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Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on February 10, 2007 – 12:05 am

(CNN doesn’t have the whole transcript of today’s “Situation Room” up yet, but when/if they do, the link in the title ought to have it.)

Douglas Feith. A dickhead that I’d never heard of before today, on with Wolfie, the usual republicunt lapdog, and Wolfie may actually be growing a PARTIAL spine. Not entirely, of course, ’cause he still knows better than to talk back TOO firmly to his “betters” (as Feith was more than anxious to remind him), but at least he’s making a feint at it. No telling if it will turn into an ENTIRE spine at any point, but I thought that it was cute that Wolfie made a show of trying.

Point being: Feith comes on there to take all of the hits/accusations that OUGHT to be directed towards Biggus Dickus, Condi, and Rummy, good little lapdog that he is, regarding WMD/the “case” for invading Iraq. And being a good, loyal, obedient little bitch, he came on there to defend his massahs/owner-operators with much fervor and at least superficial loyalty. Now, I know, I know, I talk about frat-boy motherfuckers all of the time, about the rich-bitch motherfuckers who REALLY run this country (and have since waaaaayyyyy before Dumbya was coronated), but THIS motherfucker — talk about the personification of a stereotype. Arrogant, condescending, petty, and obviously very used to being the biggest bully in the room (the soft-core version of John Bolton) or at least the frat-boy whose daddy paid the most for his position — SOMEBODY put some Red Bull into this whitebread little puss’s pablum today. Sure, sure, the arrogance and sense of entitlement fit the usual form, but this guy was flailing around like the last roadie on the Titanic, having to wait for the fucking band to stop playing before he can roll-up a single power cord.

Normally, I’m no fan of Blitzer, ’cause Mister Gulf War I Stud is still riding on the shit that he did 20 years ago, as a frothing-at-the-mouth cheerleader for the Bush Senior regime. And he sure as hell could’ve done a helluva lot more research before he brought this moron into his lair. Anytime that you’re going to “confront” somebody in an interview about PRETTY WIDELY-KNOWN INFORMATION, you might want to arm yourself with ALL OF THE INFORMATION before you give the motherfuckers the chance to REFUTE IT and THEN, to turn around and BLAME THE SOURCES instead of ADDRESSING THE MOTHERFUCKING ISSUE ITSELF. (Ending an interview with a motherfucking RETRACTION is not what I’d call “speaking truth to power.”)

But just to watch that smug, smirking, pompous little peckerhead, you’d think that Jim Jones had left the recipe behind, and this boy was selling Kool-Aid to raise money for his fucking Boy Scout troup. He’s not only a True Believer, he’s scared shitless, and scrambling to change the topic. MAKE IT ABOUT THE REPORTAGE, INSTEAD OF WHAT’S BEING REPORTED. Yeahhhh, that’ll distract them all. Just like Karl fucking Rove’s hand wasn’t up this dork’s ass all the way to the shoulderblade. Right.

Wolfie had the chance to finally grow an actual journalist’s spine today, and he fucked it ALLLLL up. Granted, Feith is going to be another stool-pigeon thrown on the fire, in order to spare the massahs, he’s relatively small fish in regards to the massive piles evil shit that’ve been perpetrated — but STILL. Wolfie just shit all up in his own den. And he let an uppity, lying little pissant like Feith make him look like a fucking JOKE, all by dint of bullying frat-boy fucking ARROGANCE. No actual facts to defend Feith’s position, no actual information or proof of ANYTHING, but he blew the whole thing off by saying that people don’t “understand” how the “intelligence” and “defense” bidness is “done.” That the public and the press are too fucking ignorant to tell the difference between a CIA paste-up and a Defense Department clusterfuck. Right.

