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I’ll tell y’all all of the horror stories of this week later, I promise.

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on August 16, 2007 – 7:29 am

I just can’t put it all together into a tangible, even remotely entertaining format right now. Camel’s back done broke, right along with mine again.

If you can help, thank you. If you can’t, I understand, ’cause a lot of y’all are in the same shape or worse than I’m in. Right now, a six-month coma would be the best possible gift.

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  1. 1. Realist Said:

    Sorry, Annti – I tried to fix it, but I just couldn’t get your Paypal button to work. I’d suggest people use the “Feral Feline Fund” Paypal button underneath the UNICEF button in the right-hand column.

  2. 2. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    It’s like having a big brother, or a guardian angel… I don’t know where you find the time or the patience, but I appreciate the hell out of your help.

    And I wanna know why in the fuck my PayPal buttons NEVER FUCKING WORK?!?!?!!?

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