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How the bush administration and the gop support US Troops

Posted by Terrible on February 18, 2007 – 4:24 pm
“Behind the door of Army Spec. Jeremy Duncan’s room, part of the wall is torn and hangs in the air, weighted down with black mold. When the wounded combat engineer stands in his shower and looks up, he can see the bathtub on the floor above through a rotted hole. The entire building, constructed between the world wars, often smells like greasy carry-out. Signs of neglect are everywhere: mouse droppings, belly-up cockroaches, stained carpets, cheap mattresses.”
I know I’ve been saying it for 4 years now but I have to say again that there is no doubt what-so-ever that under American law the individuals responsible for the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq belong in prison. It’s the Law!!

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  1. 1. SB Gypsy Said:

    When they’re dragged away in chains… then justice will be done, and not before.

  2. 2. the Rev. Jerry Gloryhole Said:

    What’s the line…justice will be done when the last King is strangled with the entrails of the last priest?

    If we impeach liars, what do we do with traitorous war criminals?
    But whatever we manage, Cheney goes first.

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