They can play it off on the fucking CIA all that they want, and I’m sure that they will — after all, since they tossed Tenet’s dumb ass to the waves, who in the fucking CIA even ANSWERS to the public anymore? Nobody. Just like we can’t know who or how many people that Dick Cheney’s office employs, we don’t “need” to know what the fuck’s going on at the CIA, as they cover their own (and Poppy’s) asses.
Isn’t it convenient how this all falls into place? Defense can blame the CIA, the CIA doesn’t have to say SHIT, and the billionaires in the military-industrial complex keep raking in the big bucks. 11% fucking RAISE in expenditures for next year, without a single enlisted soldier/sailor/airman/marine getting a raise. No body armor increases, no armor increases whatsofuckingever, not even COMBAT PAY raises — but the budget is supposed to go up by 11% of the billions that they’re spending NOW. “Transparency in government” is, apparently, anathema to the graft and ass-grabbing that keep this republicunt money machine running.

I would’ve called Wolf Blitzer for a lot of things, and I have, certainly — but I never thought that he’d make the word, “PUSSY” look good by comparison, and y’all know EXACTLY in what context that I’m using that word, so I don’t need to hear any public declarations upon the genitalia subject. At least not right now, dammit.

Now, as to the other arrogance that I wanted to address, and have yet to see anybody address it on any of the few blogs that I get to visit in a day — it’s a big ol’ blogtopia, from one end of the spectrum to the other, with a whole lot of redundancy to make SURE that people get the message. That’s why I don’t usually sweat the political hard stuff too much, because I know that there are dozens, probably hundreds of people out there who do it far more effectively and to a far wider audience than I can. So I indulge myself in subjects that are near & dear to my heart, with the occasional volley of literary screeds towards the bloated heads who deserve it, just to keep my karma straight.

But one thing that I, personally, have not seen anyone address, and for which I was roundly shouted-down on several occasions over at BlondeSense (Sorry, Liz, but it’s the truth.): Every one of us who participates in the daily orgy of information known as the blogosphere fails to recognize that blogging is, for the most part, a bourgeoisie activity.

That’s it. We think that we’re really changing the world, really “reaching out to the people,” but are we? Or is it all just a middle-class circle-jerk? Yes, we (by “we,” of course, I mean the people whose blogs are actually participating in the government and actually making a DENT) make a big show of being so egalitarian, but I hate to break it to y’all — most of this country doesn’t even know that we exist.

I’m sure that it might be shocking to some people that I know, but I’m not the only poor motherfucker in this country, and I’m sure as hell not the worst-off person in this country. Yes, I bitch and moan and complain all of the fucking time, because of the restricted income that took me 12 years of fighting uphill to get. But drama queen that I am, I’m not homeless. I live in a subsidized-housing unit that is run by cracker white trash with a plantation mentality, and who generally do all that they can to make it a living hell fo rme, but I’m not homeless. I’m not living exclusively on commodity food. However fucked-up it is at the moment, I still have a computer. Hell, I even have wheels, even if they do have almost 152,000 miles on ‘em.

But to a lot of people, I’m POOR. They don’t even fucking know what POOR really is, because they’ve never been without. I’m not lumping middle-class and working-class people in with the billionaires and their evil spawn, by any stretch of the imagination, but the majority of the middle class in this country has no idea whatsofuckingever what it’s like to go hungry. To do without, not because you’re “dieting”, but because THERE IS NONE. To get all of your information from networks and the newspaper, or even from the neighbors, because THAT’S ALL THAT YOU HAVE.

That’s what’s wrong with capitalism, if anybody were to ask me. There are far more broke-ass motherfuckers in this country than there are middle-class motherfuckers, but if you look at a television (if you have one) or see movie previews or listen to the radio or read the paper, THERE ARE NO POOR PEOPLE IN AMERICA. Seriously. Look around. “Zoning” laws and police practices have just about run all of the homeless to the bottom of the urban decay barrel, and the people who DO reach out to the poor, you never see. Oh, sure, every time that a fucking CORPORATION donates something (like to a “clean,” upscale school), it’s front-page fucking news, but just ordinary, everyday people who bust their asses to help their fellow humans? Pfft. Not flashy enough. Why should the “news” (if you call this dreck “journalism”) bother with “poor unfortunates” in THIS country, when we’re so busy creating so many billions more all over the world?

