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Who the fuck are you?

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on March 30, 2007 – 12:36 am

I’ve been going through some shit, and learning some shit, and wishing that I could forget a lot of shit. One of those points in life where you have to redefine yourself in relation to the world around you, when you learn, once again, that everyone around you has been playing by different rules and with different and/or more knowledge of what in the fuck’s going on. And then trying to differentiate between your true self and the self that you are in reaction to everything else, and trying to balance the two without compromising your beliefs.

So, consider this a commenter-driven thread, and here’s the question:

Who the fuck are you?

What do you stand for?

What are you about?

What do you want your life to mean?

What are your major characteristics, and are they the ones you want?

What do you wish had happened differently in your life, and what would you have done differently if you had the chance to do it over?

Me? I still don’t know who in the fuck that I am. I try to be a good person, but I fuck it up a lot of the time. I try.

What do I stand for? Truth. Equality. Sticking up for the little guy/gal. Fuck the “ruling classes.” A little anarchy is good for a country, but not when that anarchy is driven by power-mad billionaires. Language is a tool, not a moral ruler. If you can’t laugh at yourself, laugh at everybody else. Try not to fuck up.

What am I about? Playing catch-up for being born hyperlexic, being abused most of my life, being gaslighted by just about everybody in my life (outside of most of my online friends — most. Not all.), being taken for the world’s most gullible sucker by pathological liars, and hoping that someday, I’ll have the attention span to finish writing a book.

What do I want my life to mean? Always trying to be a better person, being a damned good writer, and that no matter how depressing and fucked-up my life is, that I could still make people laugh with me, not just at me.

What are my major characteristics? Ugh. That one’s going to take some work, ’cause I have a hard time finding any complimentary descriptions.

What do I wish had happened differently in my life? Pretty much everything from birth on. What do I wish that I had done differently? Damned near everything, with a few stunning exceptions that don’t really amount to all that much.

Okay, that’s what I’ve got thus far. Y’all’s turn.

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  1. 1. oyster Said:

    Wow. As a philosophy major, I love this sort of stuff. But it’s hard to compose a satisfactory answer to these queries without writing a tome.

    Who the fuck are you? A very lucky privileged introvert who likes to think. I’ve been fortunate enough to read some good books and learn a few professional tricks along the way.

    What do you stand for? The opposite of fascism and racism.

    What are you about? Six foot two.

    What do you want your life to mean?
    Good question. When it’s over, I’d like to have accomplished some things that inspire youthful spirits.

    What are your major characteristics, and are they the ones you want?
    Except for the occasional bouts of self-loathing, I like my “major” characteristics: funny, thoughtful, tolerant, friendly… etc. Could use more discipline and confidence, though.

    What do you wish had happened differently in your life, and what would you have done differently if you had the chance to do it over?

    That question is almost a request for wishful thinking. Let’s instead focus on what we can do now that will, in a way, “rewrite” the past by putting it in a new perspective.

  2. 2. Saborlas Said:

    Who the fuck are you?
    In process of finding that out myself! Not that I expect the process to ever end, as it turns out that I’m far more complex than initially believed. Looks to be an interesting period of introspection.

    What do you stand for? Truth, Pack, Freedom. If you need to ask what Pack means, you don’t know me as well as you think you do.

    What are you about?
    6’1″, 200lbs. ^_^ All kidding aside, I’m generally about having a fun time. Treat me good and I’ll treat you better, treat me bad and I’ll treat you worse. I also believe you should be the kind of friend you’d want to have, which is why pretty much any of my friends would take a bullet for me: they know I’d do the same. Dunno if part of that comes from most of us not having much to lose and a lasting proof of our existence to gain.

    What do you want your life to mean?
    Let me piece one together first! But I’m hoping to show that you don’t have to go the standard route through life, that I did it my way.

    What are your major characteristics, and are they the ones you want?
    Intelligent, good sense of humor (I can find comedy in anything, not that it’s always a good idea), not always paying attention but eerily perceptive when I am. Good at figuring out how stuff works. Incorrigible daydreamer (on occasion I write it down and people are amazed at how cool it is to see inside my mind at times).

    What do you wish had happened differently in your life, and what would you have done differently if you had the chance to do it over?
    The list was overwhelmingly large, so I just said FUCK IT with might-have-beens and started concentrating on what’s on my plate right NOW.

  3. 3. Terrible Said:

    Who the fuck are you?
    A sinner and a saint? OK seriously I could say I’m different things to different people. But I guess the question is who am I to myself. A traveler on the road of life? A student of all that is? A fighter of the Non-Linear Republic? A lazy bum? All of those are true as far as they go. As oyster says it could take a tome. A life is such a big thing to put into even many words. Lets just go with a seeker of enlightenment.

    What do you stand for? If I had to say just one thing I think I would chose responsible personal independence. Which of course would put me at odds with the capitalistic systems of education and work. I’m all for education and work just not in the hierarical forms that are the norm in these dark ages.

    What are you about?
    hmmmm…. well like Annti I’m hoping that someday I’ll have the attention span to finish writing a book. Unfortunitly I think I do have to say I’m about being selfess too. My own peace and quiet is a high priority to me. If not for that perhaps I would stand up more for justice for those downtrodden by a cold-hearted system that rewards ruthlessness. Oh and 5’7 1/2″, 160 lbs.

