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It’s not over.

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on February 19, 2007 – 2:01 am

Finally got “When The Levees Broke” from Netflix (ONE FUCKING DISC AT A TIME! These people never went to film school, fuck, they never worked as USHERS at a fucking METROPLEX!!!), and the first two acts are eviscerating. Not only does it take you right back to that time and that nightmare, it reminds you of WHY this shit happened, not just how. Or, as Spike himself put it, in the director’s commentary,
“It’s pretty simple. BUSH DIDN’T GIVE A FUCK. He just didn’t give a fuck.”

And not even 35% of the original civilization has been able to return. Look at Renaissance Village — no real public transportation, no job market, but hey, Rosie built a HeadStart center! Yeah, that’ll change lives. HELPING THESE PEOPLE GO HOME, maybe REBUILDING PLACES FOR POOR PEOPLE TO ACTUALLY FUCKING LIVE, *THAT* MIGHT FUCKING HELP.

But then, republicunts like Ray Nagin would lose “property values” and their stranglehold on what’s left of that city if they let the POOR MOTHERFUCKERS COME HOME. Ray can blame it on Kathleen Blanco, Kathleen can blame it on Dumbya, and Dumbya doesn’t even give enough of a fuck to keep a straight face while he lies about all of the “help” that’s been sent, like he ever gave a fuck about a city full of poor, black Democrats in the first fucking place.

It’s not over, and it was NEVER just an “act of gawd” or an “accident.” Anybody who tells you otherwise is selling you something, though generally they’re just selling the selfishness and narcissism that keep the Murkin economy moving. Even the Brookings Institute sees it, and they’re not generally in the business of rocking the boat. Nothing is being done to help the poor people of New Orleans go home. PERIOD. They are not wanted there by the rich white republicunts (again, like Ray Nagin, who, incidentally, never used the word, “brother” in reference to a black man in his LIFE until Spike Lee came callin’) who own what’s left of New Orleans.

And if you really want to see who’s running this country, watch the next gubernatorial race in Louisiana — Bobby Jindal, puppet-bitch of the Bushistas and republicunt running-dog supreme, is the number-one contender, and he’s the one who Ray Nagin backed in the last big race. Follow the money, kids. Follow the fucking money. Chertoff wouldn’t give the fucking WORD to release the emergency funds, the Red Cross made a 600% profit off of Katrina, and yet NONE OF THEM lifted a fucking FINGER until Dumbya gave HIS PERMISSION. Homeland Security and the American Red Cross are lapping out of the same bowl, right under Dick Cheney & Poppy Bush’s table. SIX MOTHERFUCKING DAYS, they waited. And I may not be a very big voice in this world, but I will never fucking forget that. Dead bodies all over Orleans, Jefferson & St. Bernard, and they waited SIX MOTHERFUCKING DAYS.

Don’t forget, because even though they can’t replicate a Cat-5 hurricane, they could do it to your state next. And if we let them get away with this genocide, well, hell, look at what they’ve done to the Middle East. They are not in the business of helping people, they are in the business of murdering people to make profits. So if we ever again hear the phrase, “compassionate conservative,” that should be the global cue to start the revolution, if we’re ever going to do it.

Oh, and every time that you hear the U.S. gubmint bashing Hugo Chavez, it’s because he jumped in and offered support, money, and physical aid for Katrina victims, while Dumbya was eating birthday cake with McCain, and the Bushistas still have a hard-on about it.

Yeah, I left NOLA at xmas of ’02, but as long as I live, that will be my home, no matter how long it takes me to get back there. Those are my people. And I will never forget.

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  1. 1. Auntie Roo Said:

    No none of us should ever forget – it could happen to any of us that aren’t part of the mores & have-mores.

    We’re all expendable in their eyes.

    Thanks for keeping the flame burning for NOLA.

  2. 2. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    I don’t have any choice, Roo.

    It’s my home.

