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Yet another passionate work of mine that will never be published…

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on August 5, 2007 – 5:37 am

The Slaughter Nine:

Letter to the Baton Rouge ADVOCATE, WBRZ-TV, WAFB-TV, Malcolm Travel, and everybody on my e-mail list:

(Note to Editor: Redact whatever will spare your newspaper a libel suit, and PLEASE leave my name out of it if possible, but point out that this woman and her co-worker are the WORST scammers/fraudulent people whom I have *EVER* encountered over the past 11 months of volunteering to trap/neuter/release SIXTY feral cats. Thanks!)


In pursuit of air-freight information to place a beautiful, tame, rabies-inoculated and neutered cat in a home in Pennsylvania, I met a woman named Nannette H., who works at Malcolm Travel. Nannette gave me the penultimate sob story about how the little old “colored” (her word) man across Blairstown-Bluff Creek Road from her dilapidated trailer had DIED and how she’d been feeding the 20 or so “stray” cats that were left behind when the old man’s family came to clear out the house.

So I, a volunteer with a wonderful, selfless, extremely productive animal charity (they may or may not share my views on outing this animal abandoner and potential animal murderer, so I will leave the organization out of this) said that yes, I could come out and survey the feral cat situation on Sunday, July 29, 2007, and teach her how to catch the cats (with traps provided/loaned by the animal charity) and to take them to one of our amazingly open-hearted, always-dependable, and brilliant veterinarians who help us in pursuit of reducing the stray/feral population (and sparing them horrible lives fraught with disease, hunger, danger, and pain) in order to have these cats spayed/neutered, as well as receiving rabies vaccines, AT NO COST TO NANNETTE. All that she would have to do is set the traps, take the cats to the vet, and pick them up when they were done.

As it turns out, Nannette got to watch (and drink) while I (a permanently physically-disabled woman with a re-broken spine, broken hardware in that spine, fibromyalgia, full-body rapidly-advancing arthritis, and sarcoidosis) managed to catch SEVEN cats on that Sunday. I showed Nanette how to use the traps, how to safely transport and prepare the cats for surgery the next morning, and so forth. I should’ve taken the hint when she still “couldn’t” set the trap after the FIFTH CAT. At any rate, Nannette continued to drink beer and a whiskey sour as I sweated, was eaten alive despite the bug spray, got sunburned despite the sunscreen, and continued to hump those cats across the road and into the back of my pickup, ALL WHILE THE BROKEN SCREW IN MY SPINE WAS RATCHETING IN AND OUT OF THE BONE, WEARING AWAY AT THE LIVING BONE WITH EVERY SINGLE MOVEMENT I MADE. She loves to shoot the breeze, and blame the previous cats’ deaths on her “neighbor” (shooting, poisoning, etc.) — that should have been another clue. I thought that she wanted to HELP these cats, I didn’t think that I’d be turned into her UNPAID, ABUSED AND SCREWED-OVER PEST CONTROL.

I left her jungle-rot address after four hours of heat, strain, pain and insect bloodletting, with seven cats ready to go to the vet. I left the two traps that I have on-loan from the animal charity set, baited, and ready to capture whatever other cats (she had described over 20, but it was more like 14-16 after “someone” had recreationally tortured & murdered the others). But Nannette, who had enjoyed WATCHING me do all of the work, instead of LEARNING HOW TO DO IT FOR HERSELF, which anyone who actually CARED about the animals would’ve done, has a brand-spanking-new car, and THAT is what really matters to her. If any further animals were captured over Sunday night, she flat-out REFUSED to save ME the hip-and-broken-spine-torturing 100+ mile round-trip out to her back-of-the-sticks “Deliverance”-quality abode en route to our wonderful vet in Zachary. So I agreed, since her f’ing CAR was SOOOOOOO important to someone who claimed to have come from an “abusive alcoholic mother,” etc. background, to come back the next morning to pick up whatever cats were captured overnight. And of course, 2 more cats had fallen for the traps. So I got up extra-early Monday morning to make that 100+ mile clusterf**k of a trip out to Trailer-Trash Acres, costing myself over $60 in gasoline and immeasurable pain and aggravation of every medical problem that I’ve ever had, and took all NINE cats to our wonder-vet.

