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Remedial birfday/national holiday that I missed due to my highly-medicated state at the time

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on October 27, 2007 – 4:55 am

I just realized that I missed marking my 37th birthday this year (I know, I know, you thought that I was 112, judging from bitterness alone), though my nearest & dearest friends more than buried me under a mound of thoughtfulness, hilarity and prezzies.

The reason I bring this up is not to get belated happy-happies, but that, having watched a couple of syndicated “Will & Grace” reruns tonight (as I do most nights), Will was with this gorgeous, intelligent man who was, because he worked in broadcasting, DEEPLY INTO THE CLOSET (not naming any names here, Rush Fatfuck Limbaugh; mAnn Coulter {is there a coming-out day for transsexual vampires???}; Sean Flaccidity; Bill Falafel-Boy O’Lielly, etc.), and it occurred to me that I had MISSED NATIONAL COMING-OUT DAY!!!! No rainbow-striped party hats, no drag queens, not even a single bobbing-for-dildoes washtub o’joy!

Shame, shame, shame on me.

It was October 11th, in case y’all want to prepare for next year. I don’t know why they picked my birthday, but I’m kinda honored. Now if we could just get the dynamite/nitroglycerin to blast all of those fucking republicunt motherfuckers OUTTA THE CLOSET, *then* we’d have some fucking PROGRESS!!!

Birthdays that I’ve missed recently (at least on the blog, if not worse): My dearly beloved Maria Z. on October 1st (the day before I came home from the hospital, and I’ll make it up to her somehow!), Danno on the 9th, (we already did the twin thing w/Stinkeye on the 11th), my long-time bud Miriam (who has my Gohzhirra lizard-son hidden away somewhere), and upcoming birthdays: Suzy Cream-Cheese on November 7th (you Rawk, woman!), and CCMcGoon, my nearly and dearly beloved badass marningrita buddy, on November 29th!!! In case I don’t commemorate them in a timely and appropriate manner (like that ever happens), at least I got first dibs! Happy happy joy joy love love hugs hugs and all that rot!

Now, START SHOWING ME YOUR HALLOWEEN COSTUMES, DAMMIT!!!!!! I’ve posted mine online for YEEEEARS, I’ve got OODLES of other “found” pix of great costumes that I’ve used, so now the onus is on y’all — put ’em up there! Right on the glass!!! Gimme all that you’ve got!

(And if you’re a regular commenter but not a contributor here, lemme know and I can put your pix up here, too!)

GIVE IT ALL YOU’VE GOT AND GITCHER SHIT TOGETHER FOR A KICK-ASS HALLOWEEN!!! I, again, will have to forgo allllllll Halloweeny activities (’cause I ain’t dealing with snotty-ass brats who bitch for more candy) and there’s no way in hell that I’ll get to the Dungeon. Therefore, I have to live vicariously through everybody else’s Halloweens. And they’d damned well better be worth shaving my legs for, dammit!!!

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  1. 1. oyster Said:

    Well, even though you said you didn’t want it, here goes: Happy Happy Belated Birthday, Annti!

  2. 2. suzeecreamcheese Said:

    seriously happy birthday..the world being much improved by your presence! And by the by…re: recent b-days…the DUDE too…9-24 (right with the boss Sringstein)…and re; my up coming..I am happy to say that I have some how managed to survive another year in spite of dub, must be all the wonderful folks along for the ride with me…SCC

  3. 3. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    You fuckin’ RAWK, Susie, that’s why we ain’t lettin’ you go NOWHAR!!!

    Sorry that I missed The Dude’s b-day, but I haven’t heard from his ass in a coon’s age, since the hearing, and no idea of when he’ll be out & about again or how to reach him if he is out & about, so he needs to get the info TO ME, dammit!!!

    Thank y’all for the b-day wishes. It ’tweren’t nothin’ exciting, but I got cupcakes and got both of my cats bathed, plus oodles and oodles of goody boxes in the mail and wunnerful granola bars and a new silver chain and allllll KINDS of cool stuff (my memory is a bit fucked right now, doing the way-too-harsh transition from fentanyl patches down to little ol’ lortabs, the PEZ of painkillers) from all of my wonderful friends, so I had an ASSLOAD OF FUN opening the prezzies!!! That’s the best part, y’know, getting the surprises.

    And Erster, you’re just lucky that you’re you, buddy. Heh. And I’m damned glad to know that, even as we are overwhelmed by the gated-community republicunt puppet-boy and his evil controllers and minions, that you are still down thar, bangin’ away at the truth and refusing to let the cocksuckers get away with ANYTHING!!!

    But I’m still seriously considering leaving the state for Seattle. Honestly. What they’ve done to NOLA, the caucasianation/dillution of the last solidly Democratic voting bloc in the south, they’re gonna do to the rest of the fucking state. And then they’re gonna make us cook like those Arkies in Nawth Luuzeeanner, and I just cannot take that shit. It’s a scary fucking future we’re looking at, Erster, just like gazing down the barrel of a loaded gun. Po’ folks won’t be allowed to live here no mo’, and us cripples and other welfare queens will be eradicated to make room for a billion more “guest workers” who don’t expect decent wages or benefits, but who make massive profits for the massah corporations like the Shaw Group.

    Now, sermon aside, WHERE THE HELL ARE THE COSTUMES?!??! I told y’all, PUT UP OR SHADDUP!!! I wanna see whatever y’all have got, and I wanna see it now!!!

  4. 4. Saborlas Said:

    Umm… my outfit for this year will be a rehash of my ConnectiCon costume, sound good? I just have to get a GOOD picture of it. Maybe a closeup of certain props, too. I had too much fun making one of them.

  5. 5. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    C’mon, c’mon, pony up, dammit!

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