    And I gotta tell y’all, whomever hasn’t seen this video yet, AND EVERYBODY IN AMERICA SHOULD WATCH THIS MOVIE — the director’s commentary is the best part.

    Bush opens his mouth to smirk and spew more lies, and there’s Spike, yelling, “BULLSHIT!!!”

    The analogy of why they turned down Chavez’s help is good, too. But the calling bullshit is my favorite part.

  3. 3. SeattleDan Said:

    We watched it on HBO when it first came on. It is a devastating piece of work, and Spike’s best work. If it doesn’t break your heart, then you don’t have one.

    Annti, someday you’ll go home.

  4. 4. Terrible Said:

    None of us must ever forget! I look forward to seing the film some time soon. But I’m not sure how much more anger at these pieces of shit that call themselves a government I can take.

  5. 5. the Rev. Jerry Gloryhole Said:

    I always recall the Queen Mother’s comment about it “working well for them”.
    Too bad the bastards need poor men and women to toil on the docks of the port that serves most of middle America. How are they gonna work that out, do you suppose? Mexicans, is my guess.
    Let’s draw straws and see who’s gonna blow Bush so we can impeach him.

  6. 6. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    You go first.

  7. 7. Saborlas Said:

    I’m right in the middle of Gay Marriage Central, so I’m probably next. Crapola.

    Ah, well. I’ll just roll up a new character and start all over. Some more points in Charisma will help on my next spin of the Wheel O’ Reincarnation. Of course, a little haunting first would pay off later. Bush will become a nervous wreck, Cheney will have a heart attack, and Rove will run into a bus fleeing something only he can see. Boo, motherfucker!

    As for the video, I’m afraid I’ll have to pass. I’m not dodging the message, it’s just that I’m not as partial to projectile vomiting as I used to be. Same reason I have not seen Jesus Chainsaw Massacre: I just KNOW it’ll make me ill.

  8. 8. ExHack Said:


    I already hate Chimpy enough. Watching this would probably be very bad for me.

  9. 9. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Yes, it’s a hard movie to watch. But I think that it should be required viewing for all Americans.

    Maybe after finally, TRULY seeing the genocide that happened in their own fucking backyard, Murkins will finally give up their put-on phony bullshit of being so “innocent” and so “precious” that they fear fucking WORDS, let alone DEEDS, and they’ll get off of their smug fat asses and DO SOMETHING about this shit.

    I don’t like looking at gore, dead bodies, genocide any more than the next person, but NOBODY is too good or too precious or too “innocent” (You can’t be “innocent” after you’ve sucked dick, kids, and even the bible-bangers suck dick — and sometimes the chicks do, too!) to see this truth. Period. Yes, it will make you violently ill, but you will grow from the pain. That which does not kill us… Ought to make us pissed-off enough to start the fucking revolution!!!!!!

  10. 10. Saborlas Said:

    You wanna talk fear? A bunch of old farts around my neck of the woods were shitting themselves over a bunch of LITE-BRITES! “It might be a bomb!” Yeah, because when I’m making a bomb, I’m gonna put lots of flashy lights on it so it’s BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS. Need I mention that they’d been in place for two weeks before someone set off the frenzy? I wanna know who made the original 911 call, because I think someone WANTED to make Boston look like a bunch of chickenshits.

    Since they’re technically the next town over, I can officially say that I didn’t vote for any of them. However, as a Greater Boston Area resident, allow me to offer my apologies for not smacking some sense into those idiots.

  11. 11. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Yes, dear.

    But next time, remember to go out there wherever they’re being morons, and laugh OUT-LOUD at their silly asses.

    Okay, okay, it’s not going to make your life any easier, but it’ll still be fun.

  12. 12. SB Gypsy Said:

    Annti, I don’t think I could watch that film without my head exploding. I’m already so effing mad at the bastard I can’t breathe. I can’t wait until he’s harried out of office.

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