    What do you want your life to mean?
    I think to have to attach a meaning to it might cheapen it somehow. Just to have lived is enough. To have taken in the peace and beauty that exists and to have accepted as part of the world but rejected as part of my life the hates and horrors that also exist. To have found peace within myself.

    What are your major characteristics, and are they the ones you want?
    Aloofness? A refusal to look at things in only one way, ie: not accepting when told that “that’s the way it is and that’s that”. Or to put that another way I once said to a friend in NC that “there are no problems, only things in need of a solution.” Not that I actually follow through on that or anything though! High intellegence too, which oddly enough is a characteristic that I find to be not much appreciated but I know why so understand that oddity. ummmm have I mentioned selfessness? Perhaps that’s one I’d rather have less of but in these dark ages one I would not want to be without. The intellegence and the unwillingness to blindly accept conventional views are definitly ones I’m comfortable with though.

    What do you wish had happened differently in your life, and what would you have done differently if you had the chance to do it over?

    As a teen before I sarted getting into partying I thought a lot about going to MIT to study aeronautical engineering, which I could have easily done. But as an adult realizing that if I had done that my work in that field would quite likely have been used to murder inoccent men, women and children I have no regrets about not having done that. Besides I’d probably have not had anywhere near as much fun and would propably be already dead from a stroke or at least suffering from severe ulcers! Sometimes I almost wish I’d done something different occupational wise but in truth I don’t think I could handle a conventional 9-5 job. I need the flexablity helping out at the farm gives to me to mess around with my antique firearms and to study or play with the cats or simply do nothing. Sometimes too I think I would have liked to have had a long intimate relationship with a wonderful woman but there again that would conflict with my need for flexablity to do nothing and my selfessness. To have the ability to go back and change even one tiny thing would of course change every single thing that came after. While I can find plenty to complain about in the way things were/are I’m sure there would be as much to complain about if things had been different. All in all I’ll take it as it is. As a wise man once said, dang can’t remember exactly how it goes, but here’s the idea: “The secret of a good life is not so much having what you want but wanting what you have.”

  4. 4. Terrible Said:

    Opps I almost forgot: “I’m a joker, I’m a smoker, I’m a mid-night toker…”

  5. 5. jobsanger Said:

    WHO AM I?

    Just a regular guy doing the best I can.


    Equality and a fair chance to succeed for every human.


    Just want to enjoy life and help the people that I can. I appreciate those who are eccentric or different from the norm. Normal is not a word I have much respect for.


    I’m not at all sure that life has meaning or even needs to. When I’m gone, I hope those still living think I was a decent guy.


    Independence, Intelligence, Inquisitiveness – and yes those are the characteristics I want.


    Probably nothing. I made the decisions I thought were right (even though some didn’t work out as I planned), and I would probably do the same if I had a do-over.

  6. 6. CC McGoon Said:

    Who the fuck are you?

    Hmm…as clumsy as I am, I’m someone who is lucky to still be living.

    What do you stand for?

    Basic human rights. Equality. I don’t believe I am better than anyone, and I don’t believe that anyone is better than me.

    What are you about?

    Enjoying what little time I have here. Making good friends and keeping them.

    What do you want your life to mean?

    I just want to leave things a little less screwed up than when I got here.

    What are your major characteristics, and are they the ones you want?

    I’m pretty outgoing. I can talk to anyone. I’m a hard worker. I like those characteristics. One that I don’t like, though, is that I hate change. I rarely initiate it myself and will fight like hell if asked to accept change. I want things (in my immediate world) to remain the same.

    What do you wish had happened differently in your life, and what would you have done differently if you had the chance to do it over?

    I don’t really know. There are certainly things I regret, but I don’t know if I’d change much if I had a chance at a do-over.

  7. 7. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    I’m enjoying the hell out of these revelatory comments… We “meet” people online, on blogs, on message boards, but for the most part, we try to top each other philosophically or with snark-offs. This, to me, means so much more. And with the six years of major depression that has weighed down a huge chunk of this country (and that’s before the Katrina klusterfuck PTSD), maybe we need a helluva lot more of this — remembering who we are and exactly what we stand for, and what we’re trying to accomplish in making the world a better place — AND NO FUCKING LONGER ALLOWING THE FAT FRAT BOYS AND SIMPERING COWARDS OF THE RIGHT-WING TARD’O'RAMAS TO BULLY AND BEAT US DOWN INTO NEVER STANDING UP FOR THOSE PRINCIPLES AGAIN.

    Pelosi is no Abe Lincoln (I much prefer Barbara Boxer, m’self), but it’s about damned time that we emancipated ourselves from the name-calling shackles that these hateful little trolls have thrust upon us.

    BE FREE, GAWDDAMNT, STAND UP AND BE YOU (even if you’re not 100% there yet on what that is, at least you’re WORKING ON IT!!!) AND TELL THOSE UNEVOLVED NO-NECK COCKSUCKERS THAT WE ARE BACK AND WE ARE PISSED OFF!!!!!!

  8. 8. Le Petite Fromage Said:

    No one told me there was gonna be a test.

  9. 9. Terrible Said:

    I much prefer Barbara Boxer, m’self

    You and me both!

  10. 10. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Don’t worry, LPF — it isn’t for credit and it won’t count against your final grade.


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