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Does our kitty only have eight left now?

Posted by Realist on June 19, 2012 – 6:05 pm
Had the damnedest thing happen Sunday evening. We have a cat who’s getting up there – she was born the end of 1995, so she’s coming up on 18. She’s a cute little thing – a gray-colored (very) muted tortie who looks like a little gray kitty with white face, belly and boots at first glance. She’s always been a runt and is small and kitten-ish, with facial markings that give her a perpetually surprised look. We call her Mouse.

Anyway, I went to feed her that evening and she was out cold on the floor by the sofa. She’s pretty deaf these days, so I wasn’t surprised when she didn’t respond to my voice. I bent down and jiggled the corner of her pillow, which has always worked in the past to wake her. She kind of twitched once, then didn’t move. She was breathing, but it looked pretty shallow. So I reached out and touched her – ALWAYS guaranteed to wake her up. Nothing. I touched her again, pushing a little. Still nothing. Now I’m starting to get worried. I rub her side, ruffling her fur – she hates that; surely that will wake her.  She doesn’t respond.

My wife is in the front bedroom at her computer when I walk in and tell her I’m afraid there’s something wrong with Mouse. It’s not totally unexpected – 17 is pretty old for a cat. But when she says, “Oh, no!” I lose it and start bawling. I’m standing there crying my eyes out with a dish of catfood in my hand as she walks into the living room, bends down, and speaks gently to Mouse.  Nothing.  Touches her: still nothing.  I cry even harder.

She reaches out and kind of shakes Mouse, who jumps up, bounds up onto the arm of the sofa with a brief glance at me like “What’s his problem?” and begins meowing for her dinner.

I don’t have to tell you how stupid I felt at that point. “But . . . but . . . she wouldn’t wake up!  I touched her.  She always jumps when I touch her when she’s asleep! She . . . she . . .”

“Well, I’m just glad she’s OK!” my wife replied.

Me too.

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  1. 1. Anntichrist S Coulter Said:

    Oh holy shit! That cat is DEFINITELY fucking with you, man. They get evil like that sometimes, no matter how cute & innocent that they “look.”

    I’m just so glad that Mouse is okay… though she may have sheared a few years off of YOUR life… They’re worse than human offspring, ’cause they know damned well that we can’t do a fucking thing about it when they skeer the shit out of us!

    OT, but I’d left a year’s worth of birfday presents for the grand-nieces & grand-nephews @ the Fallen Uterus’ house, and GUESS WHO “FORGOT” TO GIVE THE KIDS THEIR WHOLE PAST TWO YEARS’ WORTH OF PRESENTS?!?!!? Yup, queen of passive-aggressive pure fucking EEVILLLL. Cunt. I missed the past 2 years of Jada’s life because of the lies of the junkie whore and the baby-rapist/dog-murderer who spawned her, and had to go donate Jada’s last two birfday presents to Children’s Hospital today. Cried like a fucking fool. So-called “humans” suxxors.

    And, of course, our feline overlords & canine sidekicks seem to get off on skeering the shit out of us sometimes, too… I’m so glad that Mousie is still with y’all and hope that she will be as long as she wants to be, y’know? I’ve seen idiots keep cats alive LONG after the cat’s given up, spent thousands on vet bills, but too fucking stoopid to kill the horde of fleas crawling in & out of the eyes of said elderly cat. And this woman was a FOSTER-PARENT for transitional cats, too, she fucking KNEW BETTER.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to bum you out, Realist. I’m just so thrilled & surprised to see you, to see ANYBODY around this ghost town, it kinda knocked me for a loop.

    Thank you for sharing, and give Mousie a good skritch behind the ears for me, k?

  2. 2. Anntichrist S Coulter Said:

    Correction: I’d been leaving birfday presents for the grand-nieces & grand-nephews (including teh step-kids) @ the F.U.’s house since Teh Dick died, two years after the lies of the aforementioned junkie whore who gave both of HER children AWAY to the junkie whore who failed to raise Tater and his two mercenary-cunt “sisters” — two years after the lies, he croaks and I no longer have any relatives, and I’m his only offspring to inherit NOTHING, not even his Case knife or his .357. NOTHING. And the F.U. won’t EVER answer the simple question of “WHY THE FUCK *NOT*?!?!?!” Anyway, there were 2 years’ worth of prezzies that now belong to Children’s Hospital from Jada’s missed birfdays and the other kids JUST NOW got their birfday presents from the past 2 years.

  3. 3. Realist Said:

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that something comes through for you where you can move back away from that madhouse. It can’t be a healthy situation for you.

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