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inverse ennui

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on February 17, 2007 – 1:31 am

As two or three people might’ve noticed, I haven’t written worth a shit lately. Not so much from boredom, as Wiki defines ennui, but perhaps more a matter of frantic melancholy.

Aside from the depression over Lee’s prognosis (and realizing that everything that I’ve done, and everything that y’all have given was POINTLESS) and pondering the very scary possibility that I might spend the rest of my pathetic life living on my “parents'” property — the state of the world, or what little that I see of it every day, is creating a black hole of despair. John Edwards caves in to psycho-cunt bullies before he’s even out of the gate, Bill Richardson can’t get a TENTH of the free publicity that traitors like John McCain get, and Hillary Rodham Clinton… is still Hillary. She does not give me any hope, honestly, ’cause she’s just another politician, to the bone.

Try watching broadcast TV — there’s nothing on. “Nanny 911” is a lovely portrait of how “ineffective” that “modern” women (wives & breeders) are, since it’s obviously the mother’s fault that her sexist-pig neanderthal throw-back excuse of a “husband” has no self-restraint, no respect for women WHATSOFUCKINGEVER, and is turning his sons into caveman bullies and his daughter into an invalidated, no-self-esteem future stripper, by allowing the boys to abuse and torment her, while the father MOCKS her for crying. Why is it that all of the smart, highly-evolved, liberated, humane people in this country have STOPPED breeding, and yet the bass-ackwards mouth-breathers won’t even SLACK UP?!?!??!

I’m beginning to think that the republicunt backlash against feminism, from Reagan to the blowjob obsession of the Clinton years to the pseudo-christian obsession with breeding that is being marketed now, is turning back the clock to BEFORE feminism ever made a dent in this country — the active, PURPOSEFUL, anger-and-hate-driven sexism that I see nowadays makes the ’80s look like the “good ole days.” It’s not just that there are so many men, boys, in-between/immature males period, who don’t think of women as “equals,” it’s that they have a fucking ATTITUDE about it, like it’s their LIFE MISSION to belittle, demean, and disrespect women, as if they’re still trying to PROVE SOMETHING. Where the fuck is all of this hatred coming from? Where are they getting the idea that this shit is ACCEPTABLE??!?!?! Who raised these knuckle-draggers?!??! Are there that many women in this country who just laid back and took it, that they’ve raised another entire generation of boys & men who think of women as LESSER SPECIES??!?!?

You watch the way that this pointy-headed motherfucker has trained his son to treat his mother and his sister, and he just smirks and says, “That’s my boy, what can I say?” — and you want to reach into the television and wrap his tiny little scrotum around his neck until his beady little eyes pop out of his empty caveman head. And of course, when he can’t respond to the criticism of the pseudo-mommy Nanny, he reverts to, “The only one who can judge me is the man upstairs, not you!” ‘Cause, of course, that’s the argument that trumps logic and fact, every fucking time.

I live in a shit-hole apartment complex where I have been singled-out for discrimination, verbal assaults, theft, and destruction of my personal property (not to mention having my truck vandalized), PURELY BY DINT OF MY ATHEISM. They (the bible-banging republicunt bullies) really do ASSUME that they’re RUNNING THE WORLD and can GET AWAY WITH EVERYTHING. It was bad enough in NOLA, where Vatican South is shoved down your throat at every corner, but at LEAST there was someplace to get AWAY from it, you could go someplace else in town and forget about the mouth-breathing fanatics. Not up here. It’s like living in a whole other country. If anybody learns that you’re “NOT ONE OF THEM,” they will purse their lips, look down their crooked noses, and look away, as if you’ve suddenly taken a dump on their shoes. I actually had the pseudo-pentecostal management-company bitch say to me, in my own apartment (after I gave her a three-and-a-half-page complaint list at “inspection”) — and I QUOTE: “I don’t know how much you KNOW about CHRISTIANITY, but…”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fucking BALLS on this bitch!!!!!!!!!

Of course, being myself, I remained calm and replied, “My grandfather was a BAPTIST MINISTER.” Stupid fucking cunt. I used to BE a fucking CHRISTIAN, you idiotic illiterate cracker twat!!!!!! Who else would have enough reason to loathe them as I do? My Papa was one of the last good christians, from what I’ve seen, and my Nannie was the other one. Now there’s just Rosalyn & Jimmy Carter. The “christians” who overpopulate this state are about as much like their Jeebus as I am like Kathie Lee Gifford. But to presume to say, “I don’t know how much you know about christianity” — like I just APPEARED on this planet, fully-formed, from Jupiter or Mars — and have never actually INTERACTED with “humans” — yeah, right. I’m a fucking mushroom. Keep me in the dark and feed me bullshit.