That’s when Nannette H. stopped answering and taking and returning my calls. Once she had snookered me into removing the cats from the dead neighbor’s property, apparently, she had no further USE for me, someone whom she perceived as a SERVANT or SLAVE, someone to be treated as LESS THAN HUMAN, SOMEONE DISPOSABLE, WHOSE TIME, EFFORT, CONCERN, GASOLINE & MILEAGE, WHOSE VERY LIFE meant less than NOTHING to a pseudo-yuppie-wannabe hick scumbag whose only “concern” for animals is that they be NOT IN HER BACKYARD.

And the fun didn’t end there.

After a “woman” who calls herself “K.T.” (or maybe “Kay-tee,” who knows) called me back in Nannette’s stead (gutless wonder that she is, queen of the passive-aggressive scammers) not only instructed me that Nannette REFUSED to even RETURN MY CALLS, BUT ALSO THAT IT WAS “MY” FAULT THAT SHE WOULD NEVER SPEAK TO ME AGAIN, NOR ALLOW ME TO RETURN THESE CATS TO HER AREA, BECAUSE I HAD COMMITTED THE UNPARDONABLE CRIME OF ASKING NANNETTE OR HER HUSBAND TO MEET ME HALF-WAY — BY ASKING THEM TO MEET ME IN ZACHARY (en route home from BOTH of their jobs) TO PICK UP THE CATS.

I’ve met a lot of people through this volunteer work (and I generally prefer the cats to the humans, hence my finding a niche with this amazing animal charity), and some of them have been so generous, so helpful, so open-hearted, that we’ve become friends as a result of our cat interactions. I’ve also had haughty, lazy, irresponsible, idiotic, and generally wastes-of-oxygen people cross my path on this same voyage.



In other words, I am a lower life form, being on disability, being crippled, being POOR, and NOT aspiring to lie to the entire world about that (as Nannette apparently has done for years in her workplace, ‘cause if they knew that she’s not “one of them,” then I feel sure that, judging from “K.T.”’s classist, bigoted, hate-filled attitude, that she’d be gone in a HEARTBEAT), and how DARE I ASK THIS WOMAN TO MEET ME HALF-WAY, AFTER I’D ALREADY NEARLY KILLED MYSELF TO HELP HER. And this “K.T.” person obviously believes that anyone who spends their time (as rare and precious as my time is, despite being a “disability welfare queen,” because I never have the ENERGY to do much of anything, so I have to HOARD my time and expenditures thereof for the REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF) trying to save animals’ lives must be somehow automatically DEFECTIVE FOR NOT BEING OR ASPIRING TO BE (OR LYING ABOUT EVEN THE ASPIRATION) SELFISH, NARCISSISTIC YUPPIE SCUM WHO CARES ABOUT NOTHING BUT HER NEXT ACQUISITION OR HER NEXT FREE TRIP TO JAMAICA.

I have met some rude, classist, bigoted people in this state, as I’ve lived here for 36 years out of my 37, and it’s always the class-warfare hatred that comes FROM those who were either born to money or who married it, AGAINST THE POOR, the disabled, the disenfranchised, the drowning-in-the-middle-of-Canal-Street people. People who’ve had to work for a living all of their lives tend to have more compassion for those who are differently-abled or unable to sustain a dependable income. It’s the ones who’ve never done WITHOUT who think that they can judge/disdain/disparage the poor, who feel no guilt whatsoever about 1,300+ people dying in Orleans, Jefferson & St. Bernard parishes during Katrina. It’s the ones who’ve had Daddy buy them a “career” or who married the right person with the right connections who express OUTRIGHT HATRED against the poor.

But this “K.T.” person takes the CAKE for unjustified, illiterate, soulless, mind-numbing EVIL. Not in a GWB sense of “Evil” (meaning in the way of Halliburton/Bechtel/Shaw Group profits), but in the sense of pure, molten, earth-eating HATRED directed towards someone who was trying to HELP THE ANIMALS AND THE CON ARTIST WHO DRAGGED HER OUT TO THE ANIMALS.

