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Speaking of feminists…

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on September 18, 2006 – 12:16 am

Most of you have undoubtedly heard about the clusterfucked bitchiness that has handicapped the Clinton (largely heterosexual and caucasian) blogger summit. Jessica at Feministing has the first-person story, and Jill at Feministe covers it well, along with StealthBadger, RoguePlanet and probably a million “bigger” bloggers. Personally, aside from the pointless self-loathing on parade by Althouse, I think that the biggest problem with that summit was that it was so MAINSTREAM.

Anyway, I’m replaying one of my old rants (again) because this “old-school feminist” (or, in Althouse’s case, Bitter Old Estrogen-Deprived Snot) Versus “new (too hot & sexy) feminists” shit reminded me of this rant. And it will show y’all, once again, how decrepit and “out-of-the-loop” that ol’ Annti can really be sometimes.

Sorry to my older readers, but I’m using a smaller font for the bigger pieces, so that they won’t knock the whole of my previous posts back into the archives. Highlight it, copy it, and then sling it onto a document where you can put it in any font or size that you want. It’s a freebie Blogger account, whaddaya expect?


How do you want to be remembered? Like the woman-hating drunk at the bar, earlier tonight, who verbally assaulted one of our beloved bartender-goddesses? Like Mike says, as I walk up tonight, “Are you gonna fuck us tonight, JO-ANN?” To which I reply, “EXCUSE ME?“Are you going to fuck-up and verbally abuse all us “BAD MEN” of poor character?” To which I replied, “Don’t hurt my feelings, Mikee–or I’ll take your iguana.” {You’ve kinda gotta see his hat to understand that one.}

Fiona Apple on the cover of the Rolling Stone in all her ethereal-waif glory. Marilyn Monroe in the Sunday-paper-coupon-pull-out-section as a collectible plate with lots of realistic cleavage. Gloria Steinem has had the same haircut and the same stupid ideals & illusions for 20 years. And I’m confused–does America hate women so much, or does America teach us to hate ourselves, or do we teach our daughters to hate themselves because we’ll never be “good enough”? And good enough for whom? Who the fuck are we trying so goddamned hard to impress, that we starve ourselves and stick fingers down our throats and razor blades in our skin and silicone injections in our lips and our asses and our not-quite-perky-ENOUGH tits?

And women fight with each other, to no good end, other than catty one-up-woman-ship. Fiona fights with Janeane Garafalo, because Janeane made vicious fun of Fiona’s eating-disorder-fuck-you-I’ve-been-raped-chicness. As opposed to Tori Amos’s pity-me-I’m-a-wood-sprite-who-got-raped-I’m-so-miserable-ela`n. Janeane is a chunky, blotchy, angry woman who likes to fuck with the world in general. Sometimes Janeane is amusing. Sometimes she is right. Sometimes, she grates on me like a fingernail on my cervix. Fiona is a thin, pale, angry woman who likes to rip @ her own flesh when she’s nervous. Sometimes, Fiona is amusing. Sometimes, she is right. Sometimes, I just want to grab her by her skinny neck and cram a box of Twinkies into her pretty, pouty mouth.

Marilyn Monroe is still our madonna/whore American idol, a slut that we can contain and worship for her bright, hidden eyes and those voluptuous hips and that broken spirit. She had to die. Her sex identity was too powerful–it threatened June Cleaver and American frigidity-repression that kept women “in their place”. And we only remember Norma Jean as a dumb bombshell who wound-up naked & dead.

And we only remember Janis Joplin as a Southern-Comfort-swiggin’-hippie-chick, cryin’ and singin’ the blues over some man. Well, most of America only see that–and that damn, “Bobby McGee.” (I hate that fucking song. Like it’s the only one she ever did.) They never want you to remember anything she SAID–just that Hollywood motel-room floor where she croaked in her own puke.

And I worry about these girls who are the drowning-water-goddesses-of-The-Rape-Club. From what I see, I wonder if there are any women in America who haven’t been raped. And all these little vegan-hippie-chick-stoner-singer-broads who bitch & moan about “SAVE THE ANIMALS” as they poison their own bodies.

But this “blossoming SOCIAL CONSCIENCE” bullshit gets old, when you realize that these angry little martyrs don’t SAY A FUCKING THING about the Bosnian Muslim women and the Czech women who are murdered and raped and forced into farm-tool abortions–FOR “ETHNIC CLEANSING”–just like all the American Indian mothers and sisters and daughters who were treated like less than flesh by those “brave Union soldiers.” And you never see them protesting the ritual sexual mutilation of women and girls in Africa that continues to this day. Maybe our modern suffering poster-girls just don’t know. Maybe they’re too busy protecting cows and pigs from my dinner table.