The arrogance of christians never fails to fucking amaze me. We live in one of the most sexually-perverted countries on the planet, where we cannibalize our weak and our young, and we treat women as LESS THAN HUMAN if they don’t perform housework and BREED, as the neocon republicunts never stop trying to push us ALL out of the fucking workplace (worked on me, didn’t it?), and these cocky, illiterate motherfuckers presume to say that we are a “christian nation” and to try to enforce THEIR rules from THEIR little book of fairytales upon not only this entire country, but upon the entire PLANET.

Dumbya does his little smirk-and-shirk shuffle as Poster Boy for the batshit alcoholic “christians” who want to “bring about” Armageddon by destroying the cradle of civilization, just so long as they get all of the ducats, right. And they CONGRATULATE him for it! Why should we have an EPA or even “TRY” to “save the planet,” when THEY’RE not gonna need it after their JEEBUS comes to take them away?!?!??! Yes, I’m ranting, but it’s not like y’all don’t know this shit. It’s not like it hasn’t been documented ad nauseum. And they’re STILL GETTING AWAY WITH IT!!!!!!

It’s not that hard to be frozen in depression, looking at the world in which we live. Feeling like no matter how much you do, no matter how hard that you try, no matter how many people you try to teach, none of it is making a fucking dent. That the bad guys will always get away with it, and that nothing you can do will stop them. Evil motherfucking THIEVES like Pat Robertson get richer every fucking day, but my niece works two jobs and can’t even get all of her bills paid. The job market is disappearing every fucking day, and the smug yuppie scum couldn’t be happier. THERE ARE NO ENTRY-LEVEL JOBS LEFT. You either go into the “service industry” or you’re born with money. Those are the only options left in Murka for anybody just starting out at the bottom of the totem pole. Maybe if I had been more selfish, less loyal, more mercenary, I’d have stood a chance in radio. Maybe if I’d lied through my fucking teeth (back when I had teeth) every day, I’d still be working. Seems to have worked for all of the people that I worked with back then.

Knowing what this country COULD be, what it ALMOST was, what we COULD achieve, and seeing what it’s become… makes me wonder if there’s any hope left in the world. If it’s even worth trying anymore. How in the HELL can we root-out the insidious evil that completely possesses our government? Not just the Bush regime — and they’re fucking EVERYWHERE (and their stool-pigeon lackeys are appearing on CNN every fucking afternoon, trying to do damage control by drawing our eyes away from the REAL issues) — but ALL OF IT. Is there even any hope, any chance of getting our country back from these psychotic thieves?

As for me, well, what the hell. I’m just a very small blip on the radar. Either I’ll pull out of this slump (thanks in no small part to the fibromyalgia/sarcoid nightmare induced by trying Ambien sleeping pills just two days in a row) or I won’t. At any rate, the world will keep turning, until they nuke it off of its axis. I have no idea what my next step or my next writing topic will be. Hell, I don’t even know what I’ll be doing tomorrow, except for flinging catshit and being bitten by the Homicidal Hamster. At the end of the month, I have to ship my computer off to a friend who’s going to undo all of the damage that’s been wrought upon it by advice from another disappearing friend. I’ll be off of the blogs for a couple of weeks, not that it’ll make any difference to the bigger picture. When I started this blog, I thought that I’d really make something out of it, that I’d be free to write every and anything that I wanted, that I’d make a real difference in the world. Ahhh, naivite’, eh? Actually, I started this blog because somebody at my old blog had a pathological, sociopathic need (on the anniversary of Katrina, no less) to shove me off of the fucking page, but I had hoped that I would start over and really make something important out of this blog. I’m never going to be Pandagon or DKos or any of the big ‘uns, I’ll never be Jesus’ General or World O’Crap. I just figured that I could make my own little dent that would somehow add up to something consequential.

All that I can see coming down the sociological/political/economic pike is a huge fucking depression. The rich motherfuckers won’t even feel a twinge, because there will be so many more destitute people who will be forced into servitude by the bigoted, sexist, slanted fucking capitalism that has brought us to this fucked-up point. The rest of the world will suffer, as they are suffering now, but even moreso. Famine, death, disease — all of the shit that the republicunts have fomented up to this point, except loosed upon the planet like rabies in the Chinese government. The military-industrial scum (Rummy/Cheney/et al) will continue to sock-away tons and tons of wealth, while the paper money becomes toilet paper. Women will continue to allow men to define them and diminish them until we no longer have ANY fucking power left on this planet. Men will still keep pushing that bullshit “competition” mythology that keeps all women hating all other women. Poor people in underprivileged countries will continue to be fodder for the money machine, their bodies broken and their countries wrung dry of all natural resources, all in the name of “commerce.” And all the while, Murkin “culture” will continue to be obsessed with anorexic twinkies and dead celebrities, because of course, that is the “ideal woman.” Pompous asses like Bill O’Reilly and Wolf Blitzer will continue to turn the “news” into bumpersticker slogans and outright lies, and evil motherfuckers like Rupert Murdoch will continue to profit off of the bodies of the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who are sacrificed for their greed.