Oh, wait, we don’t talk about THAT shit, either.

(Time-out for a rebuttal from the ig’nant broke-ass redneck republicunts who think that a 5-time bankrupt billionaire bitch-boy gives a fuck about THEM:) “ANYBODY WHO’S BROKE IS THERE BECAUSE IT’S THEIR OWN FUCKING FAULT. THEY’RE TOO LAZY. THEY’RE TOO STUPID. THEY NEED TO BE INSTITUTIONALIZED (except that Reagan already destroyed all of the institutions that USED to take care of the mentally-ill) OR SENT TO LIVE WITH THEIR FAMILIES.”

(BTW, that’s not paraphrasing, that’s my actual PsychoSister, who bases all of her political, cultural, economic and other beliefs and practices upon one thing: OVERWEENING IGNORANCE AND RACISM.)

Face it, kids. We have more toys than most of this country. Most of the people in this country don’t have internet access at home, and if they do, they have to share it with four or five other people. Most people in this country don’t have the fucking luxury of reading blogs on DSL or cable or ethernet, at home or at work, and don’t have access to the millions of blogs that the power-elite and the middle-class take for granted. So most of the current “candidates” for office (whether they’re playing coy or going for the big bucks from day one, even though they know that they won’t win, it’s still a profitable occupation) are not reaching the true core of this country. They can post all of the blogs and all of the comments and all of the streaming video that they want to, and I’m sure that they’ll reach an ideal demographic, the people that they ARE trying to reach — but for Joe Schmoe or Gertie Geriatric, they ain’t hittin’ on shit. Most of the voters and/or citizens of this country are not getting their “news” from CNN, DKos, or even the New York almighty fuckin’ Times. Not even WaPo.

Most of them are getting their “news”/information/opinions/debate from word-of-mouth. It’s an advertising cliche’, but it’s still true. Neighbors, relations, in-laws, co-workers, the lady who checks you out down at the Pik-N-Pak, the guy who changes your oil, the woman who repairs your phone line, the guy who sells you your cigarettes: THESE are most people’s fonts of information. And y’know what? They’re not hearing the whole truth, nor are they hearing the whole story. Media don’t give a fuck about poor people, unemployed people, disabled people, or anyone outside of the “nuclear family” demographic stereotype.

Radio, cable, broadcast TV, billboards, newspapers, magazines, and yes, even blogs — are MARKETED towards the people most likely to respond favorably to whatever they’re shovelling. And it’s niche marketing that has given us the world of Rupert Murdoch. Don’t act like you don’t know what THAT motherfucker is selling — and he FOUND HIS MARKET, right here in Murka, to drink his Kool-Aid and buy whatever he’s shilling, because HE TOLD THEM WHAT THEY WANTED TO HEAR. He pumped-up the fear and the isolationism and the hegemony to the point that most Murkins don’t CARE about any of the rest of the world anymore, and they’re just fucking fine with that. Nobody in niche marketing gives a fuck about the people who don’t fit into a nice, neat, demographic peg-hole, and nobody in the Murkin MSM are reaching out or even trying to talk (down) to them.

So I guess that I say all of that to say this: Yes, it’s nice to receive recognition from one’s peers for work well done. Yes, it’s great that we have such a strong, supportive blog community, us libruls, to defend and promote our allies as we call “Bullshit!” on our frenemies (y’all know what I mean, we’re not supposed to call republicunts “the enemy,” even as they lie their fucking faces off, slander, defame, defraud, and defile us all)but whom are we really reaching? Each other? If WE are all already on the same page, then wouldn’t it behoove us to find ways to reach PAST that middle-class velvet rope and find a way to get this information out to the REST of this country?

