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Your low-rent Cassandra strikes again…

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on April 3, 2007 – 2:34 am

Anybody remember how I’ve been declaring the oncoming (and now tit-deep in it) DEPRESSION for, oh, say, about the past YEAR?

Yeah, well, I’m not the only one. Mags sent me a link to this piece by James Howard Kunstler (stop snickering about the last name, you goobers) that pretty much confirms my whole “stock up on yer canned goods & water, kids!” meme. And if you think that the billionaires and other bushista bullshitters haven’t been preparing for this since Reagan took office, chirren, then wake the fuck up and smell the frat boys.

Meanwhile, as per the usual, New Orleans is still beset by embezzlers, crooked bastids, and evil Naganite cocksuckers who don’t deserve to live, much less to draw paychecks from the public tit. American Zombie’s got the dirt.

Also Re: NOLA, Rene’ sent a good link to FDL, a piece by Christy Hardin Smith. Haven’t watched the video, but the article is good. Wish to hell that I could get down there to do more, to do ANYTHING. The more NOLA blogs that I find, the more stuff that I read ABOUT New Orleans, the farther I feel that I am from it. Hard to believe that it’s been over 3 years since I left, and for what.

One bright moment of the day was when Al introduced me to Catherine Crier. Yes, I’m still without cable, so bite me. Anyway, why this woman isn’t running for President, I have no fucking idea. She’d certainly get my vote.

Also via Al, like we didn’t know that Pat Tillman got it in the back because he knew the war was wrong and corrupt… Now we’ve got a paper trail.

And y’know, I didn’t write a whole lot about my spinal fusion last year because, frankly, I was stoned off of my ass for most of it, and who really wants to hear another episode of all of my ailments and frailties? Wellllllll, guess what. ‘T’would appear that the fucker didn’t take.
When I was coming out of the anesthesia, I distinctly heard Dr. Smartass describing to another doctor how he “couldn’t do it (the fusion surgery) like (he) was supposed to, but he managed to work around ‘it’ and make it work, sorta…” “It” meaning this “bulge” of spinal nerve that he hadn’t expected to be at the base of my spine and which, apparently, wasn’t supposed to be there. So he kinda had to use a little non-union welding there and the fusion did not happen in the normally prescribed fashion. He “improvised” like Ray Nagin and Dumbya.
And now, every time that I bend, turn, stand, sit, lie down, walk, or, y’know, BREATHE, I get to hear/feel this lovely ratcheting action that’s going on back there THAT REALLY SHOULDN’T BE. Like the brass screws that are holding the brass plates in place (squishing two vertebrae into one) are NOT holding ANYTHING in place, but slipping in and out of the holes that are supposed to be their permanent location. Hence the threads of the screws causing this little “thunk-ka-thunk-crack-squeal-thunk-ka-thunk-thunk” thing that is creating entirely new plateaus and peaks in my pain tolerance levels.

If I have to get cut again, there will be considerable violence in Baton Rouge. Then I’m going to hire a lawyer. I am very not amused.

Also, those of y’all who believe in good thoughts and positive energy and all of that rot, aside from the wonderful human beings that I asked y’all to send some towards last time, could y’all send a little my Boy’s way? He’s been feeling like something the cat hocked-up, ever since he went to the vet on Thursday to get a bath and a rabies shot. I’ve hit every website that I could find about veterinary medicine and cat health, and thus far, I’ve found that glucosamine/chondroitin *kinda* helps (but hasn’t been proven), cod-liver oil helps, and alfalfa (if I can get cats to eat alfalfa) helps, but there aren’t any prescription drugs or specific medicines for cats with arthritis. ALLLLLLL the shit in the world for DOGS now (but none when my Pookie had it, of course), but nobody’s doing research on helping old cats. He’s “only” 9-1/2, but he’s been more stove-up than an old miner who lost his mule. Hardly even leaving the back porch lately, and even then, he just lies there like a rug, hardly even lifting his head except when it’s time to eat. He’s really got me worried. Usually, it’s Biddy who’s the pitiful one, tipping around like an old lady looking for her walker, but compared to how Boy’s been feeling (and she had the same bath and the same shot), she looks like an ATHLETE! (Albeit a beer-gutted athlete… kinda like Al Bundy with an IQ and better hair.)
So, if anybody’s dealt with cat arthritis before, or inflammatory reactions to rabies vaccines, and you know how to make Boy feel better, please let me know. I’m going to get glucosamine and cod-liver oil tomorrow, when the welfare check rolls in.

So, that’s all of the fun & frivolity here in the Sigmoid Colon of Hell. Your turn.

P.S.: In her usual NON-helpful way, the Fallen Uterus took it upon herself to call MY fucking vet today to bitch her out about Boy not feeling good since the rabies shot. GREAAAAAATTTT. That’s really going to help with getting him BETTER, much less all of the feral-cat-fixing adventures. Somebody needs to put this bitch in a state home before I smother her with a pillow.

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  1. 1. The Fat Lady Sings Said:

    Just like with people – heat really helps alleviate arthritis pain. Try putting a heating pad under your kitty’s favorite sleeping spot and leave it turned on. You’ll find that he sleeps there all the time – even in summer. Also, massaging the sore joints helps. You could also ask your vet about using baby aspirin. How much to give depends on the cat’s weight – but we had one of our cats on baby aspirin, and it really seemed to help.

  2. 2. SeattleDan Said:

    When I see name Kunstler, I’m reminded that it is the German word for “Artist”. I did work with a German woman years ago, and she confided to me that the German philosopher, Emmanuel Kant, has his named pronounced much differently in deutsch, than English, where we give his name a long A. In German, it has more of a U sound.

    And Annti, if you need to be re-surgerized, get a Lawyer. As an old guy, I think I’m entitled to say that you’re far too young to be going through this kinda crap.

  3. 3. Auntie Roo Said:

    I agree with using heat & massage to ease Boy’s aches. And about asking your vet to figure what dose of bay aspirin. Other than that I don’t have a fucking clue what to do for cats.

    Sorry to hear that your back’s still whacked. And yeah, check into getting a lawyer if your state hasn’t done the neocon tort *reform* that screws people out of getting a bit of justice for medical malpractice.

  4. 4. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Soon as I see for sure, once Dr. Smartass has reviewed the films, THEN I’m getting the lawyer. That’ll probably prolong the suffering until I get this shit settled and find a new surgeon, but it might be doable.

    And thanks for all of the tips for Boy — the hard part is the logistics of it — getting him onto the pad, when I’m only over there 2 hours a day (“only” she says!) “visiting” with THEM (the alleged “parents”), I can’t really control his daily occupations or make sure that the Fallen Uterus or her Dick will keep up with the treatments. They sure as hell don’t know squat about massage, and even though I’ve tried to teach them, they don’t listen.

    If my vet is still speaking to me, I hope to take him in pretty soon (thanks be to St.Redcane!!!!) and see if she can determine for sure if it IS arthritis or something much scarier.

    Thanks again, y’all — I love my night owls! Hawks, wolves, pick a nocturnal creature that most describes you!

    Time for me to go into a mini-coma now. Yayyyy big pink vicodins!

    Nighty-night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs and prying republicunts bite!

    Waaaayyyyyy too many exclamation points.


  5. 5. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    P.S. Dan — thanks for the new take on “Kant”!!!

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