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fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCKITY FUCKITY FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!!

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on April 21, 2007 – 2:49 am

Lawyer Guy sez he can’t represent me (despite the fact that I have a helluva case) against a DOCTOR IN BATON ROUGE.


Dr. Smartass wants me to wear a more strict brace (in between the mis-measured/mis-cast plastic body-cast nightmare and this pointless spandex/velcro gut-binder currently) for a month, see if THAT helps (yeah, THAT’S GOING TO MAKE THE SCREW STOP GRINDING IN AND OUT OF THE FUCKING BRASS PLATES AND BONES!!!!!!!!), and if not, then he’ll have to cut me open again and GO BACK IN AND PUT THE FRONT BRACE STABILIZER PLATES ON THE FRONT OF MY FUCKING SPINE LIKE HE WAS SUPPOSED TO DO LAST TIME, BUT DIDN’T ‘CAUSE HE COULDN’T DEAL WITH AND WASN’T “PREPARED” TO DEAL WITH THAT “NERVE BULGE” DOWN THERE THE FIRST FUCKING TIME.

I need a second fucking opinion, I just have to find a way to make myself give a fuck. I never did find out who that was from some state PBX line calling here the other day, they never answered when I called, nor did they call back.

I can’t live with this jerk-around anymore.

Nine fucking years.

Yes, there are people who have a helluva lot worse lives than I do, but there are an assload of people who have it a helluva lot better and DON’T FUCKING DESERVE IT, like, oh, DICK CYBORG FUCKING CHENEY, FOR EXAMPLE.

I want to run away from home, if my body could take a road trip on my own.
I want to see the ocean again.
I haven’t been swimming, even in a pool, in over 3.4 years.
I want to have a six-month coma, and when I wake up, I’ll be detoxed from the painkillers, all of my non-existent cartilage will be replaced with neoprene, my back will be FUNCTIONAL, my neck won’t be a trainwreck of pain and stress and herniated disks, and somebody will do me the favor of erasing Dick Cheney and the Royal House Of Saud from the planet. Wouldn’t that be a nice dream to wake up to?
I’d also like to wake up in a world where all of the U.S. military in Iraq & Afghanistan were alive & whole again (throw in Gulf War I, Vietnam, Korea, etc.), where the Bushistas & bin Laden corporations hadn’t created 9/11, where gas was still $1.59 a gallon, where my truck still had air conditioning, where Columbine, V-Tech, and all of the other school massacres had never happened, and where Hunter Stockton Thompson hadn’t had his brains blown out.

Wake me when you can give me that.

Shit, I can’t even sleep IN tomorrow — laundry and dishes, whoopeee!!!

Thanks again to all of my wonderful friends who pitched-in to help me this week. I never know if I should do a full thank-you list, or if that would embarrass people, or seem like I was bitching at those who, like me, can’t afford to support their favorite blogs like they wish that they could.

Y’all let me know.

And THEN wake me when Cheney’s been dismantled and his parts recycled to make bionic parts for returning U.S. soldiers, sailors, airmen & marines.

And then sell off the gold in his fangs to buy me a compressor for my fucking a/c-unit in the truck, ’cause I am going to die of heat prostration before July. I will never let The Dick touch my truck again, so long as I fucking LIVE. I should’ve put the fucking coolant in there myself, then I’d still have a fucking compressor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be on the rag (does it show much?) and utterly fucked (healthwise, no plans on ever fucking again anyway, even if my spine would allow it) at the same fucking time — something is severely fucked in my universe.

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  1. 1. Terrible Said:

    That sucks Annti! Lawyers SUCK!! I know a guy who’d probably love to take the case but he’s only in his first year of law school.

    That’s cool that that link to Dick Cheney has the story about the Vermont Senate’s impeachment vote. I was thinking about posting something asbout that. I wish the little shits had made it a binding vote though so those lame shits Leahy and Welch would be forced to act on it! I’ll try to post something about it this afternoon when I get back from my running around banking, etc.

  2. 2. RenB Said:

    At the risk of you coming at me with a BUZZ SAW….

    Yeah, we all have our perfect parallel universes, and I wish I could give you the most perfect one EVER. Hell I wish I could give myself one.

    I know it is difficult, but don’t let that doctor do anything to you till you get as many opinions as you possibly can. I’ve been through all THAT shit with Peter and two of three really fucked up amputations, and with all the money he trew out of winder, so just get as many opinions as you can, ok?

    (He thought if they were expensive they were GOOD. WRONG! Buncha weasels.)

    After what you have told us all, I wouldn’t let that bastard within fifty FEET of me, let alone touch me for a normal visit to take my blood pressure or listen to my decrepit LUNGS, let alone CUT me. No way.

    Not kidding.

    Get other diagnoses, Annti. As good as you can.

    What sort of world is it if you get no choices, and have to rely on charlatans and general shit, hey?

    Oh–maybe we’re in ‘Donny Darko’, and this IS the parallel universe, only we don’t know it…. Nah, that only lasted 26 days… Lucky him…


    Love you…


  3. 3. suzanne Said:

    suzy cream cheese sez..Lawdy..and there you are with all this sending me rovie toys and letters and all your goodness…and supplying mis assigned jail birds with supplies, and feeding feral cats, and taking care of katrina when the feds didn’t , and raising medical money for someone else…..all the while living with your back???? You are something else…I agree re: as many second and third opinions..and any body down your way do acupuncture…????

  4. 4. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    I love y’all, but I hate just about everybody else on the fucking planet right now.

    The fucking lawyer KNOWS that I have a helluva fucking case, that I’ve been fucked-over my entire fucking LIFE by the “medical industry”, but he’s too chickenshit to take on LOCAL FUCKING DOCTORS!!!

    What the fuck is the point in having a fucking law degree/license if you’re too fucking scared to USE THEM?!?!??!

    Right now, all I give a fuck about is getting that lump taken off of Biddy’s tail, making sure that she hasn’t contracted Boy’s bronchitis, get a couple more ferals neutered, then I want to seal-up the door of this shit-hole of an apartment here at L’Hotel du Fucktards and become a full-time fucking hermit. There’s no fucking point in me trying to do ANYTHING anymore, because every fucking time that I draw a fucking BREATH, I get to experience a whole new species of pain.

    I was not meant to exist on this planet. It seems like my body was booby-trapped from birth.

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