But is that all they want to be remembered for–whining and crying and starving on tofu? I hope not. Is all I’m going to be remembered for is that one-note, off-key song of mourning for that one boy who was too selfish to take his knife out of my back? Will speaking the truth only be remembered as “feminazi” bullshit, man-hating complaints, because I LOVED A MAN TOO MUCH?

Well, if that’s all you hear, brother, you ain’t listening–and if that’s all you remember, then pucker up your senile lips, and kiss my wide, white, gelatinous fanny!

(C) 1998, J.E.B.

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  1. 1. amerikan_psycho Said:

    “Bobby McGee.” (I hate that fucking song. Like it’s the only one she ever did.) They never want you to remember anything she SAID–just that Hollywood motel-room floor where she croaked in her own puke.

    thank you for saying–i hate that song as well. totally agree w/the rest of the above as well as your thoughts on Marilyn.

  2. 2. amerikan_psycho Said:

    oh, BTW–i was raped at gunpoint by (as it turned out) an off-duty cop who was picking up hookers, fucking them and killing them. this was when looking like a punk grrl was tantamount to dressing like a hooker in mainstream eyes. went into my local po-leese station at 4AM to report it. walked out 2 seconds later since to them, i was ‘asking for it by dressing like that.’ i’m all ‘hey–i just walked out of the UK Klub (local punkrock club) and i dress like this all the time.’

    they couldn’t have given a shit. not whining, just reporting. thank fuck they finally found the cop and jailed his ass. i hope he dies/died slowly and painfully.

  3. 3. CC McGoon Said:


    I was sexually assaulted as a teenager while walking home from school in the middle of the afternoon. It was cold that day and I was covered head to toe, yet when the first police officer showed up (about half an hour after they were called – I live a whopping half mile from the police station!) the first question that bastard asked me was, “Why did you bother to call?” I guess he felt that I deserved it because I am a female. His brothers in blue weren’t any better. They never even tried to catch the asshole.

    I have since believed that the police don’t give a shit about sexual assaults. They would rather blame the victim than have to go out and nab REAL criminals.


    I love the blog. I wish I could rant half as well as you do.

  4. 4. redcane Said:

    I love reading your rants, Annti. Nobody does it better. And after hearing them on CD I can put your voice to the posted ones. I also think it’s better to come here to hear you than to read you at some other blog.

  5. 5. SB Gypsy Said:

    Great Rant! Ive been thinking that lately I’ve been spending way too much trying to look normal, and it’s time to let my witchy flag fly, and grow the braid. That money would do a whole lot more good if directed elsewhere.

  6. 6. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Damn straight, Gypsy! And y’know, if you ever get the urge to ditch the braid, you can always donate it to Locks Of Love (for kids with allopecia or cancer), just make sure that you DON’T get it cut at Fucktastic Sam’s!

    Thanks, Redcane, and I’m so glad that you came by! And don’t go braggin’ ’bout them CDs, I don’t have the blanks to send ’em to EVERYBODY as an audio-visual supplement! Hope you’re gonna be around pretty regularly.


    I’ve probably already told all of y’all this, but I got pretty much the same reaction from NOPD when the crack whore tried to beat me to death.

    And I quote: “I don’t know why we even have to BOTHER with these little ‘domestic squabbles’ anyway — THE STUPID BITCHES ALWAYS GO BACK TO ‘EM ANYWAY!” Kinda roughly paraphrased, but I’ve got the formal Internal Affairs (“Public Integrity” — HA!!!) report around here somewhere, in the bowels of the archives. No, they didn’t do a fucking thing about that pus-gutted knuckle-walking PIG. He probably got a fucking promotion off of it.

    I am SO sorry for what happened to y’all. There’s not really anything that I can say to fix this shit. I wish that I could go hunt those pieces of slug shit down with my 4-way tire tool and my steel-toed boots. I’d like to see them inside of a very VERY nasty prison with some VERY VERY VERY pent-up inmates who’d show them what that kind of invasion feels like, from EVERY FUCKING ANGLE. I’d like to re-circumsize them with a chainsaw. And I’d like to bring y’all their heads on very rusty pikes.

    And if I could, I would. Believe that.

