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Something Smells of Propaganda Here

Posted by Terrible on April 19, 2007 – 7:23 pm

One article about Iraq especially caught my eye last week. It was the story about a “suicide truck bomb” blowing up the al-Sarafiya bridge over the Tigris River. Let me explain first that when I was in the US army in the early ’80′s I was trained as a Combat Engineer and ADM technichian. A very large part of that training had to do with blowing up bridges including the use of small tactical nukes. Bridges may look fragile and weak but very few are, they’re really not THAT easy to destroy. The point of me mentioning all that is that a conventional explosion occuring on the top of the road portion of a bridge is unlikely to destroy even a relatively weak span. Even with the little nukes it is advantagous to place the explosive charge underneath in the supports. To blow a bridge from the top you really need specialized ‘shape charges’ that direct the blast downward to the bridge rather then allowing it to blow harmlessly(relatively) outward. So I found the story a bit hard to swallow. Wellllllllll……. turns out some eye witnesses say it was destroyed by an American helicopter shooting 2 missles into the bridge. If they were well placed then that explaination does indeed fit with the pictures of the destroyed bridge. Seems I’m not the only one who had questions about the truck bomb story:

Sign of the Times

Indy Media

The Outsider’s Insider News
ps: I just found this last site and it looks like a blog I may be checking on regularly.

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  1. 1. RenB Said:

    Now I’m Dumb and Dumber, okay?

    What was the purpose of destroying a bridge in Baghdad? Oh, I’ll go read the links and try to understand…

    Whatever in the world EVER made sense about all this?

    Why the ‘never ever say word’ nukes all of a sudden, you forgot about Tschernobyl? That was fun. Just like depleted uranium, but who is complaining, hey? Ever see knee-high dandelion? Never gonna eat a mushroom again in your life? Tja. fun.

  2. 2. Terrible Said:

    errrrr…. the purpose of the US blowing the bridge was to further divide the city of Iraq and to further the narrative of Sunni-vs-Shiite that the US has been pushing?? To both attempt to prevent an unified front against the occupation and at the same time promote the story in the MSM of intenal Iraqi conflict??

    Nothing ever made sense about an illegal immoral and unjust war that never needed to happen.

    Nukes were mentioned to highlight relative force of explosion. I guess I didn’t write that intent well. Sorry ’bout that shit. I missed the part where I said I was never going to eat mushrooms again…. in fact I’m very certain it never happened. What are you trying to say to me? I should STFU and go away??? Depleted uranium is funny to you???? Is this MOTB or did I land in some parody land?

  3. 3. Mentis Fugit Said:

    Terrible, read renb’s piece immediately below yours. Just wild guess: renb was downwind of Chernobyl when it did something interesting. The dandelions and the mushrooms are renb’s experience.

    Yes, this is MOTB, and renb was employing the requisite snark.

  4. 4. Terrible Said:

    Ahhhhhh…. THANKS mentis!! I just came in from work and am running a bit slow now I guess. Something about milking just puts my brain half to sleep sometimes.

    To put why the US would pull black ops to divide the Iraqis another way – despite the mis-administrations past statements about not wanting a divided Iraq expect to hear the White House and republics talking about doing just that (the 3 way division) before the summer is over.

  5. 5. Terrible Said:

    I’m the one who’s Dumb and Dumber tonight renb. I think my dang snark-o-meter has been busted the past 3 months. I fear for my country with the direction it’s headed. And too damn slow of a turn from that direction for my tastes. This adimistration should have been impeached and imprisoned by now. And every single one of their appointments be reviewed by the full Senate and House. For using the US military under false pretenses for a private corporate enterprise and for international war crimes committed in doing so as well as very numerous other felony crimes also committed in this enterprise including contract fraud, illegal use of office, illegal intellegence gathering on US citizens, etc., etc., etc. And I’m just disgusted with this current Congress that damn near acts as if it’s all business as normal. Yeah I know it’d be naive to think that to most of them it wouldn’t be business as normal. My patience is wearing thin and it makes me too damn jumpy I reckon.

  6. 6. Terrible Said:

    “US builds Baghdad wall to keep Sunnis and Shias apart”,,2062023,00.html

    And so it goes….

    keep in mind that before the illegal international war crime of the US invasion and occupation that among average Iraqi’s there was no more difference between Sunni and Shiite then between say.. Baptists and Methodists. Used to be a sunni could stop over at his Shiite nieghbors for a barbeque and they’d do some ka-bobs. Now it’s bombs and ka-booms. If you look at everything the US has done during the occupation it becomes clear that that was in the neo-con playbook and is why they keep insisting everything is going great there. See they did learn something from WWII., instead of committing genocide outright why not get 2 factions of those you want to annialate to do it to themselves. Always remember that the number one reason for bushco to commit such an atrocous crime was to facilitate the armed robbery of the mid-east oil fields for Big-Oil. As long as you understand that to be the main reason behind all this then all the other crazy things they’ve done that don’t seem to make any sense fall into place. What’s the craziest at this point is that they still seem to think they can somehow get away with it or at least not face the consequences of their actions. But then again Hitler thought that too.

  7. 7. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Ohhhh, yeah, that’s our Dumbya… “Uniter, not a divider…” RIGHT.

    Every word that comes out of his mouth is an admission of guilt, he just smirks ’cause he thinks that we don’t know. Arrogant fucking moron.

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