy that he is, as well as the inimitable and amazingly reliable Anthony, y’all are the people who CHOOSE to be my family, and that’s the world to me.

    And if anybody wants to try one of these neat no-smoke nicotine nebulizers/”electronic cigarettes” that Anthony’s selling, help a bitch out and throw some bidness his way, k? If I’d had one of these 14 years ago, Boy would still be alive, and Biddy wouldn’t be wheezing off & on and giving me small heart attacks every time that the wheeze comes back. I think that she’s as worried about me as I am about her, and yes, I know that I’m fucking pathetic. Anyway, try the straight shit, *I* sure as hell like it:

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