    What REALLY pisses me off is that the “good men” (whether self-proclaimed or true) NEVER DO ANYTHING TO THESE COCKSUCKERS. Other men know what they do. They’re not all loners like the Unibomber, they’re not all psychopaths like Ted Bundy.


    I’m not saying that we need men to fight our fights for us, or that it’s the good guys’ fault that these lowdown dog-sucking craven pustules have to ASSAULT women.

    What I’m saying is, I KNOW THAT THERE ARE GOOD MEN OUT THERE, AND WHY IN THE HELL DOESN’T RAPE PISS THEM OFF ENOUGH TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE MOTHERFUCKERS?!?!? Why do they just walk away and try to forget about these criminals? I bet that most of the rapists in this country have BRAGGED about their “conquests” at least once, and I know that they bragged to other men.

    A little vigilanteism goes a long way, is all I’m saying.

    Call me a wingnut for saying it, I don’t care. I just think that men need to start taking responsibility for the neanderthals in their midst.

    If they didn’t at least PASSIVELY aquiesce to these predatory beasts, then it wouldn’t still be so prevalent a crime in our “society.” And don’t think that I haven’t noticed the anti-woman, anti-feminism, ANTI-ENLIGHTENED-MEN bullshit in the media. That kind of approval needs to go, too. Date rape isn’t a plot point for a fucking SITCOM, and “juggies” are NOT how women should be treated.

  7. 7. kc Said:

    Hellacious rant, Annti! Thanks for the linkage.

  8. 8. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Thank ya ma’am — and so glad that you put in your 20 cents! This shit is such a crock. I know that this “uproar” was completely CREATED to discredit liberal bloggers. I can’t prove it (YET!), but I’m sure of it.

    And as we know, my gut, while ornery and vindictive, is NEVER WRONG. I wish that I’d listened to it a helluva lot more often.

  9. 9. Kevin Hayden Said:

    I dunno who you’re SUPPOSE to impress, but you continue to impress me. Rapists? No, I can’t say I’ve ever known one as that. Even in male society, I don’t think it’s a bragging point, at least not in the male society I frequent.

    But I do know OF some rapists. I do want them to suffer for their crimes. I want them to spend the rest of their lives wondering if I’ll exact vengeance on their miserable lives. I want them to know that I know where they live. I want them to know that I’ll know that even if they move.

    No, I can’t publicly threaten them, as that’s probably illegal. But because they raped someone I know very, very well, they need to know that my anger can outlast their attention span. And if they want to know what I’m capable of, my message to them is this: “Guess.”

    So Anti, I can’t speak for my half of the species, but I know there’s at least one guy who has envisioned many ways of exacting revenge (castration by piranha, for example). And if I ever hear any guy brag about such an act of violence, I’m sure he’d at least briefly regret doing that before this audience.

  10. 10. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Kevin, you are definitely one of the good ‘uns. Glad that you came by to partake of the conversation.

    And lemme know if you need a getaway driver on those little ideas of yours… And I can fill you in on some of my plans (yes, they do exist, that are too horrifying for this forum, believe it or not). Especially for the cocksucking little creeps who murdered my nephew.

  11. 11. The Fat Lady Sings Said:

    Most men don’t realize the depth of anger women carry around like a lead weight inside their hearts. I’m afraid I don’t really like men all that much. And this is not because I too am a rape survivor – more than once, actually. No – it’s that I have never, ever met one who didn’t put his wants and needs far ahead of mine – no matter what the circumstances. If you get married and you stay married – it’s in spite of this endemic selfishness; and usually has to do with reasons other than passion or love. Yet younger women persist in battling each other over relationships that, if the truth were told, rightly belong in the ash heap. There are far too many Fiona Apple’s in the world – women who do themselves or their sister’s violence over the emotional strangulation being dished out by some clueless man who probably sees all women as interchangeable parts designed solely for his comfort. Think I sound a mite harsh? This comes from battle-field experience, my friends. I’ve shed blood on the front lines – and let me tell you – any woman who will dis and ditch one of her sisters over some temporary fuck will live to regret it. I have never, ever had a male of the species stand by my side when I needed him. Not once. But my women friends have – every damn time. So you rant on, honey. Tell us all the truth – that far too many women end up fodder; put through societies meat grinder until they fit into some pre-determined box designed to stroke the male ego, only to be discarded when they are all used up. And yes – Marylyn Monroe is the perfect example of that. The child/whore whose entire identity has been sexualized. ‘Fuck me daddy – I want more’. Pitiable. So yes – I feel both your anger and your pain. Most especially your pain. I live with mine every damn day.