So, since I was instructed to “NEVER BOTHER US AGAIN WITH YOUR WHINING AND BEGGING” by this K.T. person who was obviously complicit in the scam and fraud WITH this Nannette, I have written this letter to the Baton Rouge ADVOCATE, the (crappy, illiterate local syndicated rag), and as many other local papers as possible, as well as to Nannette and K.T.’s employer/supervisor at Malcolm Travel. I will forward it to everyone that I know who cares about animals, who volunteers to help save animals, or who just has a pet, because I want them to know where NOT to do their travel-agent business, EVER EVER AGAIN. If they’d do this to defenseless ANIMALS, imagine how much “concern” that they’ll show when your “travel arrangements” leave you stranded in a foreign country with no accommodations or even complete transportation to the destination.

And this letter is also addressed to every other person in Louisiana who have availed themselves of the aid and hard work and funding of animal charities — especially those who USE these charities instead of doing the work themselves, when they can MORE THAN AFFORD TO PAY A VET FULL RETAIL COST FOR THE WORK, but would rather defraud/take advantage of charities whose prime concerns are THE ANIMALS THEMSELVESno matter what the volunteer who shows up to help you looks like, no matter how wealthy or poor, no matter how able-bodied or cripple, no matter how energetic and healthy or sickly and weak — PLEASE PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THESE PEOPLE ARE GIVING OF THEIR TIME, THEIR MONEY (especially those of us on very small, fixed incomes), THEIR LOVE, CONCERN, AND HARD WORK — BUT THEY ARE NOT THERE TO BE YOUR SERVANTS, TO HELP YOU DEFRAUD THEIR CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS, AND MOST OF ALL, VOLUNTEERS ARE NOT HERE AS ANIMAL-DISPOSAL AGENTS BECAUSE YOU’RE TOO CHEAP OR SELFISH OR LAZY OR ALL OF THE ABOVE TO TAKE CARE OF THE ANIMALS YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To all of your readers who DO contribute to animal charities & organizations, we thank you from the bottom of our exhausted hearts, because you GET IT, that it is our DUTY as HUMANS to PROTECT and CARE FOR the animals that we bring into this world. You are the people who take RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ANIMALS, you make sure that they are spayed and neutered and have rabies shots, you don’t run puppy-mills, you don’t torture and beat and murder pit bulls to shore-up your teeny-weeny-peeny ego issues. You keep these organizations functioning because you know that there are TOO MANY ANIMALS STARVING, BEING ABUSED & NEGLECTED, AND DYING IN THE STREETS AND IN THE WOODS AND SWAMPS OF THIS STATE. And because you are a good person with a good heart and a deep and giving soul, you do everything that you can to prevent MORE animals from being brought into this world, only to suffer at the hands and/or neglect of so-called “humans.”

To all of your readers who DON’T spay and neuter their pets, who DON’T keep current rabies vaccinations, who DO abuse/neglect/fight/torture/murder animals, whether through intent or “mere” neglect — GROW THE HELL UP. A PIT BULL DOG IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR YOUR OVERWEENING/DEMENTED EGO. CATS ARE NOT “VERMIN” TO BE POISONED, SHOT, BEATEN, OR THROWN OUT OF MOVING VEHICLES. IF YOU ARE NOT MATURE ENOUGH TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR ANIMALS AND BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ANIMALS, THEN YOU DON’T DESERVE ANIMALS.

While the office of the East Feliciana Parish Sheriff was more than sympathetic to this situation (and my being stuck with 6 of these animals that I haven’t been able to adopt-out yet, especially the one who cannot be tamed), and wanted to help me pursue charges of animal abandonment against Nannette H., unfortunately, East Feliciana does not have a statute on the books to render justice against hollow excuses for “people” who abuse, neglect, and desert innocent animals. Nonetheless, the very helpful deputy who took my call tried his best to find a way to punish the offenders, and his compassion will not be forgotten, as it almost makes up for the stain inflicted upon that parish by the aforementioned animal-abusing scum.

Thank you for considering my extra-long letter for publication in the editorial section of your paper, and even if you cannot list the PARTICULARLY EVIL PEOPLE mentioned herein, or the utterly unprofessional “business” for which they “work,” if you could at least get the STORY into the paper, get the MORAL of the story into print, you will have my lifelong appreciation, and undoubtedly the appreciation (even if by proxy) of every animal who has been helped, sheltered, saved and adopted through an animal charity.

