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Oyster, as always, is the shiz-nit.

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on August 29, 2007 – 5:23 am

And as always, he is right the fuck ON. Go over, learn, feel what it’s like from inside Orleans Parish lines.

And help him celebrate John McFonda’s birfday allllllllll over again. If anyone doesn’t recall the oh-so-tasteless timing of his 69th birfday celebration, (which I find hard to believe) let me know and I’ll happily reacquaint you with the memory.

Oh, and in case I’m not the only one who thought that Katie Couric’s Fucktard’s Guide To FEMA Math on today’s broadcast was more than a little fucked-up, go read this at Your Right-Hand Thief.

(If there were ANY justice in the fucking universe… *sigh*)

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  1. 1. oyster Said:

    Thanks for all the links and kind words, Annti. You’re quite the shiznit, yourself.

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