And I know, I know, it doesn’t do a whole lot of good to point out problems if you don’t have a solution already at hand, but that’s just the fucking way that it is. This is a problem that I see, that too many other people would like to pretend doesn’t exist, and I want to know if ANYBODY has a way around/over/through/past this. How are we going to get all of this information, all of this truth, all of this good writing — OUT TO THE REST OF THIS COUNTRY??? How do we get over the financial/cultural inequity that is inherent to the online community? We don’t know how good we have it, honestly. We take a helluva lot for granted, when it comes to our computers and our internets and our little communities. We need to stop staring into our computer screens and find new and innovative ways that we can ALL reach out — if you can’t canvas your neighborhood for a candidate, how can you get people to see the truth? If you can’t afford to donate to grassroots organizations, or can’t even afford to volunteer (yes, there are expenses there that most middle-class people take for granted) — how do you participate in this great worldwide discussion, how do you participate in this democracy, when every public venue is being budget-cut to death? How do you get access to the information that’s out there, if you don’t even have access to the news?

I hope to hell that y’all have some ideas, ’cause I’m lost as fuck. But everywhere around me, I see the products of media whoredom, people who believe what they’re told by people like Murdoch and Blitzer, because they don’t know that there’s ANYTHING ELSE to be said or seen or heard. All around me are people who are purposefully ignorant, and their friends and families, who are willing to take “their word for it.”

Yes, we are an intellectually-lazy country, I’m a poster-child for that — so how do we get an intellectually-lazy country to give a fuck about the shit that’s shaping their lives, when all that they can see is “How in the hell am I going to pay the bills?”??? How do we get the frou-frou fuckheads like Howard Dean and HIS DCCC & DNC to see that THEY’RE NOT GETTING THE MESSAGE OUT to the people who really DO constitute the majority? What, we’re going to send out uppity “missionaries” again to talk to us redneck motherfuckers, ’cause that’s “how it’s done,” when all it does is piss off the locals and cost even MORE votes?

I thought that, at the birth of blogtopia, from message boards morphing into entire communities, to every new technology that’s sprung up since then — I thought that yes, this IS the new public meeting-place, this IS the new global community, and that we’ll all have a voice, and will have that voice HEARD for once — but y’know what? I was very fucking naive. It’s still a class war. It’s still another form of alienating the classes so that they aren’t even AWARE of any other classes except for the billionaires who run around with no drawers on. It’s still all about keeping the poor “in their place” (Can you say, “Anna Nicole”?) and keeping the middle-class paranoid of the poor. And it’s sure as hell still about keeping the rich motherfuckers protected and connected, ’cause they, after all, are our “ruling class.”

I’m so glad that I got to be on the planet for some of the same time as Molly Ivins, and her last column was so fucking true — we really DO need to get out into the fucking streets again, and LITERALLY, not just from the comfort of our own homes, safely behind a computer monitor. So, how do we take all of the wealth of knowledge that we have in here, and get it OUT THERE?

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  1. 1. democommie Said:

    Hi, Annti:

    Long time inmate, first time commenter.

    The only fly in the ointment with that whole Blitzer/Feith thing is that they’re both perps. Blitzer used to be a publicly acknowledged AIPAC whore, just like Feith, now they’re both in deepthroat cover. BTW, you know how much I like making up names for people, well I was thinking Vulva Blistered would work but then my inner frenchman said, “Arret, monsieur” and I din’t, leastwise not yet. Whaddya think? too nasty for some of you fine ladies?

  2. 2. SeattleTammy Said:

    get all of this information, all of this truth, all of this good writing — OUT TO THE REST OF THIS COUNTRY???

    Well, we opened a bookstore.

    demmo, my email is biblioho I don’t think you’re going to scorch any ears here.