(Anntichrist S. Coulter)
Disabled writer
Redneckistan, LA

UPDATE: Starting with our local D.A., I have been able to place all of the cats in homes (except for the one kitten who did not survive the spay surgery, the psycho-cat who bit me 17 times on the day that she was captured — and no, it most certainly was NOT deliberate, on my part OR our wonderful vet’s) with the exceptions of the two polydactyl orange-sherbet-and-cream-colored tabby kittens. The girl is more shy and cave-dwelling than the boy (he’s a total affection slut, and utterly jealous when I reach over to pet his sister, but I can’t imagine them without each other, since they seem to be the only survivors from their litter; there were cats & kittens there from at least six different litters, no telling HOW many generations), but they both have shown interest in interacting and playing with me, so I have no doubt that the right human(s) could really bring out their original, free-spirited personalities. It’s an alien environment, for these wild creatures to be “incarcerated” indoors, with no bugs to chase, no grass to graze, no sun, no rain, no wind, no predators, no birds — whether it’s my apartment or an animal shelter, it’s a big adjustment for any animal, especially for baby critters.

Once they are adopted (and I’m hoping that somebody, out there, somewhere, will want to give these babies a secure, loving home, as indoor cats or indoor-outdoor cats — most ferals will crave a safe “cave” or haven of some type, all of their lives, whether it’s an indoor carrier or the house itself), I have no doubt that these bright, beautiful kittens will steal the hearts of their new humans and blossom into their full and charming personalities.

So, after all of this fucking nightmare, that’s what I’ve been up to lately. I hope that someday, I will have the physical stamina and two brain cells to rub together to get back to politics and sociology and economics and the continuing NOLA genocide (it’s a whoooooole other world in Mississippi, kids) and all of the other real issues that are affecting and warping our world, ’cause face it — THE EVIL COCKSUCKERS ARE STILL GETTING AWAY WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!

I just don’t know when I’ll ever get my life back from these cats, ’cause I sure as hell don’t see anybody (beyond our District Attorney) in the state, municipal or parish government here that give a rat’s ass about feral animals in this area. Here’s hoping that the fundraiser (cross yer fingers and knock on wood) that we’re wanting to plan soon will be a HUGE help in raising awareness of what Cat Haven has contributed to and accomplished for this parish, as well as for ACTUALLY RAISING THE DOUGH TO KEEP THIS PROGRAM RUNNING.

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  1. 1. Saborlas Said:

    I can’t imagine what the strain of writing such a long rant without heavy cussing must’ve done to you. If I’d gone through that, I’d probably find myself riding the berserkerganger despite my normally pacifist nature.

  2. 2. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Well, if I thought that I could actually get away with it, that fat whore in Slaughter would be fertilizing roses right now.

    And it wasn’t that difficult for me to write a letter to the editor that didn’t utilize my FULL vocabulary, though it did, to me, lack my usual panache and style.

    Right now, I’m trying to cool down from yet another episode of TORMENT THE ONE WHOM THEIR PRECIOUS SON-KING MOLESTED BY DEPRIVING HER OF THE ONLY TWO FRIENDS THAT SHE HAS IN THIS SHIT-HOLE FUCKING INBRED-REDNECK ENCLAVE — I didn’t even get to spend 15 minutes with MY cats today, because THEY were too busy having NASCAR DAY WITH THE CHILD-MOLESTER and his CRACK WHORE JUNKIE SHACK-UP who is living FOR FREE in MY GRANDMOTHER’S HOUSE.

    I have never missed oxycontins more than I do right now.

    So, do you wanna help me find a home for these two beautiful kittens?

  3. 3. Auntie Roo Said:

    Kudos to you for your passion & devotion taking care of feral cats. Hope your LTE gets run even if edited down. People need their consciences – those that actually have them – needled like this to wake them up enough to even give a damn.

  4. 4. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    It’ll never see the light of day, I feel sure. You can’t tell the truth in this world, because it’s “inappropriate” for the “family-friendly” hypocritical, murdering, thieving cunts who own this country.

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