In other words, what we have now, only worse.

So, which one of you chipper motherfuckers wants to tell me that I’m wrong?

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  1. 1. The Fat Lady Sings Said:

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re so depressed, honey. And I’m sorry to hear about Lee too. It just adds to the stress. Have you tried talking to a psychologist? Believe me – I have made use of trained counseling services several times in my life – and it always helped.

  2. 2. Mark Williams Said:

    I’ve raised seven children, four of my own and three of whom are girls. I’m a stockbroker and most of my professional life has been spent around right-wing, conservatives. Most of them are good people. They just have some very odd ideas and I don’t mind telling them so if they bring them up, but they rarely do. I suspect they feel the same way about me.

    A few years ago a new sales manager was promoted in my office. He was a bully, a sexist, and braggart. He surrounded himself with similar people and browbeat everyone else. He nicknamed people and made fun of them. I think mine was “twoguys.” As an experienced broker, I had little use for him so he rumored I was gay as punishment for my lack of homage.

    This little man didn’t bother me too much. Like the occasional pimple I get on my butt, he was a minor distraction. Until one day, my sales assistant and another female broker came into my office and closed the door.

    The sales manager had bullied and harassed them to a point where they dreaded coming into work. They wanted me to help them complain to his boss which I gladly did. Unfortunately, the office manager shared many of the same traits. He listened and finally told us to do a better job of getting along with people in the office. The harassment didn’t let up.

    However, every incident they had with the sales manager they documented. A few months later they complained to the HR department in New York. It so happened that they weren’t the only one who were complaining. Not too long afterward we got a visit from two HR professionals from the home office who privately interviewed every one concerned.

    Evidently they made the sales manager sign a statement promising to behave and left a few days later. As a consequence he became more vindictive and after 6 very stressful months HR returned and fired him. I’ve always avoided office politics but I didn’t have it in me to take a pass. A month later HR came back and fired my boss as a result.

    In the 25 years I’ve been a stockbroker I’ve been sued only once and it was by the sales manager who was fired. I don’t know how many hundreds of thousands of dollars he spent but he lost. My firm handled the expense of defending me and it didn’t bother me much to see him trashed in court. The last I heard he was working at a second tier firm barely able to make a living. None of the majors would hire him.

    I’m telling you this story because I believe that the people who are bothering you will share a similar fate. There’s really no way to avoid it. They bring it upon themselves.

  3. 3. Terrible Said:

    Knowing what this country COULD be, what it ALMOST was, what we COULD achieve, and seeing what it’s become…

    That’s what bothers me the most too I think.

    I just figured that I could make my own little dent that would somehow add up to something consequential.

    You did and it will!

  4. 4. SB Gypsy Said:

    Wow, what a rant! truely I’m impressed. I sit at your feet, sweetie.

    Where are they getting the idea that this shit is ACCEPTABLE??!?!?!

    From the TV, and the Radio, and people like O’Lielley and Lush Rimjob,

  5. 5. jobsanger Said:

    Sorry to hear you’re going to be off-line a couple of weeks. I just got back 0nline myself, and one of the first visits I made was here.
    I guess those big blogs are OK, and I read them from time to time, but a day without Annti is like a day without the sun.
    Come back soon, and with a righteous rage. You do make a difference!

  6. 6. Auntie Roo Said:

    I think we all wonder if we’re making a difference. Too often it just feels like another day of pounding the noggin against that massive brick wall that’s been built up over the years by the propagandists & bullshit peddlers.

    All I know is that no matter how many times I get knocked down, as long as I get back up (even if it feels like forever to get my ass dragged back up off the mat) I’m a winner.

    And as long as you can manage to do the same, you’re a winner too.

  7. 7. Saborlas Said:

    Could be worse.

    You could be just like your neighbors: stupid, drooling mouthbreathers who can’t stop talking about how big their Invisible Sky Fairy’s penis is. Morons who Bush has repeatedly screwed over and yet STILL WORSHIP HIM (somewhat akin to Battered Wife Syndrome, I daresay). Tools who can’t read their daily fishwrap (I refuse to call such a farcical thing a NEWSPAPER) without moving their lips.

    As for me, this little ditty is part of my coping strategy. Mostly because of how damn silly and irreverent it is.

    Geez, now I have to find that Political Pak for Quake 3 again (accidentally wiped it during a Linux install). It was fun reducing Bush and Cheney into piles of giblets with a well-placed rocket.

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