    Annti’s class analysis is spot on, we send out about half on email, our white customers, by in large, and the black community we snailmail to. It is a big divide. $100 computers are fine for the 3rd world, but when will anyone realize we are 3rd world in downtown Seattle and everywhere else?

    SeattleDan here. Annti, your analysis is great. I’m going to quibble a bit about the term bourgeois. Marx meant the term to mean the people who owned the society. We were taught in school to make it mean people of the the middle class, ie. people who make the median average income level. That’s become gutted. Class has much to mean about who owns what and not how much money we make, though, that has something to do with it when it comes to technology. Just because some of us have computers, and have internet access, and can blog, it doesn’t mean we have ownership in our society. I guess there is gradations in us poor folk, but I’m not at all sure that we are just preaching to the choir. Everything counts. Your blog counts. I guess what I’m saying is let’s not look purely at income levels when it comes to class issues. It is do we have ownership in this society or not. There’s a great George Carlin Youtube video on the General’s from ifyoudare on the subject. None of us own this society. But this Land was made for you and me.

  3. 3. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    I got some ugly-as-hell cartoons in my head from your Wolfie moniker, Demo darlin’, but just hang onto that one, it’s a keeper — just not good right around mealtime… in any sense of the word… heh.

    And thanks for the good words, Tammy & Dan — although when *I* was coming up (late ’80s), “bourgeosie” was the ultimate insult. It meant safe, cul-de-sac, upper-middle-class, complacent, socially frigid, more worried about acquisitions and impressing the neighbors than giving a fuck about anybody else on the planet. It meant the Reagan wannabes — even though they’d probably never attain that kind of wealth or power, they’d max-out their every credit card in the pursuit of the APPEARANCE.

    So, if we’ve got that cleared up, m’loves — and you’re right — I have a computer and a blog, but I don’t “own” anything in this country but my voter card, and even its value is debatable, depending up on Diebold contracts.

    They’ve spent centuries warping this democracy into a war-mongering capitalist structure that pisses into the face of “one person, one vote” — it’s more like one PAC, one senator; one corporation, one president.

    So DemoCommie darling heart, keep bringing me as much filth and dirt that you can muster about Wolfie (and any of those other CNN douchebags — although Jack Cafferty is one who ISN’T a republicunt-ass-licking whore, which is remarkable when you remember that his regular gig is MONEY MARKET shit…{{{shudder}}}), and Tammy & Dan — okay, so what do we do if we can’t open a bookstore???

    (Yes, y’all are living a big chunk of my life dream — but my bookstore would have a bar on one side and a diner on the other, so it’d be a much bigger pain in the ass, but DAMN it would be fun!)

  4. 4. Gen. JC Christian, Patriot Said:

    Feith is the worst.

  5. 5. the Rev. Jerry Gloryhole Said:

    Nice rant, gal.
    Tommy Franks called Feith “the stupidest fucking man on the planet”, or some such, leading me to guess he wasn’t much loved by the military DOD brass for dumping on their intel and work in favor of plans that got their guys killed.
    Yet no one’s turned on him, really, either.

    Maybe blogging doesn’t reach ‘the people’ in the way Common Sense did in 1776, and maybe it can’t directly. But maybe it CAN steer the cowardly fucks in newsrooms who turn out the misleading tripe that passes for TV news, thereby tinkering with the stilted view the guy at the Piggley-Wiggley checkout spouts while bagging our Tyson chicken.
    And maybe it can give some spine to a few politicians, and some ammo to reduce fascism, and it does give us a forum to rant and mock and keep those skills sharp.
    Most of all, it’s a way to get truth out.

    Truth out;

  6. 6. Auntie Roo Said:

    You got the brass ovaries to speak the truth about the state of communication – tech wise – that exists in America.

    Just on my street there aren’t many with computers/internet access. Sure there’re a few that mainly use them for email/games/porn/whatever but they aren’t using them to get their news except for what predigested blurbs come up on their homepage at MSN/Yahoo/AOL. And we all know that that kind of news ain’t exactly informing people about the true state of affairs in Murka.

