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Dunno if anybody’s still reading this

Posted by Realist on January 10, 2014 – 8:26 pm

But I know the people who used to read this had big hearts, and I need a few folks like that right now.

My nephew and his family are newly homeless after their trailer burned down yesterday morning in Michigan.  His wife was having surgery, so there was no one home when it happened except their cats.  But the place is a total loss – they lost it all, including all the kids’ Christmas presents and pretty much everything but the clothes on their backs.  Three of their cats are dead for sure, two are missing, and the last one’s not looking too good, so they’re completely heartbroken.

They’ve had a tough time the last few years, but my nephew finally got a good job through the union and things were starting to look up for them.  Now this.

Anyway, I know times are hard for everybody these days, but if you’ve got any to spare, they could sure use it.



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