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Ten Little Addicts

Posted by RenB on June 27, 2007 – 10:49 pm

Annti aske me to cross-post this. Georg Danzer wrote it in the late Seventies.

Ten little addicts
Sailing in a boat
On the Sea of Despair
Near the Death’s Head Coast.
One of them jumped overboard.
Sank in salty brine.
‘Oh, shit!’ were his last two words
To the other nine.

Nine little addicts,
One girl still a child
Barely thirteen years of age,
Addicted for some while.
Soon she had to walk the streets,
Winter nights, so late.
Then she caught pneumonia….
That left only eight.

Eight little addicts,
One paroled from jail.
The probation agent
Kindly kicked him in the tail.
Psychiatrist said, ‘I’ve no time.’
His family he’d disowned.
Life was one short dead-end street.
Seven sailed the foam.

Seven little addicts
Tiredly pitched their tents
In the Desert Loneliness;
Slums, Developments.
Rumour has it that one choked
On wine and chocolate cake,
And gross lack of sympathy.
That left six to wait.

Six little addicts…
One paid Death his price
In a public toilet.
An overdose sufficed.
He was found by a bum,
Himself still half-alive,
Who stole the addict’s shoes and socks–
That left only five.

Five little addicts,
Together, yet alone.
Situation hopeless,
They’d no money and no home.
One of them went to a bank
To talk to a cashier
Who secretly pressed the alarm….
Four more left in fear.

Four little addicts
Sailing in a boat
On the Sea of Despair
Near the Death’s Head Coast.
One turned in a dealer
To Officer McNee,
Then the dealer was paroled:
That left only three.

Three little addicts
Had just one more score.
Life had no more meaning.
Couldn’t take much more.
Soon the heroin ran out.
The boat sank in a storm.
They drowned without a word of love
In a sea of scorn.

Ten little addicts
Gone without a trace.
Products of society.
Defective human race…
How long will you sit and watch
Your fellow man destroyed?
On Judgement Day they’ll get revenge
On those they so annoyed.

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  1. 1. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Y’know, I remember when this country at least made an ATTEMPT to give a fuck about the people who weren’t rich or connected or “successful” by capitalist standards, but I was probably 7 years old then…

    Oh, sure, they let us BELIEVE it during the Clinton years, but they sure as hell yanked that rug out from under us, didn’t they…

    I must’ve watched too many after-school specials or something, but I remember when people actually reached out to other people in need, and not just ’cause it was their job… but that was probably all H’wood fiction, too.

    Maybe that’s why the generosity and humanity of the folks around here never fails to amaze and astound the fuck out of me… Why aren’t these the people running what’s left of our government?

  2. 2. Saborlas Said:

    Because I’d never get elected.

  3. 3. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    You can’t have any more skeletons in your closet than Dick Cheney does, I’m sure…

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