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Well, whattayaknow.

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on August 31, 2006 – 6:03 am has the AP article that the trolls need to read.

The Shaw Group, Halliburton (not named by AP), Bechtel, etc.

No-bid contracts. Y’all have heard me bitching about this for ages, I just never got my shit together to post on it properly, and of course, now I’m on the backside of the story arc, but I want to keep this going as long as possible.

The thing that keeps me curious is why Jim Bernhard (Didja notice the nice partnership in Bahrain? Yeah.) doesn’t list in his corporate history, when he resigned from his cushy title in the Louisiana Democratic Party. (No, he’s not on the leadership list. Anymore.)

I mean, if he’s a real Democrat and not a DINO, wouldn’t it be HELPFUL to know all of the powerful people that he knows? Oh, wait, right, right, CONFLICT OF INTEREST in bidding on Katrina funding. Huh. Imagine that. Look, when I first heard who Jim Bernhard was, I figured that this would be a watershed for the LADemo folk. I didn’t know that he had ties to Bush, including the same fucking LOBBYIST.* Unfortunately, it’s kinda hard to find coverage of the whole Shaw thing without it being written by republicunts for republicunts, in the usual carpetbagger stance of “Aw, hell, Louisiana’s NEVER done anything right! They can’t wipe their ASSES without taking a bribe or fucking up a municipal project!”

We’ve heard the advance winds of said GOP meme wafting through the comments on more than one blog. That’s the Rove(C)-branded Best Defense Is A Good Offense strategy. If they blame US for everything that went wrong in Katrina (as the rewritten narrative is doing, as clumsily as possible, but of course, to them, we are all but sheeple), then THEY are off the hook! Legacy recaptured! Mission accomplished! That’s the News And We Are OUTTA HERE!

(sfx: AAANNNNNHHHHHH!!!! buzzer)


See, as ol’ Jim plays on both sides of the ol’ fence, his Louisianian heritage is negotiable as an impeachable offense. Oh, yeah, sure, we’ve had corrupt republicunts down here, but mostly, they’ve been so fucking inept, they never had TIME to do much for their cronies, what with the constant putting out of fires. Except for that road in front of “Mike” Foster’s house.

When people say “corruption,” they look at Edwin Edwards and Huey Long**. Period. Nobody notices the shit that Buddy Roemer or Dave Trent did, ’cause they were the Gerald Fords of Louisiana governors. Under the radar.

As has been most of the Katrina contracting, as y’all well know.

And I’m not bringing Bernhard up to yank any Democratic chains or torpedo anybody, but I figure, if we’re going to shoot for FULL DISCLOSURE, then by damn, we oughta weed out the fucking turncoats on OUR SIDE, TOO, DAMMIT!


I wanna see a full investigation of the big three — Bechtel, Halliburton, and Shaw. I want the WHOLE house cleared out and start fresh. Not convenient, I know. Probably not realistic, certainly not convenient.

But definitely necessary.
*Unfortunately, I have to quote a republicunt blog here. Sorry. Go shower, then come back.

**I’m not going to pick on Bill Jefferson until he’s convicted. He’s done a lot of good for this state, and I’m not going to dance on any graves that haven’t been filled.

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    You and me need to exchange phone #s(I have loads of free cell minutes I never use,I’ll call you,won’t cost either of us a penny)so we can chat dearie.

  2. 2. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Well, hell, woman, holler at me!

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    Send me your damn phone number,lol.I think I had it eons ago,but if I did,it’s lost now.

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