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The word ‘Homeland’…

Posted by RenB on July 30, 2007 – 4:08 pm

has terrible connotations in the country I live in, next door to the country who first mis-used it, by the guy from Austria who probably stole it from someone else as a concept and perverted it…

‘Heimat’. Tja. ‘Homeland.’ It can have, or once did have a good meaning. That cosy place where you knew exactly what to do and what was expected, and felt ‘at home’. Kind of bourgeois, but the norm. But then it got perverted in the 1930′s, and its’ meaning unspeakably fascist.
The first time the word ‘Homeland’ popped up in the US after Sept. 11th 2001, I literally shuddered. And thought, oh shit, here it comes again… And it’s been coming and developing ever since. Parallels so striking… That WORD and they way they are trying to make it into a CONCEPT…. creeps me OUT.

And of course I thought I was delusional, or something, when there wasn’t an outcry. But today I found this nice link—’There is no Homeland’ Link above.
Short but good. Go read.

Hmmph. Thunderstorm just came up out of nowhere. Someone trying to ‘tell’ me something??? At least it isn’t hailing. (Yes, thunderstorms can bring hail here.) We’re French too, I guess…

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  1. 1. Le Petite Fromage Said:

    Hail RenB. I am not unburied from the-project-that-will-never-end but have not forgotten you. And now am off to “vacation” (ha! parents 50th wedding anniversary, the weekend from hell) with laptop in hand.

    Be well, and I’ll be in touch one of these days.

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