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Just to give you an idea of the world that we’re living in…

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on March 16, 2007 – 12:02 am

Al sent me this link, and I was thoroughly disgusted. Al had some retribution ideas that make ME look tame. And I’d happily ride shotgun and carry his ammo to do so.

Humans. SUCK.

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  1. 1. popeyemoon Said:

    That was some sick F**K,Does he need more ammo?

  2. 2. InternetJunkie Said:

    I read about this in the paper today and this is one sick motherf**ker.

    In my grandfather’s day, they would have horsewhipped the son of a bitch but I think that is too good for him. Making him choke on his own nutsack works for me.

  3. 3. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Personally, I think that it was a high school bully. Sounds a lot like “CARRIE,” doesn’t it? Kid misses dog, puts fliers up, tells everyone she knows that her dog is lost, and some fuckhead finds (or kidnaps) the dog, only to kill the dog to torture her.

    Those are the kinds of people who specifically target people like this. They think that they are somehow “endowed” with the “authority” and/or “power” to purposefully hurt people this way. They grow up to be Dick Cheney & Scooter Libby & Karl Rove, because none of the “adults” in their lives ever disabuse them of this notion. To the bottom-feeders of this world, that (bullying) is “survival of the fittest.”

    Which explains why our gene pool smells like a urinal.

    If/when they find the little motherfucker (you can use the real words around here, btw), I want to pull the gallows lever on his/her parents as well as the sadistic little monster who murdered the dog. Stretchy, wet rope for a long, slow, painful death, and mirrors set up so that the sick, sadistic bastards can “enjoy” watching themselves suffer for a nice little reversal.

  4. 4. InternetJunkie Said:

    I hadn’t considered the “Carrie” angle but it makes a lot of sense. I feel horrible for this girl – she obviously has problems in her family (living with grandmother) and now this.

    If they’re looking for volunteers to castrate the SOB when they find him, sign me up. I’ve got a rusty spoon all ready for the job.

  5. 5. Terrible Said:

    Any bets that the sick fuck that did this thinks bush is gawds gift to amerkkka?

  6. 6. the Rev. Jerry Gloryhole Said:

    Just another expression of “dominion over this earth”.
    Stone him.

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