    We need to reach out to those people in our communities & steer them towards the sites that give the true low down.

    How do we in blog world get the truth out to average people? We need to make full use of our technology & print out pamphlets/leaflets/flyers that people can get while going about their daily lives.

    Just sitting & pounding our keyboards in cyberland limits who we reach. You got that one abso-fucking-lutely right Sistah!

    Remember me telling you about setting up a low budget wireless network for my nearest neighbors? By spreading the cost out it makes it economically feasible for more people to have access to the truth instead of just the truthiness of local news.

    Maybe someone with more smarts than me could come up with a proposal to get some bucks from some progressive group to fund a national effort to do something similar. The more people who can get wired into the internets, the more people who have access to the tools to keep informed & take action for change.

    Another necessary change in blogworld is for people to get the fucking spelling/grammar stick out of their asses. I’ve seen too many times (on the *big* blogs) where people who’ve got authentic points to make are hooted out of participating because they aren’t English perfessors. People need to get over their elitist attitudes.

    When someone wants to make a stand with you to clean this country up & steer it in the right direction you don’t push them away because you’re too snooty to accept their help. That’s the height of arrogance IMHO. We need all the help we can get to make real change happen & stick.

    Anyway, just my 2 cents.

  7. 7. momly Said:

    Hi Annti!
    I would love to read this blog but have discovered that white type on black background is almost impossible for me. I don’t want to be an asshole, but is there a way to view your stuff without getting a headache?


  8. 8. SeattleTammy Said:

    Hey Momly,
    Here’s a trick: If you high-light the article it shows up as white on blue. If you cut and paste, you could go put it onto any blank doc, word or a blank email. Then high-light it again and change the text color to black or whatever.

    Once during a big dust up on ABE (a bookselling site) when the store owners didn’t want corporate to know what they were saying about the evil corporation, people posted their rants in white on white, invisible ink! It only shows up when you high-light it!

  9. 9. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Thanks for all of your good words, everybody — and especially for the tech support, Tammy!

    I’m just so sick of the whole fucking fucked-up world these days… Food prices jacked-up four times since the fucking New Year (down here, EVERYTHING is jacked-up, especially with the housing gouging — gotta remind them NOLA ‘nigras’ that they ain’t welcome ’round here, so what if the po’ white trash cain’t afford to eat, either), gas is to the point that I can’t afford to go ANYWHERE, and the depression is here, kids.

    Start saving-up those canned goods, kids. And lots and lots of bottled water.

    The class war is spilling into the streets, even if most of our country doesn’t see it yet.

  10. 10. bretwood Said:


    If you use Firefox 2.0, you can tell it to use your own color scheme, instead of the one the web page designer used.

    From the “Tools” entry on the menu bar, choose “Options”

    Click on the tab for “Content”

    Click the button labeled “Colors” then uncheck the box which says something like “Allow sites to set their own colors…”

    Most other web browsers allow you to do the same thing, but I’m not familiar with the details off the top of my head.

  11. 11. SeattleTammy Said:

    Back at the beginning of time, I was at Waldenbooks under the Monorail, had lotso kids from Udub working with me. MaryJane one day sported a name tag that read: “Lumpenproletariat” I went back to the dictionary section. College kids can be so cute!

    Child of loggers and IWW union, in the old sense, I knew about the red hankie, but had never heard that one.

    we were all young once. What’s amazing is we are on the same path.

    My advise on big words? GO LOOK THEM UP!

    Dictionaries are your best friend!

  12. 12. Mentis Fugit Said:

    momly, if you’re using Internet Explorer:
    - click Tools in the menu bar
    - choose Internet Options from the menu
    - click the Accessibility… button at the bottom of the box
    - tick Ignore colors specified on web pages

    Voila! Black on white. You can also override font styles and sizes.

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