  12. 12. amerikan_psycho Said:

    I can fill you in on some of my plans (yes, they do exist, that are too horrifying for this forum, believe it or not)

    oh, there’s PLENTY i don’t say on my own site. sometimes i do reverse IP lookup thingies (lukery does his own at wot is it good 4) and i don’t dig what i sometimes see. neither does he.

  13. 13. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    TFLS, darlin’, I feel it. I doubt that anybody could read your words and NOT feel it.

    And y’know what really corks my hide?

    The perception/projection that if a woman doesn’t “get a man” and “get married” (like it’s SUCH a fucking PRIVILEGE!!!), then their lives have somehow been “WASTED,” like they’re these pathetic things who can’t even get anybody to “love” (own) them!!!!!!

    Face it, most marriages are just legalized, formalized, church/cult-blessed PROSTITUTION, and/or slavery.

    And alimony… well, that’s just paying for the fucking you got, ’cause you ain’t gonna get it anymore.

    Why can’t people just BE TOGETHER, without throwing those obscenely overpriced and TACKY orgies of organza and lace, just as some fucktarded PROM fantasy, like ‘getting married’ means that they WON SOME FUCKING BEAUTY CONTEST or somethin’!!!!!!

    Rimone, darlin’ heart, could you teach me how to do those reverse-IP lookup thingies? Maybe show me how to do that and then BAN certain IP addresses?

    Granted, I haven’t had much of a troll problem, but just in case… heh heh heh…

  14. 14. amerikan_psycho Said:

    it’s not the trolls i’m worried about since i won’t enable comments (i do get these lovely mails all the time, telling me what an unpatriotic asswipe i am). anyway, it’s who’s from gov that’s watching. on your stats page (dunno, since i don’t use blogger) but anyway, on mine, there’s a section called ‘hosts’ and you can copy the IP numbers into something like this or google ‘reverse IP lookup” or ‘reverse DNS lookup’.

    i get some which end in or or whatever the hell it is (and they’re there for hours reading); just disgusting—like they have nothing better to do. fuck ’em. let them come and get me but so far, i’ve tried to repress my REAL thoughts/plans on my site cause i don’t wanna be deported and/or jailed.

    i totally agree w/your thoughts on marriage–ridiculous ‘tradition.’ fucking deBeers pulled a fast one, i think in the 40s or 50s w/the diamond thing. i could go on but y’all already prolly know more about this shit than i do.

    i love being in love but marriage? fuck that–i neither need it nor wannit.

  15. 15. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Yes’m. And yes, DeBeers is one of the most evil cartels on the fucking planet.

    They’re doing a “best of” episode tonight on Meerkat Manor, so I’m a little distracted… I’m so addicted to those little buggers!

    (And yes, I know what “bugger” means as a verb.)

    Anyway — do you think that Blogger would show me how to trace IPS, or is that too nefarious for them? I’ve always wanted to be able to do that shit.

    Okay, shutting up now, gotta get offline in case the niece finally spawns. Wheee.

  16. 16. amerikan_psycho Said:

    yes, luke’s on blogger and he does it. i shall ask him to help show you how. atrios is as well and digging around deep last year, he came up w/a lot of shit including the robots.txt thingy the amerikan gov set up which prohibits google et al from uncovering shite on gov’t sites that they don’t want US to see.

  17. 17. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Thanks, Rimone! You’re a lifesaver — I miss having electronic-engineering-major friends in college… I never had to call tech-support then… *sigh*

  18. 18. amerikan_psycho Said:

    i called chris in london the other night when i noticed i was inexplicably offline. i panic’d. he was in a pub w/5 chicks but came outside to ‘talk me down.’ sooo embarrassing.

    i’m having lukery contact you after i send him details.

  19. 19. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:


    And besides, why be embarrassed — sounds like something that any good friend would do.

  20. 20. amerikan_psycho Said:

    yeah, he’s still that. but i HATE to interrupt him at anything whether it’s work or now his social life, which he soooo badly needs. at one point he quickly got off the phone and then actually called me back to say he hadda take a badly-needed piss and couldn’t say due to the chicks nearby, and was i alright w/his instructions?

    dig this shit: i can count all the times we were out having a good time in DE and here on one hand, due to his working such long hours. i’ve been out three times in the last week alone.

    go fucking figure. }-(


  21. 21. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Irony sucks, don’t it?

  22. 22. amerikan_psycho Said:

    especially ‘irony in retrospect.’ that shit drives me crazy(er). bah… |-(

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