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Well, fuck us sideways with a chainsaw…

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on March 21, 2007 – 1:37 am

Kathleen Blanco has given up, whether because John Breaux wants to come home or because she’s skeered of that bitch Jindal, I dunno. The way that the Louisiana Democratic Party has behaved the past 10 years, I don’t hold any hope for any of ‘em. I mean, fuck, anybody who’d make a DINO like Jim Bernhard the PRESIDENT of the state’s Democratic party — either they’re not very bright or they’ve already been paid. The fix was in waaaayyyy before Al Gore ever ran, kids. These are not disorganized republicunts that we’re dealing with here. And as much good work as John Breaux did as a senator, he did, after all, become a LOBBYIST (cough!-DINO!-cough!) when he left public office.

Not that I’ve always been a fan of Blanco’s, but she did bust her ass to make up for the federal and municipal failures during Katrina & Rita. Of course, if she weren’t so busy worrying about sucking-up to corporations, she might’ve paid a little more attention to the infrastructure issues that the republicunts keep wanting to sweep under the rug so that they can milk the state for more corporate welfare.

SPEAKING OF INFRASTRUCTURE: This might not matter to the majority of Murkins, but in case y’all haven’t noticed, public & assisted-housing budgets have been cut by TWENTY-FOUR FUCKING PERCENT this year. What does this mean to the rest of y’all, all of you hard-working tax-paying wage-earners, who probably never think about this stuff? It means MORE HOMELESS PEOPLE. MORE PEOPLE WITH NO ACCESS TO HEALTHCARE. MORE PEOPLE MADE MORE DESPERATE BY A GOVERNMENT THAT IS OUT TO DESTROY THEM ALL. If y’all think that “class warfare” doesn’t apply to you, guess again. We all share this country, and the more of us that are pushed out onto the street, the harder that it’s going to get for everybody. I can forget about ever getting back to New Orleans, because Dumbya’s already reneged on the majority of the Katrina & Rita money that he promised at the big photo-op, and with HUGE CUTS TO PUBLIC AND SUBSIDIZED HOUSING, there won’t be anywhere to move TO, to dangle a participle. Remember how Reagan shut down all of the public mental institutions and turned all of those people out onto the streets and CREATED the homelessness problem? Think of that, TIMES FIVE HUNDRED. Yup.

ELSEWHERE: Dumbya threatens Congress: “…it will be regrettable.” Pots, kettles, anyone? I’m sure that 90% of the blogosphere is covering this one already, I just wanted to reiterate that I’d like to see a plaster cast of that stammering moron’s cajones, ’cause they must be the size of THE ASTRODOME. Or maybe he’s still just overcompensating… Although seeing all of those clips on CNN of him “standing behind” Chili Bean pretty much explains why Gonzales always has that smug little smirk on his face. I still want Alberto Gonzales to go to prison for his very short career of covering up all of Dumbya’s fuckups, as well as using my country’s constitution as TOILET PAPER, but he’s not the pot of gold at the end of The Evil Motherfucker Rainbow. He’s just another flunkie, but he’s one of the most evil flunkies they’ve got. He calls the Constitution “archaic” and the Geneva Conventions “quaint.” AND THEY PUT THIS MOTHERFUCKER IN CHARGE OF THE LAW OF THE LAND?!??!?!?!?!??! What the fuck is wrong with THIS picture?!??!?!?

It does amuse me, on another, more detached level, to watch these Nixonian cocksuckers flail around like wounded Chalmatian ducks as Biggus Dickus has another “health scare” and disappears yet again (y’ever notice how he tends to drop off of the radar any time that anybody mentions the word, “SUBPOENA”???) and Dumbya can’t seem to find his ass with both hands (I’m sure that Bandar & Karl can find it for him) — but then I remember, wait: This shit isn’t so funny.

Okay, their flaming failures are funny. Except that they keep GETTING AWAY WITH IT. But when you look at the body count that their fuckups hath wrought… 59 – 65,000+/- in Iraq, 1,400+ in New Orleans & the Gulf Coast, 3,000+ on 9/11… Makes one think that these racist, elitist bastids are aspiring to Hitler’s figures. After all, the more poor people that they eliminate (all whilst ensuring that poor women have no control over their lives, futures, or bodies, of course, ’cause poor WOMEN are the lowest form of life on earth to these motherfuckers), the easier it is for them to steal, conquer, and hoard the natural resources, commerce and power on the planet. Can’t have any of those “underdog” movies that they placate the masses with ever COME TRUE, of course. Oh, sure, keep pumping the proles up with the bullshit that “anybody can make it in capitalist Murka if they work hard enough!”, just don’t ever let them find out that IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN.

Oh, no, they’d never kill-off ALL of us (y’know, since they won’t ever re-institute the draft, ’cause then they’d have to rig the draft boards all over again like they did 40 years ago), ’cause there will always be a need for a servant class.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… Okay, “ranch” may be stretching it… Y’all know this subsidized nightmare (where the feds keep cutting back, the maintenance gets sketchier ever year, and pretty soon we’ll all be sleeping in the parking lot) as L’Hotel du Fucktards. Managed to catch 4 feral cats Sunday night, 1 was the lactating Mama who just dropped another litter, 1 escaped with the help of one of the resident crack whores, and I managed to get the other two to the vet’s. 1 tabby girl and one small black male, and both of ‘em as batshit-crazy as Barbara Bush having a Soylent Green jones. By the time I got up this morning to release them from the traps (post-surgical recovery overnight), every fucking cat in the tri-state area had dropped by my pickup truck to scent-mark that motherfucker. Cats have a strong sadistic streak that could easily be likened to frat-boy hazing, and with the two biggest, most recent “badasses” on the block being publicly incarcerated, the rest of ‘em went wild for it.

And I forgot to take the fucking camera with me (sleep deprivation is not good for brain cells, btw) when I released these two, so unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until they show up around here again (and I’m sure that they will) before I can show y’all what they look like. The black cat looks like he could be Biddy’s (much slimmer) twin, and the brown/grey/tan tabby girl had a white muzzle and white front paws, and the meanest eyes I’ve ever seen this side of Dick Cheney. Makes me feel like a fucking MISSIONARY sometimes, ’cause they sure as hell don’t agree that I’m doing this “for their own good.”

At any rate, two down, about eight trillion to go. Whenever y’all have a buck to spare, please send some Cat Haven’s way, ’cause if it weren’t for Cathy and all of the good people there, I wouldn’t be able to do any of this stuff. They rawk, and they need your help to continue their good work. Yes, it’s a smallish dent in a very big country full of neglected animals, but dammit, it HELPS, and it’s making a difference. If you already give to a similar organization in your neck of the woods, great! If you’ve never thought of doing something this before, give it a shot.

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