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MORE PET FOOD RECALLS / And now for something completely different…

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on April 18, 2007 – 5:26 pm

SEMI-OT NEWS UPDATE: Al just sent me this link about even MORE pet foods being recalled by the FDA for melamine contamination.

(and now back to your regular programming…)

As a distraction from my panic-attack-induced begging and whining and bitching, I’ve got some good links for y’all.

Jaye sent me this video to me a while back, and I just now found the original link, thanks to the guys at If you’re on dial-up, it’s one helluva download, but I still have the original file saved if anyone wants me to e-mail it to them. Picture it: A couple wants to role-play to spice-up their love life, and wind-up playing Dumbya and the United States. If it weren’t so fucking true, it’d be fall-down hilarious. Nonetheless, you’ll get all of the jokes.

I’ve found some more great Thor Links, after I show y’all this good link that RenB sent me: Larry at No Quarter puts the much-hyped “Massacre at V-Tech” (truly a horrific tragedy, made even moreso by bumbling Kampus Keystone Kops — the first two homicides were JUST a ‘domestic,’ so we ASSUMED that he’d LEFT THE CAMPUS after that”!!!!!!) into some realistic perspective. No, we’re not the only ones who thought this, but don’t hold your breath for the whores of the MSM to get a clue.

Okay, here are your Thor Links for visual amusement to help blow some stress off today:

Kitty Versus Screaming Monkey (don’t worry, it’s a stuffed toy monkey)

Claymation Jedi Dumbya
(yes, there are several things wrong with that phrase)

“Mom, I’m an Atheist!”
(I’m going to have to watch this one myself, I don’t care how long the dial-up download takes!)

“Get Outta My Bed!” Cat V. Dog in ultimate territory war

Billy Connolly on scrotums (Does this even need further explanation?)

Do you still hate that Connect Four commerical?

Falafel-Boy Goes Apeshit On Geraldo (For when you REALLY need a good gut-laugh.)

Kids Brainwashed By Fred Phelps
(this one is probably really depressing, but it never hurts to know more about the beasties who are warping the future generations.)

Wyle E. finally catches The Roadrunner (and amazingly enough, it’s not about Dumbya OR Karl!)

Alanis Morrisette spoofs “My Humps” (Fergie’s hot, but she is such a disappointment, for a woman with her celebrity and talent, she could be doing a helluva lot better stuff with it. That’s why I’m glad that we still have Angry Alanis.)

Boy & Biddy’s wonderful vet. Dr. Patterson, came in yesterday afternoon (Tuesdays are her livestock out-call days) to see Boy, ’cause she was worried that his fatty-liver condition had gotten to a very scary point. After examining him (no fever, thankfully), she says that we should be able to control it through his diet. No more canned food except as a once-in-a-while treat, no more cod liver oil for his arthritis (!!!), only 2 hairball treats a day (after perusing the latest FDA recall list, none of their treats or foods or the ferals’ food were on the list, thankfully!), and about half the portions of dry food that he’d been getting. As a replacement treat for the canned food, I can give them both some skim milk in the afternoons when I go over to visit them, but the canned food has to go to the feral cats. They get waaaayyyy more exercise and way less to eat (I only feed them once a day, so that they’ll keep hunting rodents, etc.), so their young, healthy livers can handle it.

And then he ralphed-up the dry food with the glucosamine-chondroitin drops added last night, so now I’ve got to cut that $40 dollar stuff out of their diets, too. You try and treat a cat for arthritis and damned near kill him with liver failure. I should’ve had a different major in college.

At any rate, thanks to the wonderful friends who responded to my pathetic begging post, because y’all enabled me to get Boy the treatment that he needed, and if Dr. Liz Patterson ever gets a website up, I’m going to put her link in the friggin’ blog header. She rawks.

Also cat-related: All our love goes out to Phil of, who had to put their 20-year-old cat down yesterday. She was his late wife’s cat, and had lived with his daughter since his wife’s passing, so they really did lose an important member of their family.

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  1. 1. oyster Said:

    Were your hopes really in the stratosphere for Fergie?

  2. 2. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    No, but she IS capable of a helluva lot better than she’s done.

    That’s what pisses me off about her. She’s not just some dumb bimbo, she plays one for millions of dollars. At least (thankfully now has-been) Jessica Simpson really IS a moron, not that she didn’t set women’s lib back another 20 years, but she didn’t sell out her BRAIN ’cause she never had one in the first place.

    Yes, it disturbs me, way down deep, that the dumber that women act these days, that the more free publicity and money that they get (there’s a joke in there somewhere about my online begging, I’m just not cognizant enough to put it together properly right now) — it’s all part of the republicunt onslaught against progress. The only science that they “allow” is if it finds more oil deposits or bigger tit implants, the only women that they “respect” are voiceless breeders, and the only “evolution” that they willingly participate in is when they “thin the herd” of anybody who doesn’t bow down to their “eminent domain.” Anybody who’s not white, rich, and neo-con, in other words.

    Ruth Bader Ginsberg should’ve fought harder today, ’cause that whole bullshit about “partial-birth abortions” is a straw man. Late-term abortions are rare and used only in medical emergencies, this is just the stepping-stone for them to remove ALLLLLLLL reproductive choice and freedom. Our country has devolved to the point where politicians (and not very bright ones, at that) are making women’s healthcare decisions for them. Be afraid. Very fucking afraid.

    So yeah, Fergie and Jessica are all part of the greater problem. They make women into disposable tits-and-ass, and now women have less legal standing and fewer rights than they did 20 years ago. And training little girls to “want” to emulate the bimbos sets them up for a lifetime of deprivation, degradation, and disappointment.

  3. 3. Terrible Said:

    More on the pet-food contamination. It’s from the FDA so take it with a grain of salt.

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